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  1. just let this soak in. i saw this on twitter when her death was announced. i'm not sure i even believe it.
  2. No way. I’m into this now. I’m taking my kids to see Disney on ice that afternoon, and I’ll start getting beers in me then. By the time the game rolls around, I’ll be fists in drywall ready for the game. And Bad Santa 2 is very meh.
  3. As always…my bedtime was never a consideration. edit: Oh *****! I read it wrong and it’s on Saturday. Giddy up!
  4. do your thing my friend. just don't hide behind the negative excuse when it comes to posters being down on you. it's not your opinion...trust me.
  5. We get worked up because you skew arguments. I don’t care if you’re negative. I just don’t think you genuinely want to have a conversation.
  6. did you guys know milano went to boston college? he did.
  7. they're awful. the bills are going to get crushed by 35 points...i hope i'm wrong!
  8. it's a christmas movie in the same way that gremlins is a christmans movie. how's that for not answering the question?
  9. i haven't made my prediction in a few weeks, but this week seem appropriate for a return... cakewalk *****!
  10. i'll tell you to suck something that will set this place on fire.
  11. this is also a perfect time for @Bandito to weigh in.
  12. little life tip. when someone calls it a mystery illness, 99% of the time it's an std.
  13. did they say anything about me?
  14. the moment i got into the car after work yesterday, they were talking about injuries. i think they mentioned that kc was now the leader for super bowl odds instead of buffalo. the main reason? injuries. tough injuries coming at a bad time. the bills don't seem to be trending in the better direction either.
  15. he's come much farther than i expected, and i agree that they're well coached. maybe one or two funky losses, and things will come unraveled a bit.
  16. i was having a great monday until @Bandito gave me a thumbs down, and you told me i ruin everything. happy?
  17. i get it, but you certainly can't fault winning the games you're supposed to win on your schedule. this december will be a very interesting month for the afc east.
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