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  1. We were so bad to mediocre during that era that I thought it might have been more effective charity to be the “Turd Burglars”. Every time Trent Edwards or JP Losman threw an interception you pay a fine by making a donation.
  2. I am exactly half Irish and half Lebanese down the middle.
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm now I am not so sure about wanting the Browns to win... 🤔
  4. He is a good QB but injury prone. He makes Sammy Watkins look like David Dunn...
  5. My mom makes a mean kibbeh! I actually love it when it prepared raw. Also a big tabbouleh and grapes leaves fan!
  6. Did you know Thruman played for the M....No no!! I still can’t bring myself to recognize it!
  7. Pretty cool he is Lebanese like me. Having said that I hope we have the same success we had against his D a month ago for his whole HC tenure!
  8. Blues Brothers 2000 = Never Happened
  9. Earlier in the week I posted this on the prediction of snow thread but Mr. T proves to be a multitasker here!
  10. Not going to lie I am jealous!! 😂 Thank you for giving me some more chills from Saturday!
  11. That Subway commercial that was just on with Marshawn Lynch in a tire rolling down the street saying he isn’t going to let noting get in his way...especially on Chippewa.
  12. I was kidding! Thanks for the heads up though. To this day I still get chills watching it and despise TV blackouts since I had to listen to it on the radio at the age of 10 from Olean! 😂
  13. This better be the one from ‘93 and not last year! 😉
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