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  1. you think we have the patience to bowl with gene?
  2. i can confirm! you should see the school taxes. that's what really makes your sphincter pucker. just take a guess... and i'm totally behind the wednesday bowling league. if we get @Gene1973to be our fourth, no one will ***** stop us.
  3. tha't's an interesting take on atlanta and it makes sense. ever consider having a place there and having one up north...maybe in rochester? as close as possible to me. you know likei'vebeentherebefore, (bbmb) lives minutes away.
  4. always chime in! i have heard that about the mountains. my understanding is that's why you can have a 65 degree day followed up by a day with 5 inches of snow. it's the sun that makes the difference. i'd manage the winters much better here if it wasn't for the constant gray. you'll have days that the sun pops out, but month and months of the lack of sun has started to wear on me. my wife's uncle was in denver which is a unique situation. they've had such incredible growth that i think they just didn't like the busyness of it all. on top of that a wildfire crept into their neighborhood and destroyed a number of homes. theirs was fine, but they ended up selling to a neighbor, getting an apartment, and getting a house in saratoga. they enjoy it, but won't do all year round. lack of a cowboy hat.
  5. Anything specific about colorade? i know it's beautiful, but the weather can be whacky. my wife's uncle moved out there for a bit to open a branch of his engineering firm. he and his wife enjoyed, but they didn't want to live there full time. the weather would still be too much of an issue for me in the winter. also, that kid doesn't strike me as your typical southerner.
  6. i have to imagine this is the way it will work out as well. work will probably be my biggest decider. my plan is to work beyond 65, but on a part time basis. maybe 2-3 days a week. if my kids want to take over the business, i'll stick around. if they move on, i'll sell everything and figure out where to live, likely based somewhere around their geography. i think that's nice. my wife asked to work out with me and she said she had never seem me so appalled.
  7. i really do like it here from june 1st until january 1st. the only thing that may keep me from coming back would be if my family and friends are completely gone, which may be a real possibility. i still wouldn't do the south all year round. I'll always have a home base in the northeast.
  8. for our southerns or anyone in a warm climate...why move after retirement? i get downsizing, having an adventure, but what would be the other reasons? if you like your set up and the weather isn't an issue, it would seem most comfortable to stay.
  9. i don't think it's odd. i think it's typical for those of us who live in the north/north east. i'm going to be 45 this fall, so i have a while to go, but it's very much in the back of my head. i really love the rochester area in the summer. we are outside all the time. we use the finger lakes, thousand islands, the adirondacks, etc. i also love the fall and christmas season, but after january 1st, ***** this place. people from our area of the world like to go to places as warm as possible, so i'm not being creative and thinking florida. we have family in palm beach and naples, so i'm sure that's where we'll start. the other question for us is will we keep a residence here? my parents will be gone. my older brother likely will move when he's retired, and even my friends will likely leave because their parents are gone, and their siblings have moved to other states. I'm not doing florida all year round, so we'll see. I'll want to know what my kids are going to do, so i'm sure that will drive the decision.
  10. lol! go watch that show. it's on nexflix, and that writer is the star.
  11. is this from the show i think you should leave? that ***** is great.
  12. i think people can care and disagree without completely bailing on the product. watson is garbage. i'm not letting his actions or how the nfl handles it completely ruin the experience for me. i had a friend completely stop watching the nfl over the anthem issue of the last couple of years. doesn't make any sense to me at all. am i surprised about the short punishment for watson? yes, but i'm not so outraged i'm not watching the bills this year.
  13. i don't think fan are willing to let one lousy ruling ruin their entire nfl experience. you can be completely against the discipline handed out and still support the bills. you're being too black and white again.
  14. my understanding from years ago was that it was a buck a beer and two for a drink someone has to make. i just run a tab and pay on that...usually 20% as well.
  15. exactly. i was given a josh allen signed helmet as a thankyou a year ago, and have it in my office. i love it, but i wouldn't ask josh himself for it.
  16. i just let a nipple accidentally slip out, and it's autographs galore for me!
  17. i'm really glad that turkey burgers are finally getting the recognition they deserve.
  18. This is a lot…even for you.
  19. i have an odd, unnecessary anger towards mac jones. it's not explainable, but it's there. in my defense, i had the same unexplainable anger towards jared from subway, and i was balls on accurate with that one.
  20. ***** mac jones, his team, and everything he stands for. anyone scared of him needs to do a testicular check and make sure they're still attached.
  21. but the level of attraction is still the same.
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