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  1. And was hired by Beane (after himself interviewing here for Beane's job) so AFTER that year's FA and draft. He is a well respected personnel guy but I think it is a stretch to say he "helped" the team make the playoffs. He much more "helped" their 2018 draft - the Josh Allen / Tremaine Edmunds e v a l.... even though he was gone before the draft. My only worry about this is where he fits. He was the Director of Player Personnel. Dan Morgan has that job now. So is he reporting to Morgan? If so is he senior to the Malik Boyd (Dir Pro Personnel) and Terrence Gray (Dir College Scouting)? Or is he in fact not reporting to Morgan but directly to Beane and Schoen? I hate messy organisational structures that create ambiguity about who is accountable for what and to who... my experience across 3 professions is that never works well. My instinct is that the Bills think that Morgan and Schoen are likely to get looks elsewhere next off-season if Allen and Edmunds take a step and the Bills 2019 class looks good out of the gate. They have got Gaine back in the building and if either of those two roles (essentially the 2nd and 3rd in command) become available after 2019 he will seamlessly move into that job. I just hope until then how he fits into the rest of the structure is very clearly defined.
  2. Definitely a man purse. I loved Poyer calling the fish he caught "Micah" too.
  3. I didn't like Kyle's narration I've got to be honest. I thought it was a bit cheap and he just doesn't have the voice for it. I was a broadcast journalist. Voice matters. Other reflections: 1. Really good to see the Allen-Barkley relationship is so tight. I think that relationship is more important going forward than many give it credit for. 2. That facility upgrade is absolutely fantastic and the Pegulas deserve enormous credit for the way they have modernised the crbumbling infrastrcutre of this franchise. It will be a recruting tool going forward, no doubt. 3. Love Bobby Johnson's demenour with his guys. Think that might be exactly the positive, young, energetic type of coaching hire that we needed for that group. 4. Terry was sitting in on some of their pre-draft scouting meetings. Good. I want my owner in those discussions. Not having input but observing. Because sometimes the right process still leads a pick that doesn't work out and I want my owner to at least be able to form a view on the process. 5. Lorenzo is a coach in waiting.
  4. I put him in the Tyrod Taylor category. I would take Dalton above him every day. Dalton is a good game manager. Tannehill and Tyrod..... meh.
  5. I don't know the reason... but the Patriots struggle at Miami. And that pre-dates Tannehill being there.
  6. Their safeties are equally excellent. I think in terms of duos that have proven it on the field it is the Vikings pair (Harris and Smith), the Jets pair (Adams and Maye) and our pair (Hyde and Poyer) as a top three and I can see the arguments for each as being #1. That said if Earl Thomas is the Earl Thomas of old then he and Tony Jefferson in Baltimore should be pretty spectacular.
  7. New England don't like playing there. Don't know if it is the humidty or what but they stuggle in Miami. I think there and Denver are Brady's two worst stadiums statistically.
  8. I am no Gase defender, I think he is a poor Head Coach, but Tannehill is definitely not a decent QB.
  9. Indeed - but ultimately they chose, for whatever reasons to go with a developmental TE and a developmental pass rusher ahead of Sills. I always thought Sills was a 5th round or later guy - I was surprised he went undrafted, happy the Bills picked him up as an UDFA. But while they nearly picked him a couple of times on day 3, they didn't. They did infer in the show that if it wasn't Sills it wouldn't have been anyone - they were not just going to sign a UDFA receiver for the sake of signing one. They clearly like the kid and will give him a chance. But he has to make an impact early in camp I think to have a chance.
  10. Slightly different styles of slot reciever - Beasley is a chain mover Crowder is more of a potential home run hitter from the slot. I think that is a very tight call between the two - Crowder is four years younger and that plays in to what they got paid in guarantees.
  11. I think they are really closely matched, both talented but inperfect teams who should be in the playoff hunt for a wildcard. Quarterbacks - push OL - Bills TE - Jets WR - Jets RB - Push (give Jets the edge in terms of starter but think Bills have more depth) DL - Jets LB - Bills CB - Bills S - Push Coaching - Bills
  12. It is certainly true that their oline is the biggest question mark. It wasn't that much ahead of ours last year and whereas the Bills overhauled that group the Jets only added one immediate starter. That immediate starter has been one of the league's premiere guards for most of the last 5 years though and while he had a down year in 2018 I would expect him to bounce back somewhat. I think stick Osemele next to Beachum on the left side and you have a pretty strong blindside. As we saw here for a few years with Cordy and Richie if you have a strength to that side you can hide some other weaknesses on the line. But it is a legitimate question mark as to whether they have done enough in that area. Especially as regards the mesh with Lev Bell. He is a runner who doesn't need his oline to drive people backwards but he absolutely does need them to hold their ground. Early penetration into the backfield is pretty terminal for his patient running style. I disagree on their corners. Trumaine Johnson is a top 15 corner and had a good first year with the Jets. Now he gets to play in Greg Williams's scheme again - the defense he was drafted to play in - I think he is set to have a really big year. They are set to start Darryl Roberts at the opposite corner after using him mainly in sub packages last year and there is always a question about whether he makes that transition but they have an excellent safety tandem in between them which should help and an experienced DC. I do think the tight end is a loss. I liked him coming out and I was singing his praises a lot last year so I think missing him for 4 games hurts them more than most will expect. The Jets are like the Bills to me. They are an incomplete team but one which has some talent in some key spots. I prefer the Bills outlook long term because I think we are a little better built from a long term strategic perspective whereas the Jets have invested money in good FAs but in spots where I am not sure it makes long term sense and I much prefer our coach to theirs. In 2019 though I expect the two teams to be close. Their defensive line remains downright nasty with two very talented rookie additions (Polite tape alone was a borderline 1st round talent who slid for off field reasons) and I would swap our receivers for theirs in an instant given the chance. I think both could be in the wildcard race - I have previously said I think the division could still be a three way run as late as Thanksgiving. I have cooled on the Jets a little with the off field dysfunction but that team has the talent to be above .500 and in the playoff hunt.
  13. But at 26, having been a pro (albeit CFL) for a number of years as a slower more possession style receiver I think it is more of a stretch to see Williams as the high upside, developmental, guy. I'm struggling to think of a situation where that is the case. Much easier to make that case for McCloud, Sills and even McKenzie.
  14. I see us and the Jets as very close for many of the reasons above. Where I do give us an advantage is in coaching. I think Gase sucks. That said, week 1 is a walk into the unknown for both and I don't think either team is in position to consider that game a lock.
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