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  1. i get it, but it's too similar to going to another country, and suddenly having that accent. my wife has a good friend from college who has been working in canada for years. i saw here at a wedding recently, and she had a hardcore canadian accent. i couldn't handle it.
  2. why are so many people using the term, "y'all"?
  3. of course it was. i'm not sure how anyone can think that was beneficial.
  4. caffine and alcohol are absolutely drugs. you just may not want to think so because you partake. alcohol actually may be one of the worst drugs of the bunch. i also don't see how anyone felt the "war on drugs' was in any way successful. it was a total waste of time and money.
  5. i think at this point, if you're taking anything that isn't prescription or from a brick and mortar store, it's a massive gamble. if i had the same habits now that i did 15 years ago, i'd be in massive trouble.
  6. they do say this is why many people die in their sleep.
  7. his story about how constipated before a game, (i think a playoff game) is incredible.
  8. I’m certainly not against it! Yet not one person in this thread has questioned his ability. Why do you think no one would agree with you?
  9. spicy to the point where you think you may have damaged you colon.
  10. i hope this thread becomes spicy like i think it can.
  11. @Billsfan1972 will be back soon!
  12. This is pretty much what happened to me. i've done both my yellow lab's back leg...TPLO surgery. he had one surgery when he was 9, and the other leg was this past year. each surger was around $4200. post op was ok. i think i'm lucky because the dog is older and not nearly as hyper as he was. if i wasn't home i kept him crated so he didn't move around too much. i helped him up and down steps with a sling around his waist. i covered any slipper floors so he wouldn't slip. i didn't make him wear a cone, but he was pretty good about not licking the incision scar. both procedures required follow up where they sedate and scan again. my man did great with both. no longer has a limp, is still playful, and really helped his lifestyle. my wife wasn't to sure about getting an expensive on a surgery on a dog that old but ***** that. i love that animal. i think i'd pay for the surgery for him before i did for my wife.
  13. what in the holy hell with this thread.
  14. maybe he even has a little noose around his neck, and uses the button to cover it up. we can go a lot of different directions here.
  15. chris simms looks like he's getting ready to wear a tie at any moment.
  16. i don't think anyone is expecting anything. we're just excited about the possibility. this team is good enough to compete for a super bowl, and that's where it stops for now. that's ok.
  17. i feel this is another thread about wishing the summer away. stop that *****.
  18. even if i absolutely tried my hardest...i'm not sure i could find 66 massage therapists. that's a talent in itself.
  19. i agree. they've had it all over the local news. good luck to the family.
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