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  1. I jumped out of my chair screaming and almost lost consciousness. Thank you Makers Mark and lack of sleep.
  2. So sad. I remember seeing a dude get jumped at a Bills game in the concourse. Like 6 dudes kicking his head in. Real manly.
  3. This is what this team looks like when he just takes what they give him. Eventually the shots open up.
  4. In the moment watching the game that’s what we all were saying.
  5. 21 is soooooo slow. Hall just flew by him on that 80 yarder.
  6. I was going INSANE after that play. What an idiot, I'm sorry. He turned the idiot meter up to 10 yesterday a few times, and it cost them the game, 100%.
  7. Definitely a somber day for a football opener. 9/11 will always be a day of remembrance for all of us. My high school girlfriend and I had both moved on after 6 years of dating, and I remember us talking on the phone that day like it was the end of the world (it truly felt like it). In a strange way, 9/11 helped bring us back together. We'll be married 20 years in October with two beautiful kids. We visited the 9/11 memorial last fall. I strongly encourage people to visit, but be prepared....there is a tangible heaviness in the air. No one speaks, all you hear is the occasional sniffle. My daughter and I just stood there at the pool in silence because, well, it's hard to talk when you're ears are full of tears. It's important for all of us to remember those innocent people who lost their lives that day in such a horrific way. We carry on for them, and we will never forget.
  8. Miami’s run defense has given up almost 200 yards on the ground already
  9. I have literal bets on him. Drafted him in fantasy. He will be WR2 on this team.
  10. "THE COOLER" baby LFG. Brad Wesley doesn't stand a chance.
  11. Done losing, done being scared, done with all of it. Bills 27 Jets 17 Everybody shut the **** up
  12. Mahomes dirted one in the 2nd or 3rd qtr as well, and it appeared like nobody was nearby.
  13. I hate Patrick Mahomes face, voice, and walk. Go Lions.
  14. Dalton is going to be the number two target in this offense. 70 to 80 catches and eight touchdowns.
  15. Homey with the glasses is high. Shady is so damn cool. 47-18 speaks for itself. They've got to get to a SB to stop these conversations.
  16. EVERYONE will be calling him “Dalton” by the end of the year. He drinks his coffee black, and awkwardly nods his head next to the bar, just waiting to take out the trash. Road House references aside, this kid is going to be the answer.
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