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  1. To borrow and modify a line from the movie Tommy Boy. A lot of people go to school for 9 years…They are called doctors…
  2. Dang I forgot that was our stadium’s name! Great to hear though!
  3. If we had a quarterback and 8 actual home games we probably would have ended the drought that year.
  4. Man that fans being too noisy rule was insane. I think some teams actually got penalized for it which is crazy.
  5. Really excited the Bills are coming to Chicago even if it is preseason and even if I have to see some Bears fans. I will definitely be there!
  6. That is probably one of my favorite NFL referee clips of all time. What an awesome person that put some great life into the league.
  7. Soldier Field’s tailgating atmosphere is horrible. There is next to nothing around the stadium, you risk getting an open container ticket pretty much anywhere you go. As for Arlington Heights the only thing I know is they have a race track which serves excellent Bloody Marys. I would say that is an upgrade right there!
  8. Ding! Ding! Teef wins and I disagree the spaghetti carbonara and vanilla gelato I ate tonight at the restaurant in my neighborhood where I saw Marv was amazing!
  9. Find the Truth! Whoever guesses right gets to go next! 1. I have less than one percent body fat 2. I got a 1600 on my SATS 3.I am writing this message as I have dinner in the same restaurant as Marv Levy right now
  10. I loved every pick this year. I get that it wasn’t necessarily an exciting draft this year but for once it didn’t have to be.
  11. He always looked like a super high garden gnome to me...
  12. I am a little uneasy with this Sal Cappacio guy as our 5th quarterback.
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