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  1. I refuse to believe this is true.
  2. I generally agree, but these were graduate students who had supposedly already spent time in the “real world.”
  3. My wife did for her graduate degree. At least half of her classmates I’ve met are insufferable.
  4. Man...that’s bad. Although the “T” armband is a nice touch
  5. Think her neighbors are on board with this?
  6. Agreed. The issues that are facing them are completely different than what the RNC had to deal with. Where its similar is that they too need a leader to inspire/align the party. If you had asked me in 2015, Donald Trump wouldn’t have even been on the radar. I don’t think any of the current DNC offerings is their future, so it will be interesting who emerges over the next 4 years. IMO, if I cared about the future of the DNC, an ass whooping next November could be the catalyst they need to reset.
  7. We/they were saying the same thing about the Republican Party a few years back. I agree that the current iteration of the DNC is undergoing massive upheaval, but I wouldn’t count them out just yet.
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