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  1. Horrible news. Songbird is just the most beautiful song ever, and she had so many other great ones. Saw FMac in the Aud in 1980 on the Tusk tour, tremendous show. RIP.
  2. I remember Eddie Jackson scoring a TD against us the last time we played them, what an annoying game. https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401030769
  3. This reminds me of when I was a kid in the 70’s and the Bills got Jeff Kinney, former 1st-round pick from Nebraska, on waivers. Scrub high-motor lunch pail RB, but hey, he was a 1st-round pick, I’ve heard of him! What an exciting move!!!!1
  4. "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat." - Jesse 'The Body' Ventura
  5. I always vowed to take a piss on Shula’s grave until I found out how much trouble you can get into if you’re caught.
  6. Yeah, I forgot about Big Money Simmons, may he RIP.
  7. If he knocks the Rat out before the end of the game, I might change my mind.
  8. I would've tried if I had the chance, but now she's dead. She can RIP, but not this POS.
  9. Aaron Donald was a nice player, but he was never close to being the defense GOAT, not at all, not in the conversation.
  10. Gotta go for his knees. You can try hitting him in his meathead like Poyer did, but there's nothing there.
  11. As always, have to go to the bottom line, and I am happy with 8-3, especially considering all the injuries. Thanks, McD! I do believe that if this team gets healthy going into the playoffs, no one is stopping them. It's all about how you finish the season.
  12. He may be in HOF, but yes, I put Reggie and most definitely Billy Shaw above him. Solid meat-and-potatoes player, but nothing too special, not to my teenage eyes anyway. Light years better than Ruben Brown though.
  13. 1-9 are debatable, but Joe D would be far below my top 10.
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