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  1. Oh absolutely agree. I wasn't arguing for that. More for the fact that they will likely sign Milano and Edmunds when the time comes.
  2. So I absolutely get this. And to be honest for most systems I would agree. But if the Bills think McDermott and Beane are here for the duration then athletic linebackers who can cover are of vital importance to the construct and integrity of this defense. I expect Buffalo to pay Milano. If there was a coaching change for some reason that judgment would change instantly.
  3. I appreciate the passion OP. I don't really understand it but I appreciate it. I don't have any local pride in where I grew up. I don't consider it home, it is just a place I lived when I was too young to choose to do otherwise. I remember very clearly being in the car with my mum as an 8 or 9 year old and telling her I really didn't like our city, thought it was a dump and would leave as soon as I was able. London is my home. Stoke is just a place I grew up. I have zero sentimental attachment to it.
  4. Wow. I listen to Harlan the only picture I get in my mind is a mangled mesh of spaghetti players being called out for the wrong teams is a Harlan special "It's 85 that's Lee Smith"....... it was the Broncos number 85 Kevin. Oh well. He is brutal. Great voice. Dreadful commentator. Buck and Aikman are useful sleep aids for a part time insomniac like myself.
  5. He is definitely not kicking with any rhythm. You only have to watch to see that. He is snatching at kicks. One possible explanation for that is exactly the one you give. His swing is less smooth because he is swinging harder and in less control, trying to make up for a loss in leg strength. I am not saying it is that but it would be consistent with the rhythm issues he is having.
  6. That is Dan Carpenter you are thinking of. He had a great year in Miami then fell away got cut and came here. He had a great first year in Buffalo and then fell away and got cut and was never heard from again.
  7. But regardless of that the Bills made a claim on Chase. They obviously don't think the numbers tell the whole story.
  8. I did try and tell you guys. The Bills liked that kid. They liked him a lot. There were some people in the building advocating for him over Hauschka in the summer who felt he kicked better in camp, but Beane and McDermott were clear it was not at that stage a competition and it was Hausch's job. Hauschka's job just became a LOT safer now that Chase is on another team. I don't see them cutting Hausch in a playoff race for a guy off the street with no chemistry at all with the holder and snapper. That does not seem like a process move. But for a guy who was here has those relationships and understands what the Bills are trying to get done in the other facets of the kicking game? I could absolutely have seen it. Not even sure he would make 40 the way he is kicking.
  9. I am 35. But being British I am also a relatively late convert to the sport. So 2002 was my first season of Bills fandom. It has been mainly bad football the first 8 or 9 years and mainly mediocre football since then. To see the Bills actually being good is a pleasure. We are on the right road at long last. Right Coach and I think possibly right GM and QB too. They are the holy trinity. Hit on those and the rest is much easier.
  10. You are not crazy. Just an optimist with some homer in you. I do think we have a chance to win in New England, I think their offensive line is trash and was exposed in the first game and a decline in Brady is real. But I don't think Kansas City will beat them this weekend and I don't think we will beat Baltimore.
  11. I can't tell you about past play by play guys like some of our older posters. I think the top 3 now are: 1 Al Michaels 2 Jim Nantz 3 Mike Tirico I can't believe so much love for Kevin Harlan. He is absolutely brutal. He has a good voice. But my god his commentary is atrocious.
  12. Agreed. And I don't see any way they are going to take a guy off the street.... but the other guy they had in camp who they liked comes into the equation if Hausch keeps missing.
  13. Everyone presumed Mike McCarthy would talk into a job last hiring season. He didn't. I think Rivera will be a Head Coach again in the NFL. I am 50/50 on whether that is next season.... unless and it is a big unless.... he is willing to take the Redskins job. Because I believe they would hire him tomorrow.
  14. That is why McLaughlin bears watching. The Bills did like him pre-season and he knows the snapper and holder if they felt they needed to make a change. The kicker market is thin and lots of kickers seem to be struggling so I couldn't see the Bills cutting bait with Hauschka for just anybody.... but a young kid they like and have history with? Well I could maybe see that. He is safe for now. But he has to start making more kicks.
  15. I agree he still has a decent leash. You don't keep an underperforming kicker because of a cap hit. That can lose you games.
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