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  1. Welcome to San Angeles 53-47 has to have some sort of meme or T-shirt potential
  2. I don’t know who deserves to be beaten more. The guy who made this, or me for watching the whole thing to see how it played out.
  3. Who do you think wants her to go away more? Pelosi or Boston University?
  4. It was a simple last post/goodbye idiots buried in one of the PPP threads
  5. What is that...remedial tic-tac-toe?
  6. WTF does that letter even mean? We’ll fix it because we say so?
  7. The on-point Bernie posters really pull that room together
  8. So art gets a pass, but medicine, engineering, etc...don’t? F’n blowhard
  9. Paying the internet bill (plus cell phones o imagine) but not mortgage?
  10. Yeah, when your make up artist moonlights mudding drywall
  11. This is an ongoing spat between APD and the court system. Courts here have a little problem releasing those who the APD apprehends (particularly juveniles) only to have APD pick them up again for another crime. APD basically saying we’re not going to chase them if you’re just going to let them go.
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