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  1. Go back and watch some of those drought era games when Brady would decimate us with basic screen passes. They made this squad look like the Steel Curtain. Better yet maybe don’t watch it lol.
  2. The choice between drunk uncle’s politics or football is a winning strategy for the NFL.
  3. I think it makes the most sense that they should move the game to Chicago because I live here.
  4. When this went down I figured the Colts had a bye coming up. While not ideal it would give some time for Saturday to organize and get a footing. NOOOOPE
  5. I am sure he probably hit up Dr. John Daniels as well 🥃
  6. Omg what is going on here with this forum tonight?! LOL I usually don’t come on TBD after a loss but the only other topic on social media seems to be the midterms and I want to escape from that stuff. I guess I can go to the adult websites and fortunately that is like 95% of the rest of internet so I will see you all on Thursday or Friday.
  7. Why did the Bills have to Bicker so much in ‘89 maybe Harmon wouldn’t have dropped that ball!
  8. Ny.hie…not going to be on the Colts anymore anyway! Sorry had to make an Office Space reference. Love the pick up!
  9. I have been a huge #55 of the Denver Broncos fan in recent years for the mere fact that the Broncos took him instead of Allen with the fifth pick that 2018 draft. Thank you for existing sir! 🙌
  10. They probably just threw what number styles were available on to the jerseys as needed as the roster updated over the season. It was pretty hodgepodge back then. I remember the “throwbacks” worn in the 1994 season. It was just a white Buffalo sticker slapped on their helmets. You probably could find a game worn jersey somewhere online if you are looking to spend a bit more.
  11. Really sad to hear that. One of the more memorable coaches for me. I loved how he would have a lucky swizzle stick that he would chew until during each game until the Bills lost.
  12. Trying really hard to fight the urges of schadenfreude right now 😬
  13. As the owner of a JP Losman jersey I am legally barred from joining in on this laughter … 😢
  14. Sounds like someone needs to get in command of their finances! Amiright? Amiright? Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on?
  15. Wait until you hear about the end of Super Bowl XXV 😢
  16. I remember someone in my old office started the 12 days of Christmas on the 13th of December and I didn’t have the heart to tell that person it starts on Christmas and goes to the 6th.
  17. I believe in the 90’s he served as Happy Gilmore’s caddy when he was on he’s times.
  18. As much as I did complain about Schopp and the Bulldog when I listed to them they did do a pretty good job of putting bad callers in their place. That is when they ever stopped talking about American Idol and their favorite types of breakfast meats and got around to actual sports talk.
  19. Playing us here would be the only way the Browns would likely ever get to the Super Bowl
  20. Let’s just hope he is not trying to collect anymore memorabilia there…
  21. Oh boy I heard Stadium Renderings was out late last night on Chippewa boozed up and looking for a fight. I really hope this doesn’t become a common thing.
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