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  1. I'm hoping for a 2020 week 17 repeat here with the Pats needing a win in a meaningless game for the Bills and they get their asses handed to them.
  2. I just hope you didn't name your child Nathan, or even Peter for that matter.
  3. Good luck, and if you do use the service let us know how it works out. I am considering using this for some of the prime time Bills games when I don't feel like driving home.
  4. Rally bus share? I've never used the service so can't vouch for it, but it is $35 round trip for a seat on a "high-end bus". The advantage here is you don't have to worry about finding a ride back after the game. https://rally.co/dolphins-bills/from/fort-lauderdale-fl
  5. I'm thinking that while Bills' legends deserve a spot on the Wall, OJ deserves a spot on the Chair.
  6. This one has been in my YouTube Watch Later list for a while now and just haven't gotten to it...thanbks for the reminder @muppy! Funny how I see a one hour video that I know I would love but don't watch it because it is too long...and then proceed to watch 90 minutes worth of stupid short clips instead.
  7. Moss should only need to beat out Duke Johnson and the only way that does not happen is if the team has really soured on him and just want to cut ties...can't see that happening. Many forget how good Moss looked through his rookie season...below are some of highlights. One thing you will notice is the yards he gains after contact. Didn't see much of that last season but a significant difference between 2020 and 2021 is the ability to get Moss the ball with space catching balls out of the backfield along with handing the ball off with a couple of steps before contact to get going. The line was horrid at run blocking for the majority of last season and by the time the Bills implemented pin-pull and gap running schemes Moss was planted on the sidelines. Then there were these runs to start the 2021 season after Moss was benched week 1...thought he was going to be on to something but it never developed. If this Moss shows up in August there is sure to be a role on the 2022 Bills for him. I just don't see giving up on a third year guy for Duke Johnson. Pretty sure Duke is so old he actually played with Dorsey at Miami 😉
  8. Can't go wrong with this... https://www.wnybreweries.com/
  9. Moss has a clear path to making the team...there is no one else in the RB that brings his thump. Maybe I'm the blind optimist here, but I still remember some promising performances from his rookie year where he would get the tough yards and even the first Miami game last year where he made defenders pay en route to a pair of TD's. It really seemed like Moss was facing immediate contact last season whenever he carried the ball so he never really had a chance. As the season went on he found his way into the doghouse and that was that. Would love to see him carve out a role in this offense in 2022.
  10. Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke and Girl Duke, Duke, Duke and Girl Duke, Duke, Duke and Girl Duke, Duke, Duke and Girl
  11. Saw a roster prediction article on SI yesterday and they also had Moss and Ford getting cut. His take on the RB room was...interesting. You would think at least one of the guys getting cut...Moss, Ford, Taiwan, Kumerow, Sweeney, hell even Haack as our "holding specialist" (insert eyeroll)...would be able to beat out Siran Neal's clone, but nope. Neal makes the squad twice in this guy's estimation. Begs the question that if Beane has developed the ability to clone a player, why pick Siran Neal? Article here: https://www.si.com/nfl/bills/news/bills-post-minicamp-roster-predictions-battles-brewing-on-both-lines
  12. Before I even read the first post my mind went straight to Jim Brown. One big point to remember with Ruth…he played 30 years before Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier. A bit easier to be dominant when the competition is systematically watered down.
  13. Uhm, Celsius is also measured as degrees…
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