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  1. Not to mention the logic on this Merry-Go-Round of Stupid...the hypothetical impeachment vote would eventually be put in front of the same body that would vote on the Justice confirmation. So the Senate has to vote on impeachment to stop themselves from voting on the nominee. Who comes up with this *****?
  2. DC Tom had the first reply when I clicked through on Hatch’s Tweet 😂
  3. I’m not ashamed to admit this is the first thing that came to my mind
  4. I used to win quite frequently (practice rounds) when you had to mail in your submission (so early/mid 2000s.) I haven’t won ever since it’s gone to online submission. My dad has won practice round tix a few times in the last decade and a close friend won Saturday passes 2 years ago.
  5. Stop messing with our real estate prices! 😉
  6. RosenBaum was the bald guy he capped in the head. Huber was the skateboarder. Apparently the guy with the hole in is arm also has a felony on his record.
  7. We’ll he seems (seemed) like a delight. I know you’ll all be shocked and I don’t want to post anything till confirmed. starting to see history emerge that the 3 shootees have/had a fairly comprehensive history of running afoul with the law, including some violent felonies.
  8. They can’t be that obtuse to the irony in this demonstration? Never mind...stupid question.
  9. I like the low education angle. The stupidest people I know have college degrees.
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