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  1. Injury report gonna look ugly this week. Hopefully we get Settle, Oliver and Gabe back this weekend.
  2. If memory serves me correctly, GB was annihilated week 1 last year.
  3. I suspect they will typically play Miller between 50-60% of the snaps. The important seasonal games 55-65% and once we get to the playoffs 60-75% of the snaps.
  4. He’s conscience of his previous “Josh is trash” comment he made years back. Now he knows what’s up with Josh.
  5. The Bills ran this play twice last year, once with Gabe and the other time with Knox and they both went for TD’s. Beat me to it
  6. Allen Diggs Gabe Davis Crowder Von Miller Jordan Phillips All the DB’s
  7. So basically right in line with Tyreek Hills $ amount per reception.
  8. I don't believe we will miss Hughes all that much because of Von Miller and the expected improvement of our two 2nd year DE's and Lawson. Sanders really slowed down in the second half of the year, but if we have some injuries on the boundary with our WR's, his loss may be felt. Beasley was a lot more important to the team than many posters would like to admit. Even though I do believe the Bills are very strong at the slot and overall I do think we will be stronger than in years past, Beasley's ability to make clutch catches and perform in important games will be tough to replicate.
  9. Jaquan is a baller. Anytime he has been given an opportunity he has made the most of it. The depth at safety is high quality.
  10. He was crushing it early on last year as well and then sort of petered out after week one. Hopefully this year he can make that leap.
  11. He’ll line up both boundary and slot. His versatility will be a plus for the team.
  12. Joe Haden is exactly the sort of vet that the Bills covet. Plenty of experience, won't be expensive and could provide just the sort of depth and stop-gap solution the team very likely could use. I also think the Bills will look for a veteran boundary WR as well.
  13. The issue wasn't that he didn't have the quality to be on an NFL roster, it was that his quality of play did not warrant all the baggage that was going to come along with him being on the team. For a owners he could be a PR nightmare, for management and coaches he could become a distraction and for the potential level of headache that he could cause and the fact that he was a backup level QB, it just didn't make sense. Simply put, there was not enough juice for the squeeze.
  14. They are all definitely on the hot seat. I would suspect that Epenesa and Moss are in safer ground than Ford but any of the three could get axed if a combination of either them not showing growth and/or the competition for their positional battles ascend. Either way the depth on this team has increased in all three of those areas Oline, Dline and Rb and that is a good thing.
  15. What sort of stats are these? And Cincinnati was rushing with 3 much of the second half and dropping back an additional defender. Bills pass rush was not championship caliber You are asking everyone to not trust their lying eyes and go with some cherry picked stat. Bottom line is that it was pretty much universally accepted that the pass rush was inadequate against Mahomes, he was sacked once and hit just twice. He had tons of time against a 4 man pass rush and when there was a rusher it was easy for him to evade. This is a weird hill for you or anyone to die on, pretty much everyone knows that the pass rush that day stunk. The point is that the offense was miles ahead of the defense on that day and when the Bills lost last year, most of the time it was because the defense couldn't close out the game. Selecting a 1st round DB and adding Von Miller addresses what were our biggest weaknesses that prevented us from getting to the SuperBowl.
  16. You guys are mistaking that for good pressure. Mahomes had plenty of time to throw, obviously after 3-4 seconds then the pressure was coming in. It wasn't as if the Bills were getting immediate pressure, the reason why he was "running for his life" was because of the time he was afforded and he just stood back there looking for options and eventually the pressure was coming in.
  17. Seems as if there seems to be some amnesia as to why the Bills didn't advance into the AFC Championship game. Aside from the coaching gaffe - The Bills couldn't get after the QB - The Bills couldn't cover their receivers That was addressed this offseason in a major way. With that said, the offensive line on paper is slightly better and so is the backfield, tight ends with the WR's essentially being a push. Get one more veteran depth CB and boundary WR and the team is set.
  18. The Bills are fine at the WR spot, but they are one boundary WR away from risking that away. Diggs and Gabe Davis are going to be a high caliber starting outside boundary duo, but depth at that spot is shaky. They just need to bring in a veteran who can play the role if one of the two go down. In regards to the receiving options from the backfield, TE's and slots with the addition of OJ, Shakir, Crowder and Cook, there is a huge upgrade at those spots. Overall, the Bills lose one quality depth boundary WR and gain many other options at the other receiving positions. Net net, it's clear that the team has improved on the receiving front, at least on paper. For me to feel a little more comfortable, the Bills would need to add one more veteran boundary WR. With that the Bills are set for the season.
  19. Stephon Gilmore Mario Williams Jason Peters Honorable mentions Kyle Williams Shady McCoy
  20. Yep, I remember reading this when the Bills were going to be embarking upon their new analytics program and how it was being built from the ground up. Glad to see that it has been paying off for us, yet another feather in the cap for Beane/McDermott and what they have built for this Bills franchise.
  21. No safety keeps up with Tyreek Hill and Kelce just knows how to exploit coverages.
  22. Either the franchises and agents know something about the size of the cap substantially increasing in the coming two years or these ridiculous new contracts for the receivers we have been seeing is about to correct.
  23. My guess is that the Bills will offer a very similar deal to Poyer as what Mathieu received and he'll sign. safeties can play at higher levels than DB's for longer periods of their careers, I think Poyer has another 3 years of high level football in him, which would most likely coincide with what the guaranteed money that they will offer him frontloading the first 2 years.
  24. It's certainly a concern and the odds do point to considerable risks and Tre never returning to be the same player that he used to be. There are some people who have great genetics and advances in medicine/therapy/treatments continue to improve. We also know that Tre will outwork just about anyone for his rehab so if there was anyone who could return to near his level pre injury, Tre would be the person. I'm hopeful but also somewhat mentally prepared to see a physically lesser Tre.
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