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  1. When you don't trust or even know the people on the field with you, this is what he has to do....I don't blame him.
  2. I've been attending games there for 30 years, the unspoken "rules" that most adopt seem to be: Defense: 1st possession you stand and go apeshit, after that it's mostly just 3rd downs Offense: big plays, red zone only And obviously when celebrating. The 12th man absolutely impacts the game, a task I very much enjoy, while trying not to be a dick about it.
  3. Literally everyone was standing the entire time in the section we were in.
  4. This poor fella is clearly lying to himself, or he's insane.
  5. It actually did hurt my ears, first time can remember that in 30 years of attending games. Absolutely electric
  6. I miss feeling unique as a Bills fan. That's about it tho 🤣
  7. Allen owns the fish If Charles Clay had caught it He'd be 8 and 0
  8. Here's to pounding them seats! No place I'd rather be. Go Bills
  9. I paid like $230 plus fees 10th row 300 level for this game. I paid $130 per ticket 200 level for the Pats playoff game for example. The prices are just nuts for the first 3 home games. I got Minnesota tickets in 203 for like $120 but it's in November.
  10. Is rebus one of those cool internet acronyms that geeks use while gaming? If so, I've lost interest already.
  11. It's incredible to see the leadership on display. What a stacked, crazy good team this is.
  12. I am absolutely STOKED to have spent wayyy too much money on tickets for this absolute beating of a game. Bills by 30. IDGAF
  13. Not if Buffalo keeps stopping the run and getting pressure with 4. Literally nobody can stop us when we play like that.
  14. "If you take away their 3 touchdowns, it's 10-10". Pure genius
  15. It's bugging all of us. He's got to be more cautious about it
  16. The Bills Mafia merch the team produces is lame. The logo sucks its so cheesy. Imo
  17. This one is..... so different for me. It's a Thursday, and it's a massive matchup. Typically, the opener is a less sexy matchup, and a Sunday 1pm. It's strange though, I'm not nervous at all today. I'm sure once I see my football crew on Thursday, it'll be there instantly though. I'm just so damn excited to see the Bills again. It's been a long wait since..... you know what. I expect to win. Go Bills
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