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  1. People aren’t gonna like it, but I think this has a lot to do with how good Cole Beasley was in this offense. Gabe excelled in the number three role but seems to struggle as a number two. And where the hell is Dalton?
  2. These guys were doubting the Giants, 100%. And the familiarity.....they knew what was coming.
  3. You see, it would be this mat, that would have different conclusions on it, that you could JUMP to 🤣
  4. Most of the time there’s only two or maybe three options for him. This offense seems very conservative. I understand brown needs help and we are trying to develop the run game but I miss the 11 personnel badly.
  5. Paging Suh. Idc if hes not a nice guy lol
  6. Id LOVE to see what Isabella could do
  7. They just don't use anybody but Diggs and Gabe. Of course, staying on the field has been an issue 2 weeks in a row so we are not seeing additional opportunities for the 3rd and 4th options. Kincaid was supposed to be a dazzling wizard and they're NOT GIVING HIM A CHANCE TO RUN DOWNFIELD AT ALL. Every pass he's caught has been for 3-5 yards its ridiculous. Set him FREE.
  8. If they can still get home with four they will be elite
  9. I almost adopted his dog when he got traded. My body knows his agent.
  10. The only silver lining I can see is if we get one or both back for the playoffs.
  11. I'm all in on Suh. Wherever he plays, he plays well. With an edge.
  12. What is the deal with that dude? He was a very popular signing I’m really not sure what went wrong
  13. It’s too loud by the time the play starts with all the clanging and banging there’s no way anybody would hear it.
  14. Its WHO WE ARE baby! Bills Mafia ❤️💙
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