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  1. The main brodcasters have not anounce the games yet. I will let you know if its going to be on. If it is not, your best bet is to go to hooters early and ask them to have a tv installed. If you are in Rivera Maya or Cancun the game will be at 1pm, otherwise it will be at noon. Also, if you are in cancun, I have game pass, I don´t mind to have you in and watch together. Yep I used to follow that streaming on facebook. That helps as well. Just hope your hotel has a good internet connection.
  2. Who blocked the Dallas kick? Ref was signaling touched ball.
  3. Anyone know who touched that kick?! The refs were signaling touched ball (blocked)
  4. Good job today against a very good D. Oline played great, Josh did very well but the big guys deserve all the credit. 200+ yards running. I think only one sack. 🙌🏼
  5. Shoutout to Ford! He had a great game. True, Von had a sack and Ford had a holding penalty but he held his own 🙌🏼
  6. Big mistake using that TO. Followed by a drive killing penalty 🤦🏻‍♂️ Right after the run by Gore it was a perfect time to throw a big play action pass, everyone was expecting a run.
  7. I sure hope so. But then again, the LAC had no reason to beat GB and it happened. But you are right, Bills need to take care of their own business so we don´t have to worry about other teams records.
  8. Oh boy that Steelers Bills game has some serious potential to be a deciding factor as to how gets the wild card. We really need to have this 3 next games so we are in prime position to get it.
  9. As a long time NFL fan from the south border, I will be so angry if London gets a team before Mexico. We have far more fans and I guarantee know for sure all games would be sold out if they alocate a team anywhere in Mexico.
  10. I am too a Bills fan from day one. My dad & brothers play football before me and I learned the game as a young kid watching the Cowboys, Steelers, & Bears every Sunday, as that was all the football we used to get back in the late ´80 in Mexico. I picked the Bills as they were playing one of these teams (I want say Dallas but not sure) and loved the uniform and they came on top that day. I don´t know how I didn´t become a Steelers fan as I remember having a Steelers helmet brought by Santa and my childhood football team we wore Steelers-like uniforms. I played all the way from Jr pewee to college ball (in Mexico), and became obsessed with the game. Now days I coach flag football. I am a nerd (not expert) about Draft and all the process leading to it, that is how I survive form February to May without pro football. I like rank the top prospects and how they match with the Bills needs. I put my own Draft board and love to play GM for the Bills. However, I don´t get too high or too low if the team goes in a different direction that I wanted. I confess I didn´t like the Allen pick at the beginning, I wanted Watson or Mahomes (in that order) the year before. Once the Draft class is completed, I submerge myself in every bit of information I can find about our picks and sometimes in our rivals picks. I play fantasy football and pools, but I do not lose any sleep over it. I learned to like a 54-51 ala KC vs LAR last year’s game as well as a 14 – 10 defensive battle, I used to be like you, I wanted the big scoring games and all but I appreciate a good defense now. Of course I want Allen to have the big numbers along with a 1,000 yards WR and 1,000 yards RB, but the Process and Culture to create a long time winner is important, more important than getting a Superstar for only a year or less. Breaking the drought was important to get the monkey off our backs but I want them to build a winner. I am with you regarding Allen, I think he can be a franchise QB but it is going to take time, more than a couple of years, the question is if the FO/Ownership will give him enough time. I think he has played well at times and he has had his rookie moments, but I would give him 4 years, let him play out his rookie contract and by the time the Bills need to decide to take his the 5th year option then decide.
  11. They didn´t, they ran the ball and must of their passing yards were screens. My point was that with the weather conditions we were not able to exploit the eagles defense weaknesses (DBs).
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