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  1. They didn't get rid of Kyle Williams out of spite. They did get rid of misfits like Sammy.
  2. He was part of the heinous 17- year drought which made him a loser in Buffalo.
  3. Steve Tasker gets a value of 7 points, tied with Bennie Anderson, Tiny Tim Anderson, Jerry Crafts, Robert Royal, and Chris Watson.
  4. Yep. Bottom line, all he did in Buffalo was lose. The current regime (playoff teams 2 out of 3 years, moving to the top of the league with a bullet) dumped him so fast that his head was spinning. Pretty obvious that they did not consider him to be part of any future success with the Bills. Congrats to him getting a ring though, that's something that can never be taken away from him.
  5. Thanks! Let's see... This one's brutal #30. John "Turnstile' Fina #38. Will Wolford This one's highly accurate: #57 Nate Clements #143 Lil Antoine
  6. And Stinky, Mike the Cop, Mr. Bacciagalupe.... all-star supporting cast. Even Bingo the Chimp.
  7. Sid Fields on the Abbott and Costello show.
  8. Jackson Browne tested positive too, but he’s OK. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2020-03-25/jackson-browne-interview%3f_amp=true
  9. If you're talking really underrated, I would go with Bubba. He was rarely very funny by himself, but I always liked having him around. "I WANT MY DADDY'S RECORDS BACK!"
  10. Sorry Chevy, I didn't see it. Mods please merge or delete.
  11. I will defer to whatever Beane the Genius does of course... but without studying these 4 players: if this truly is one of the all-time WR classes, I would take Mims.
  12. I see no one has posted about this release from yesterday, so I will do so. More proof that Dylan is the GOAT.
  13. Too bad the Bills didn't make this trade a few years ago, I would've liked to see Sammy give up #14 to Diggs.
  14. This guy was absolute trash here in Baltimore, Ravens fans are laughing at the Jets even more than they normally do. Yeah, later career turnarounds have happened before, but I am so glad we didn't take a chance on him.
  15. Agree 100%. His birthday's over now though, so let the bashing resume.
  16. Sorry to hear. May God bless him, you, and your family.
  17. Homer Ravens fans don't care for Preston, he's very tough on the team, even when they won a Super Bowl. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/analysis/preston/bal-preston-ravens-49ers-report-card-020313-photogallery.html
  18. #3 I guess, now that the Pats are trending downward.
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