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  1. I see Andy Isabella is on this list... so, we're all set, right?
  2. I'd say trading Dawkins to move up in the draft is all but done now 🙃
  3. I have this feeling that somebody drafted in round 2 or 3 will end up being the best WR in the draft class. Not saying we don't need to take one at 28, but just this premonition that if we move up, we'll end up wishing we had waited and picked a different guy.
  4. Interesting. It is my experience that avoiding the clap is always best.
  5. I'm very confused as to why this isn't a white helmet with a red oil tower on it and a light blue jersey
  6. Mmmm, I bet you did you don’t have to bet. I am telling you that I made it. I hate that word... Leek. I also hate the word Moist. Now I'm sick thinking about those two words together. I got to go. I’m sorry, friend. I don’t know how to help you here.
  7. I used to hate soup. Then I started making this creamy potato and leek soup and everything changed.
  8. I’d love to out-bore them next season. I don't know... us out-boring them would be losing in the divisional round again
  9. Chiefs are so predictable. Boring.
  10. I didn't say that? How did you quote me on that? No, no, no. I wasn't quoting you. Nicknames are placed inside of parenthesis. Example: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  11. I shall call him William Curtis Samuel. It sounds fitting.
  12. Ah, yes, good old Gabe "rolls-his-ankles-more-than-an-8th-grade-basketball-player" Davis
  13. Are we just going to sit here and not even acknowledge that he has two first names?!
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