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  1. The MS Walk is Sunday May 17th.. Contributions from friends and family to date total $512 with several days to go. Thanks to my TBD Family for sponsoring me: Mr Info Jay Rubeo
  2. Good one! It does not work that way, as you know! The annual MS walk in Canandaigua is a "virtual" walk this year. We will be walking on our own, NOT having a gathering of several hundred walkers. "Social distancing" and the economy has screwed with a lot of people's lives!! The walk is just two weeks away. If you are able and if you are so inclined, the link to sponsor me follows. All proceeds go to the National MS Society 2020 MS Walks - Family Rocks! Facebook Page is "Family Rocks" Thanks and God Bless my TBD Family! ❤️
  3. Just a reminder that this year's MS Walk is on May 17th. It will be a "virtual walk" since large crowds are not permitted. Me and my wife will be doing the walk in a park or a path near the lake, we have not decided. Things are in a "new normal" state right now. IF you are able to help and want to sponsor me, click here: MS WALK 2020 FAMILY ROCKS! I hope this note finds you safe and well. God Bless! Go Bills! Rockpile
  4. We are at $256 as of today. One is a check that I have, so it does not show as part of the total at the 2020 Walk. We have a few weeks!
  5. To my fellow Bills fans, it is that time of year again where I ask for sponsors to raise funds for the National MS Society. Over the past decade and more, Two Bills Drive and others have helped us raise over $20,000 for the cause. I know these are hard times for all. IF you can sponsor me, I assure you, all money goes directly to the MS Society. I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis Twenty-Six years ago, and I am still walking the walk! Thanks! MS WALK 2020 FAMILY ROCKS! I am also on Facebook Groups as "FAMILY ROCKS" Virtual Wa
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