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  1. Wings suck, but Sabres are no better 😉
  2. Nah, most colour blind people don't actually see the world in black and white or grayscale...that is only in the most severe cases. Back when my kids were playing 'Among Us' I saw the best example of how a colour blind person sees the world...they gained a bit of appreciation for how I see things. They still make fun of me though. The colour blind will always be the one group that is fair game
  3. I really like the idea of showing 21 with Hines and Cook in the backfield and then motioning one or both out wide to create coverage mismatches. Then we can see something like this...
  4. I'm just happy that Cook is getting the carries that Moss would infuriatingly take away from Motor.
  5. Just don't freak out and go throwing a turkey there Ricky...
  6. Went back to my boring Blue JA17 jersey. Also, I gave a Bills fan sitting in front of me grief for wearing a drought-era sweatshirt and he took it off...Bills immediately went on a 25-point run.
  7. I was surprised after the game when I heard that the Browns only had 80 yards on the ground, then realized it seemed like mote because of all those screens...passing game as an extension of the run game and all that.
  8. Mrs Donuts: "Is that your Nobel Prize in your shorts or are you just happy to see me?" Mr Donuts: *clunk*
  9. Thanks, already booked a spot through Parkwiz. A “bit of a walk” at Ford Field is like parking in the back of Lot 7 at Highmark…not too bad.
  10. Was just about to ask about tailgating @reelpositiveso thanks for chiming in! I always park in the Greektown surface lots for Tigers games and pay $20 or so…are Lions games comparable or do they Jack the prices up?
  11. I remember drinking in the Nemo’s overflow (aka the parking lot) after Kenny Rogers beat the crap out of the Yankees in the 2006 playoffs. The city was jumping that night. My brother and I walked (stumbled/staggered) back from Nemo’s to our downtown hotel at 2am…not sure how we made it. That said…I second @shane nelsonwith Greektown and Shillelagh’s. Fishbones is a great spot to eat as well…Cajun and sushi makes a surprisingly amazing combo.
  12. Wonder if Spider-Man is still showing up as the Legend of the Game?
  13. Yup, visitor side. They also labeled the seating chart on ticketmaster as Bills side / Browns side.
  14. $30, got 4 tickets on the 50, Bills sideline
  15. @reelpositivementioned that Lions ST holders were offered up to 4 free tickets at noon today.
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