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  1. I was there too. Great city and wonderful trip (minus the Billsy 2000’s performance). I hope I am allowed back into Tootsies bar by now!
  2. I am sure we are going and already are pointing to examples from yesterday years that can make us feel better like the loss to Tampa Bay where Thurman only got 6 yards rushing. Perhaps back to back losses to the Colts and Jets in ‘92. We should refrain from that because those teams didn’t win any Superbowls
  3. Just leave the position open and promote Russ Brandon COO. We actually did that when our GM position was vacant a lifetime ago.
  4. If that guy were any more Florida he would be pooping out a methed out alligator.
  5. Collinsworth is uh really enjoying those defensive plays…I mean really enjoying them from the sounds of it 😳
  6. Well heck why stop at 4 why not say 5. Cleveland had the right Josh there for the taking!
  7. “The Tropical Wave” It’s ironic kids today like that.
  8. As those snarky kids say…hate to see it! 😂
  9. I don’t care if it is the cheap whiskey talking. If it were not for Brady Belchick never comes within a sniff of being a Hall of Fame coach
  11. Some of these throws looks like Brady got into the Sam Adams Oktoberfest before the game 🤔
  12. Like I always say with most ideas in the the WNY area. They couldn’t figure out how to put a Bass Pro downtown I doubt they can do anything else.
  13. Happened to me earlier grossing about Wallace after the personal foul and just before the interception 😂
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