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  1. It’s like an anti-mentorship. Whatever advice is given, make sure you ignore and in fact do the opposite
  2. My god it’s so obvious now
  3. I love that they have the satellite map with the indicator arrow, just so all can be aware of where this heinous crime occured
  4. And I’m agreeing with Plenz. If anything all I’ve seen is a reversal of off-shoring these types of jobs as organizations realize that they’re losing more in efficiency and progress than any salary savings. Now or if you want to discuss offshore firms abusing the visa process, that’s a whole different issue.
  5. Cmon man! Use the spoiler feature
  6. I say that because of your last sentence. And it’s like anything else. It’s perfectly fine for a majority of dogs and “usually” nothing happens. People treat and expect their dogs to act like humans. You are their protector/provider, not their partner.... and if they don’t view in that light, that’s when you have a problem. How many times do you see a pack of dogs chasing another dog around the dog park while the owners blissfully chat away. That dog is terrified. Or a dog that is overtly challenging other dogs through its posture and approach. People misinterpret too much behavior as play. I guess it it all comes done to the overarching point in this thread. People unable to act in a responsible manner. (And this can be extrapolated out to kids, driving, etc....)
  7. I’m no expert but here’s my experience: I’ve had/have three pit (mixes...as most are.) All have been sweet, happy dogs. I have acerage so we’ve always had some sort of motley pack to keep us company usually made up of castaways and roadside acquisitions. I’ve broken up enough dog fights or called dogs off a scent to know that pit breeds have more of a switch that’s hard to interrupt compared to other breeds we’ve had. Once that switch flips...it’s on 100%. Once you get the dog structured....you can interrupt that switch. Most dogs require structure and purpose and most don’t receive that. Lump the whole dbag attitude and dog fighting issue and it creates a recipe for issue. As others have alotted a chihuahua that doesn’t get that is annoying but a larger breed can be deadly. Having said all that, the first pit I had spoiled me. She was the easiest dog I’ve ever had. Loved everything. I was naive but kids would dress her up, play with her in the pool...never worries. The second would get triggered by other alpha dogs...learned a lot about canine body language...but he loved people... Third I found later in her life...she’s the beta in our house and respects dog hierarchies but getting her comfortable with new people can be difficult. She goes super submissive which Could be a sign of past abuse, so we limit her interaction to familiar people, gradually introduced. So...long story short, dogs aren’t a one size fits all, every dog even within a breed has their own disposition. My guess in most of the stories referenced, the dog had previously exhibited some sort of indicative behavior....whether it be towards other dogs, cats, squirrels, the owners...whatever. It’s up to the owner to recognize and either correct, avoid, or give up the animal. I don’t take my dogs to dog parks (they’re a horrible idea), I don’t take them to other people’s houses, they always hike on tether off property...and when I have people over after seeing everyone come in, they all get their own space somewhere else. This is regardless of breed. Nothing would probably happen but the downside isn’t worth it. apologies for the diatribe... have tomorrow off....tipped a few and was hiking with the dogs tonight 😃
  8. I’m torn on the debt thing. Taking on a stupid amount of debt for a degree that has almost zero possibility of paying out is paramount stupid. We obviously don’t prepare our youth for life altering decisions. I don’t think completely wiping the slate clean is the answer..reinforces bad behavior and sets a bad precedent (we have enough of those.) at the same time, being the defining negative impact in a young persons life for decades is also not ideal. The interest on loans is already low, so I don’t know how much more you can affect it with absolving some part of the debt.
  9. It’s a mediocre song with a made up name manipulated into a catchy hook that’s about a stalker.....and I like Phil Collins (my opinion and light stalking was glorified at that time)
  10. That’s concerning if the linked story is at least half true
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