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  1. Is his name really Bumpous????....as in the Bumpous Hounds from Christmas Story?
  2. Is that a grey tiger with butterfly wings?
  3. Possibly...I’d view Pence as having a difficult time winning an election so theoretically if Trump was impeached, they could corner him for the rest of the term knowing he’d have an uphill battle in ‘20. But at this point I can’t see proceedings moving that quick so it has to be a visual play to swing opinion...I guess?
  4. Gonna have to agree with RDB here. I don’t necessarily care for the policies FAANG companies put forward but they’re a staple in almost every fund I invest in.
  5. This....this is the part I don’t get. If you’re a Democrat isn’t the Pence option worse?
  6. I don’t post much, but read often. Instead of engaging the topic at hand using your experience as a point of view, you immediately start in with character attacks and insults and then act with indignation when returned. Then follow it up with a 20 page dissertation on the interpretation of hearsay...all the while insulting the person who was trying to engage you in honest dialogue. I realize it’s tough being a big shot lawyer and it must be exhausting for you filling the pliable minds of the next generation of Top 20 legal experts...try not being such a douchebag.
  7. Kevbeau


    Couple camera men/judges got “landed on” at the matches I went to.
  8. His armor is impervious to the opposition...also happens to keep out logic as well.
  9. Kevbeau


    Was in Japan recently and went to the matches on the 10th. First time seeing it live....I’m hooked.
  10. The publicized polls don’t mean *****. They can’t accurately quantify bias in their margin of error at this point. Analytic models like measured consistency and/fluctuations that they can assign value to. They’re probably trying to attempt to normalize the 2016 results as it would introduce a shitstorm of noise.
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