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  1. Because it takes two to make the deal. He is most likely negotiating a relatively lucrative deal with someone to obtain his services and deciphering with his agent which place he stands a better chance to make a final roster.
  2. Janine Talley is somewhat of an open book on Twitter. She has gone on to talk about the unfaithfulness of Darryl Talley and how he had an affair. She definitely will talk about anything and I mean anything on her Twitter account lol
  3. There are only so many positions you can address in an off-season and the Bills addressed many if not all of them. With that said there are different levels of how you address the positions of need. Buffalo believed that the pass rush was a major area of need and they spent significant cap space to get a difference maker in Von Miller. The Bills thought they were too inconsistent up the middle so they got Daquan Jones and Settles and spent some Cap capital in that position specially considering they had to take a dead cap hit with Star. The Bills were exposed by the Chiefs speed and they subsequently let Wallace walk and added the most significant draft capital piece with their first rounder in selecting Kaiir Elam. For a year where the Bills had to do many things to create room to add some pieces they still were able to on paper manage upgrading their O-line from last year, which arguably played at an above average level the last 6-7 games that they played. You can’t always get everything you want but when you look at what they did with the overall team, I don’t see how anyone could not look at the Bills and not see an improved team. For me it boils down to two things: Can the Bills have another relatively healthy season with minimum amount of injuries? And Is Dorsey going to be an effective OC that will lead this juggernaut of an offense to continue its momentum of the past two years? If those 2 things continue, then the Bills are clearly better than they were the previous year.
  4. One other thing that stuck out when watching all these videos of Shakir is that for his size he is a monster at catching contested balls. He seems to really have the ability to concentrate and display strong hands in these situations.
  5. There seems to be this perception by some that the Bills aren’t investing enough on the O-line and that it may have gone backwards from this past year. That doesn’t make sense. Departures: Mongo Darryl Williams Mongo was a very serviceable depth piece and Darryl Williams was an average to solid guard this past year. They are being replaced by Quessenberry who is an upgrade over Mongo that can play either guard or the swing tackle positions. Saffold who is viewed by most an upgrade over Darryl Williams. Then you have Bates who will have the inside track at one of the starting guard spots who would you’d think have a decent chance at showing growth and improvement and Spencer Brown now going into his second year which you’d expect growth and improvement as well. The line may start off a little rusty being that you would have a couple positional changes from last year but on paper the unit should be stronger than this past year. As of right now, it appears to me that next year they will look to address the O-line with a premium draft choice or two.
  6. If there was ever a comp for Terrell Bernard it would be Milano. Both “undersized” coming out college, good speed, agility, downhill attackers, good coverage ability and excellent blitzers. I keep reading that this could be the replacement of Milano. I don’t see it that way at all, Milano Is a stud and I don’t see him going anywhere. I’m pretty sure if there was a Milano exact clone that they both would be out on the field a lot together at the expense of Edmunds. This defense doesn’t differentiate the roles all that much between Edmunds and Milano and from my perspective Milano is clearly the better player out of the two. Terrell Bernard has an opportunity to eventually be one of the two starting LB’s, in the meantime he just needs to get adjusted to the pro game, hit the gym hard with a similar weight gain regiment as Milano, be excellent in Special teams and show out when his number is called. I think this going to be a sneaky good pick for the Bills.
  7. I love this pick. This is one of the guys I was hoping we would get today. Great ability to separate, really good speed, can play slot and outside the boundaries but more of a projected slot and great production throughout his collegiate career. Very surprised he lasted this long.
  8. “Draft value” according to whom? The talking heads whose job entails playing pretend GM who have no accountability with the predictions they make? The bottom line is finding players that will contribute to the overall success of the team. We won’t know that for another year or two but on the surface it appears to me that Both Cook and Elam could very well be upgrades over what we had and that hopefully Terrell can be a quality Special team we who provides quality depth and a situational piece when called upon.
  9. My apologies if this has already been posted. The guy doesn't fumble it that often, gets a high Yards per run and Yards per catch and hardly ever drops it. I remember reading somewhere that he has caught over 85% of the targets thrown his way.
  10. That’s your problem, your expectations are out of wack with reality: ”A couple of interesting notes from the graph. First, picking at the end of the second round only gives your team a 50% chance of finding a starter. Going towards the end of the round 3, your chance of finding a starter falls to ~30%.” https://www.ideo.com/datascope/the-chance-of-a-bust-in-the-nfl-draft
  11. Maybe, maybe not. If you heard what Brandon said about him it appears they aren’t sure yet either. They like his production, blitzing ability, leadership and athleticism. They’ll most likely use him initially on special teams and just see how his body of work and athleticism fits in to what they are trying to do and just kind of figure it out as they go on how to best use him.
  12. He has better scores but Bernard’s are around the top 10 percentile. It’s certainly an area of strength for him.
  13. I wouldn’t call it much better. According to the RAS rankings they are both “elite” at the 3 cone and shuttle time
  14. Matt Milano coming out of college: 6 foot half inch 223 lbs 4.67 40 time last two seasons in college 13 sacks 118 tackles Terrell Bernard: 6 foot 3/4 of an inch 222 lbs 4.59 40 time last two seasons 11 sacks and 158 tackles Terrell will easily gain 5-10 lbs without giving up anything athletically Perspective
  15. I have seen some people talking as if Bernard could be the eventual replacement to Poyer. That isn’t happening, he’s a LB and he is roughly the exact size as Milano when he came to the league. Bernard will be asked to play Special Teams and to play both inside and out LB spots and they’ll just see how to best apply him. He probably will be used on some specific occasions such as blitzing because he is a hell of a blitzer and probably a few other situations. I would expect him to get jacked up physically similar to how Milano did, they both have very similar body types as to when Milano came into the league. Here is what was said about him by Beane: To have a depth player that can move around and fill in wherever he's needed is one of the reasons they drafted him in the third round. Beane is excited to see where the coaches find the best fit for him. "He's played both at Baylor, for us I'll let the coaches ultimately determine it, but he can play both - he can play inside or play out," Beane shared. "He really could. Super smart, he's going to be undersized. He's not going to be your prototype size. If he's playing Mike, he's going to be the opposite of what Tremaine looks like inside, but we do think he can do both. We like his versatility, super instinctive. "You can blitz anybody, but he's got a feel for it, a knack for it, similar to our safeties the way they do. He's a fun player to watch. If you're criticizing him, he's an undersized linebacker but I like his ability to match up in the passing game if he's at the Will. He'll just come in here and have to compete and we'll see where his best fit is, but my guess is maybe he bounces around a little bit." Then so was Milano. They were almost both identical in height and weight when Milano came out.
  16. 16.5 career sacks, including 7.5 this past season. That’s a really high number for an off-the-ball LB. So he is very athletic, good in coverage, tackling machine, downhill defender who is an extremely effective blitzer that happens to be a team leader. Yeah, I’m thinking he will see some playing time.
  17. Dude has elite acceleration and makes tacklers miss.
  18. He was one of the guys I wanted to pick today. Great speed, good runner and best receiving back in the draft. He will be able to lineup in the slot and will present lots of matchup problems for the defense. Adds a whole new dimension to the passing attack. He’ll make this offense better.
  19. My dream picks would be WR Alec Pierce in the 2nd and James RB James Cook in the 3rd. That would be some serious speed.
  20. The one thing that sticks out to me from watching all his videos is his complete confidence and comfort in playing press man to man coverage against top end talent such as a Jameson Williams. You really have to have the confidence and physical ability to do that. Most collegiate players would be scared shitless but not Elam. He looks at ease and it’s because of his long frame, fluid hips, speed and mental toughness. Also, I have read a couple people characterize him as “soft”, he’s not and he is a very willing tackler just that he lacks technique. I am sure that the Bills will coach him up and that will get fixed. He is going to provide the Bills so much flexibility in being able to play more press coverage than in years past, and now with all the WR’s coming into the division and conference the Bills have to be able to better matchup against these weapons. My hopes are that the Bills select a WR and RB with their next two picks. We have to keep getting offensive playmakers and there are still 3-4 RB’s and around 10 WR’s that can offer an immediate impact to the offense.
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