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  1. Well I'd perfer him over Yeldon. That much i can say. As Yeldon has underperformed so far in pass pro.
  2. Funny thing is my brother (who is a rams fan) predicted buffalo would win the Superbowl if we drafted DK Metcalf. I definitely wish we hadn't traded up for C.Ford rather let the best player on our board continue to fall to us. I do think Metcalf is a rare wr talent that would've paired nicely with Josh Allen. But Ford may still turn out to be a good player for buffalo. But just the dynamics of DK's speed and catch radius would be absurd with Allen's arm strength. Mind you DK is having a good year so far as a rookie. Time will tell... Hopefully we didn't pass up on the next Randy Moss type wr.
  3. I picked hyde but he is still a very raw player thats developing before our eyes with every snap he takes. Once again I'd still rather he be more gambler than a Capt. Checkdown. Taking points off the board from unnecessary sacks in the redzone and some turnovers are inexcusable. Which it seems he is learning the hard way. That interception against the titans was not a terrible one imo. Yeldon who is working his way in my doghouse stopped his route as josh was throwing the ball. The safety kept running and made the pick. Plus yeldon misses way more blitz pick ups than he should (i.e. Barkley game ending pick vs the pats) plus more against the titans.
  4. No thanks hes overrated and overpaid. Plus i cant get that ole block he threw on dontae Hightower for a strip sack in the Superbowl out my head.
  5. Thanks Shaw great take as usual. I've been telling people for weeks this is not the same suck *** Bills team. They play and fight for each other and seem to really believe in Josh Allen and McBeane and staff. I for one have completely bought in to McBeane and Josh Allen and bought my first actual Bills player jersey ( Bills fan since 1990) being #17 Josh Allen. Is Allen overrated by especially me and many other bills fans tbh atm probably yes. But I definitely see a competitor who wants to win at all cost and is intent on becoming the QB he can be. This is definitely not the same old loser bills team we've seen the last two decades.
  6. After seeing this i would put less of the blame to josh allen and more on yeldon myself. Simply because to stop running your route as you see your QB scrambling and then setting up to throw is really inexplicable. But Josh couldve been throwing to Beasley who looked like he might've been held some. Either way that was Josh's only terrible play and I'd still rather he have some of that competitor in him than being Trentative Edwards.
  7. I still refer to him as TyGod for helping to end our playoff drought. With that being said we couldn't give him the boot quick enough imo. His play it so safe was maddening as i could see open wrs on my tv screen and constantly yelled for him to throw it or just take off and run. So much talent but so little cahoones or trust in his arm/read. But McBeane needs to be here for atleast another 10 years both of them.
  8. As a 30 year buffalo fan. Josh is the second QB(after kelly) to give me the feeling that we can pull out a win with the game on the line. His poise, confedence, and competitive drive along with his talent has made me buy in. In fact I just bought my very first buffalo player jersey #17 Allen this week. My other bills jerseys are personalised with my name or nickname. I love his whole demeanor and make up. The turnovers are maddening but after years of tyrod safeball and fitz weak arm (trying to be peyton in the pocket instead of continuing to play like every snap is his last) underthrowing wrs for ints. I'll live with his mistakes as i see him trying to grow. But I'd rather he stay more fearless than cautious but not take unnecessary hits while scrambling.
  9. Good I was done with zay after the sideline int help helped the pats get. I want to see more awareness and fight out of my wr's. Lets go Duke!!!
  10. I have the black hat also. Im going to wear it for the first time tonight. I spent $315 on bills gear on NFL shop. Its hard to find bills gear here in TN
  11. My brother who happens to be a falcons fan will say that he knows the defense that are in because they never disguise their coverage. So we will show one look pre snap then switch to a different one post snap. Keep mariota in the pocket and blitz occasionally. I think Josh Allen plays but if not we should still be capable enough to score more than they should. Especially if singletary plays.
  12. Meh not that big a deal... Biggest thing i see is Yeldon stutters too long with a fake block allowing the defender to have a better chance recovering. Seems as if Yeldon just blows past him without hesitating it would've been a easy td catch. Actually its more of a smart play by van noy. If Barkley was an intended receiver then that kept him from running his route. Im always erked by how a defensive player will just let a wr/te/fb cross their face at the los without knocking them on their butt. Seriously if the player makes no attempt to block you then he must have a bigger responsibility (i.e. key block or route) in making the play successful. Pats are just well coached smh.... Spider yk banana is a prime example. Everytime the defender lets the fb/te fake a block and release in the flat while the defender seems to think he can get to the qb who is 6-8 yards away before the qb throws the very player who ran by him the ball.
  13. I was very disappointed in Zay Jones effort to catch and fight for the ball. The third quarter interception was a easy play for any wr thats dialed in. Zay simply couldve pulled the defender out of bounds (where zay already was ) instead of the feeble attempt he made which probably helped the db stay upright and inbounds. Josh Allen should learn from this and get better. Its not always critical to get the first down get what you can and get down. I hope Josh can play next week Go Bills
  14. Robert "stonehands Royal made me do the same with the biggest second step ever to nullify a td pass against the titans and he still barely made it out of bounds. I mean he almost did a split to step out of bounds from mid endzone.
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