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  1. Could move the game to Joe Robbie, it's not like the Dolphins will be using it again this season 😉
  2. Remind me of the last Bills playoff win on the road? Beat Miami.
  3. Wife upgraded my tailgate. Yeti cooler in Bills red, new grill and battery operated hand warmers for those playoff games we’re going to be hosting 😁
  4. Point your antenna to Canada where the game will be available for free over the air on CTV2, just like we get all of the Amazon TNF games over the air for free.
  5. Everyone seems to be forgetting the fact that Houston has a DOME. ….and NO for the record.
  6. We were saying it in the stands right from the jump...Bills looked bigger, stronger and more physical. Can't remember the last time I really felt that way about a Bills team. That Knox play defined it.
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