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  1. Wanted man in California Wanted man in Ohio Wanted man in Kansas City Wanted man in Buffalo Wanted man in Oklahoma Wanted man in old Cheyenne Wherever you might look tonight You might see this wanted man
  2. Money Get away You get a good job with more pay and you're okay Money It's a gas Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash New car, caviar, four star, daydream Think I'll buy me a football team
  3. I think Dion and Saffold earned their day off after playing 100% of the offensive snaps on Sunday.
  4. And now my bitter hands Cradle broken glass Of what was everything All the pictures have All been washed in black Tattooed everything All the love gone bad Turned my world to black Tattooed all I see All that I am All that I'll be, yeah Uh huh, uh huh, oh
  5. If the square head is Canadian, shouldn't it be a Robbie Robertson? The most common are the Red Robbies, Green Robbies and Black Robbies. The more you know...
  6. Frightenstein! Man that's a trip...Canadian show out of CHCH in Hamilton. Loved the Wolfman DJ 😁
  7. Josh was pissed on that first time out because the refs were pissing around to set the ball after they had 3 refs with 3 different spots where Moss went OOB on his long run. By the time they got their act together the play clock had wound down and the Bills had to burn a TO. Think that TO might have come in handy later on??
  8. Agreed…Belichick has certainly mentioned it amongst others. I think it was also hotter on the field Sunday than it has been in previous Bills games. McKenzie said as much on his show the other day, saying he kept waiting for it to rain because it only gets that hot in South Florida right before it rains…maybe the hurricane pushing hot air, who knows. Oh well, moving on.
  9. So close, no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters
  10. Yup, and so are the Dolphins…but if any team was a threat at going undefeated this year it was the Bills. The 72’s aren’t losing sleep over Philly (despite their powderpuff schedule) or Tua’s Dolphins.
  11. I was surprised how annoyed I was about seeing the Dolphins atop so many power rankings today. I mean, I expected that the Bills would drop but figured that it would be the Eagles on top and I would have been fine with that. But Miami? Hell no, eff them. They’re a blink away from 1-2. Can’t wait to get them up here in December.
  12. Don't need to feel important or famous No limos or my little Nash car One lucky man With my feet in the sand Tonight I just need my guitar
  13. Plenty of great choices but for my money the best original theme is from a show long before my time that I have never actually even seen…but I had the album growing up! This one is fantastic as well in all of its various incarnations…
  14. Eat, drink, and be merry For tomorrow we'll die Eat, drink, and be merry For tomorrow we'll die 'Cause we're tripping Billies
  15. Ah yes, but Magnum's theme from about halfway through season one...they saw the folly in their ways with the original. Kinda like starting the season with Peterman at QB and then realizing you've got Josh Allen sitting on your bench 😉
  16. Good luck on Wednesday man, hoping you get good news...it's awesome that to have a great team to cheer for as a distraction from the crap life slings at us. Despite the lack of run game results in the RZ the Bills don't need to be one dimensional down there...they just seem to be choosing to be one dimensional by (understandably at this point in the season) not letting Josh run the ball. He's been a RZ weapon with his legs since day one of his rookie season and they have him bottled up for now. Not complaining, just saying.
  17. Got up next mornin' and I grabbed that gun Took a shot of cocaine and away I run Made a good run but I ran too slow They overtook me down in Juarez, Mexico
  18. From Joe B's article in The Athletic... https://theathletic.com/3628838/2022/09/25/bills-dolphins-observations/
  19. Oh I know...but there was only one team that worried them. Dolphins won't make the 72's lose sleep, and while the Eagles face a pretty cupcake schedule, they aren't historically good despite what the current national media narrative is.
  20. Spend my dollar Parked in a holler 'neath the mountain moonlight Hold her uptight, make a little lovin' A little turtle dovin' on a Mason-Dixon night Fits my life, oh, so right My Dixieland delight
  21. I hate that the 72 Dolphins get to pop the champagne in week 3...was hoping to give them a scare this year.
  22. Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da Whack for my daddy, oh Whack for my daddy, oh There's whiskey in the jar, oh
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