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  1. I’ll add that Elam made a play when he had Anthony Richardson barreling down on him one-on-one with a head of steam. Nothing flashy, just held his position and made the play with help arriving quickly. He was giving up a lot of size on that play and his run defense was a criticism this time last year, so nice to see some development.
  2. Maybe the Bills could offer Gabe a team-friendly extension while at the same time in a totally unrelated move the Bills would offer a record-breaking mascot deal to Ghost Davis? Worked for Brady and the Pats all those years...
  3. I can’t imagine a team with their sights set on the Super Bowl thinks it’s a good idea to cut their starting Center two weeks into training camp.
  4. Do we get to boo the practice refs?
  5. Seeing Marv at the stadium before the home opener was one of the highlights of the season for me. Happy birthday Marv!
  6. Your Catholic blues, your convent shoes, Your stick-on tattoos now they're making the news Your holy war, your northern star Your sermon on the mount from the boot of your car. Please, please, please Get up off your knees. Please, please, please Leave me out of this, please.
  7. Come on in, and pull yourself up a chair (like Chairry!) Let the fun begin, it's time to let down your hair! Pee-wee's SO excited, 'cause all his friends have been invited (that's you!) To go wacky, at Pee-wee's Playhouse! ***RIP Pee Wee
  8. Another Groot on the inside look? Hearing this a few times now...
  9. The Shankill butchers ride tonight You better shut your windows tight They're sharpening their cleavers and their knives And taking all their whiskey by the pint
  10. Sitting in the stand of the sports arena Waiting for the show to begin Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine A good friend of mine, follow the stars Venus and Mars Are alright tonight
  11. There was a shopping mall Now it's all covered with flowers You've got it, you've got it If this is paradise I wish I had a lawnmower You've got it, you've got it
  12. One of these days, I'm going to cut you into little pieces
  13. Now Divers Do It Deeper must have really made them mad Some of them reviewers said it really sounded bad Well they liked Margaritaville, me I liked it too Someday Jimmy, why don't we just both get drunk and screw Oh those creepy Mother F****ers that think music is a ***** Tell that you just don't live in Key West anymore There's sailboats and conch shells and palm trees galore, But Jimmy Buffett doesn't live in Key West anymore Sister spare change has a bumper sticker on the door Jimmy Buffett, he don't live in Key West anymore
  14. My girlfriend's run off with my car And gone back to her ma and pa Tellin' tales of drunkenness and cruelty Now I'm sittin' here Sippin' at my ice cold beer Lazin' on a sunny afternoon
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