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  1. Man as the wrestling announcer Good Ole’ JR would say all the elements are present for a very combustible situation.
  2. 20 years ago it had been 5 years since Jim Kelly retired. This has been another edition of Man I Feel Old Today.
  3. LMAO I was never a fan of their show and for the most part stopped listening about 15 years ago but that was hilarious.
  4. I can’t believe I am spending a part of my day off proving the existence of the Birmingham Thunderbolts and yet here I am! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birmingham_Thunderbolts
  5. Is it just me or is Birmingham a team that has been in virtually every professional football also ran league in the last 40 years?
  6. There is this guy I know from Dunkirk… 😉
  7. I am going to pretend to not care but I am going to secretly love watching a game with the old cherry helmets. Combining the two greatest eras in this teams history for a game will amazing. I will however pretend to be disinterested to look cool though…uh oh did I just post this out loud?!
  8. If a Gronk retires in the woods and no one is there to see it does it make a sound?
  9. If that is the case we should be preparing for him to be our back up QB in no time.
  10. Not on the wall but definitely welcome in the stands any game day of the season.
  11. Man it sounds like they “won the offseason” and we all know what happens to offseason champions! Right Rex?
  12. Why even ask when the answer is obvious. Sure it has happened six times within the timeframe of less than a microsecond human existence but it is now absolutely impossible for a 7th time to become reality.
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