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  1. I would buy a new sports car for everyone in my hometown. Just like Adam Sandler’s character did at the end of the movie Mr. Deeds
  2. Yeah I don’t remember any maple syrup debates or discussions about his wife’s tennis lessons when Coach had a show.
  3. When I read the first sentence of this title I thought this was a different topic and I was very impressed. 👌
  4. Loved his show. He was hilarious, a little edgy, opinionated, had an inside understanding of the Marv Levy regime seeing as he got fired by him, and he actually talked about Bills football during the afternoon rush hour drive. A novel concept on WGR most of the time these days.
  5. Now does he have permission to stay out past 10? It is the off season after all.
  6. Pouring a little BoKu out tonight for one of the great comedians.
  7. Carter should just rise above and say “Bye Feliciano”
  8. Greenlaw doing his best Kevin Kolb impression
  9. You can always go back to the Superbowl but an epic party comes once in a lifetime 😎
  10. Betcha I will still need a password I don’t remember to get into each one each time…
  11. Let’s consider the 37 points we put on his team at Fed Recked Stadium his job interview.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen your Tennessee Titans starting QB for the 2026 season!
  13. Really enjoying the upset owner in a box suite porn this weekend lol
  14. The weather did not stop me from getting Jim’s Steakout last night after the bars. This is a very good sign!
  15. Now wait just a minute here… 🧐 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Vilanch Bruce Gerald Vilanch (born November 23, 1948) 😉
  16. For the love of all that is good keep Leon Lett off of the field!!!!
  17. In the Cleveland Houston game I heard the name Jerry Hughes and had to look it up to make sure it was that Jerry Hughes. It has been a minute as the kids don’t say😂
  18. Of course when we need the Bengals to lose Jake Browning becomes Joe Montana..,
  19. Boy I’ll tell ya the Dolphins seriously regret letting McDermott coach the last three minutes of the game tonight right now…
  20. All we have to do before each game is hypnotize this team to think they are playing a regular game in Kansas City. 💡
  21. Against the Bills 5 seconds would be a lifetime
  22. Touché. I have tried to block those games out from my mind lol
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