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  1. Happy Birthday my guy!! #FranchiseQB
  2. Allen will become a top three QB in the NFL with the Bills and Buffalo will win multiple SBs with JA at QB.
  3. I like them ... I really wish we could get new unis also. The all white is the best one they have... Super clean!!
  4. I think the last two times we played them was week 5
  5. Im going to take a wild guess .... Week 5: Buff @ Tenn
  6. This is why i picked the 99 bills team. Its all speculative. The 99 team cant improve our view of them but everyone is acting like we are already in the SB. Until i see improvements on the field instead of paper I'll take what is facts. I have a hard time thinking the 20 team would beat a team that most bills fan think would've won the SB in 99.
  7. Remiersma is the best TE I've seen play for buffalo. He was average by league standards. He had average tools except great hands and great situational awareness and made the most of his ability. Until Knox maximizes his immense potential I'll take Jay over him everytime.
  8. I'll take the 99 team. QB: Flutie flakes RB Thomas, A. Smith, J. Linton Sam Gash WR Moulds P. Price A.Reed TE Remiersma Oline: 2020 DE Smith M. Wiley P. Hansen DT T. Washington P. Williams LB Sam Cowart S. Rodgers J.Holieck K. Newman CB 2020 S Henry Jones Kurt Shultz Yeah give me the 99 team. I love Knox but Jay was amazing to me. It seemed like every game he'd catch the ball at the opponents 5 then stretch the ball over the goalline for the td. All while toe drag swagging the sideline.
  9. Qb: Allen Barkley Fromm Rb: Singletary Moss T. Jones Wr: Diggs Brown Beasley McKenzie Davis Hodgins Te: Knox Kroft Sweeney Ol: Dawkins Spain Morse Feliciano Williams Ford Bates Nseke Long Dl: Hughes Oliver Star Addison Phillips Jefferson Butler Murphy Johnson Epenesa Lb: Edmunds Milano Klien Thompson Matakavich Cb White Gaines Norman Johnson Wallace S: Poyer Hyde Johnson Neal Marlowe Ls: Ferguson Kr: Roberts P: ??? K: Bass PS Wade V.Joseph D. Jackson Duke??? Looks pretty good to me. Lets start the season!!!
  10. I had such high hopes for foster going into last year. If his work ethic was the problem again last year i would think his time here is very short. I could see them trying to feature him in the preseason and get a draft pick for him. Maybe even a couple games to start the year. I just dont see coaches wanting to keep trying to push foster to work harder for success. He went undrafted and has been cut before he should already want it imo. So im going with davis over foster or Duke. But i understand nothing is given to anyone. Davis will out work foster imo.
  11. Im going to say over four. The truth is we could have all seven make the roster. How much they contribute is another thing. But to have late round prospects every year earning spots on this stacked of a team. That truly shows the importance of not trading late round picks to move up in the draft. So lets look at each draft pick. 2nd round: AJ Epensa DE... roster lock ... We were lucky to get him at this slot. Im personally glad we didnt trade up. Awesome pick. 3rd round: Zach Moss RB...roster lock... We all wanted the bills to draft a RB. I personally wanted Dillon, Akers, Gibson, Moss then Perine in that order. But this guy is a beast and we got great value for him in the 3rd. 4th round: Gabe Davis WR... roster lock ... He probably pushes Robert Foster off the roster or on the trading block/Practice Squad. Deep threat also should be gunner on punt teams. Foster is facing a make or break situation now. 5th round: Jake "from state" Fromm QB ... roster lock ... He wont play a down other than preseason. But there's no way we risk him trying to put him on the practice squad. So he makes the roster by default. This will be Matt Barkleys last year here. Great pick may be traded in the future for a higher draft pick then we spent on him. 6th round: Tyler Bass K ... I think he replaces Hauska this year. But he's not a lock... I will say he goes to the PS for the sake of arguments. Still a good pick. 6th round: Isaiah Hodgens WR ... I'll say he makes the roster.... Great pick ... Big body wr with great hands. He runs good routes. I think he pushes Duke Williams off the roster this year. 7th round: Dane Jackson CB ... I'll say he doesn't make the roster if EJ Gaines stays healthy.... So that would mean he'll make it by default actually. Competitive player who wraps up and makes the tackle in front of him. Plays the ball in the air well enough to break up alot of passes. Awesome pick in the 7th round. Yes our best opportunity to win with Allen on his rookie deal. But consistently drafting late round gems is what makes dynasties. So I've got five draft picks making the roster. (Six if you think EJ gets hurt before the season). How many do you think make our deepest roster in a long time?? Go Bills!!!
  12. Ughh that was terrible going back through all those flawed rosters but I'll say 2015 was the only one i can say was better. Not by much though but it's all terrible looking back now. Idk how any bills fan (including me) thought ANY of those teams had any shot of making the playoffs.
  13. I tried to find that play and couldn't. But I'll concede you're right sir. As soon as i saw his name i had daymares about it. Ughh Eddie Robinson just shoot your gun and tackle him. He's slow as a turtle smh.
  14. Ughh that roster hurt my eyes just seeing it. I dont even remember FS izel reese??? Ryan Denney ugghh .. OG mike pucilio?? ... Mike Williams at RT yikes ... LB James "got slow motion juked by Pennington" Posey... The human statue Drew Bledsoe at QB. I forget were we tanking that year?? We should have traded anyone worth a high pick like Moulds, R. Brown, Schobel, etc and started from scratch.
  15. I also found lost footage of Epenesa seemingly getting ready for brady this season. Im not 100% sure of when or even if Epenesa actually shot this. But Epenesa is going to be a beast in the nfl. Enjoy!!!
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