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  1. Having Jackson in house and Wallace being a RFA (easy to resign) I don´t think we invest in the secondary this year. We should make a priority to improve de D-line. With a better D-line and more pressure our secondary will be that much better.
  2. It is not a bad idea, but we can use that kind of money to fill more important positions.
  3. Etienn would be awesome, but I would try to get him in the 2nd, with a trade up.
  4. No to Sherman pls, Levi is RFA and would be easy to retain if we really want to. Plus we have Jackson waiting for his shot. Carson to me would be nice, but I don't know if we can afford to sign him.
  5. See you there!! We have a party of 4 going from Cancun 🙌🏼 We ready to scream our longs out!
  6. Just got my tickets! Is there anything going on for Saturday night?
  7. Two weeks ago they were $5,120 I regret not buying them.
  8. Guy I´m about to buy my tickets but do you guys know if I have to be tested X days before de game at the stadium just like the Bills did? I would be traveling from Mexico so I just need to know if flying in tomorrow would be enough time to do it. I can´t find that info, please help!
  9. McD and the coaching staff are incapable of adjusting at half time.
  10. They both exceeded expectations. I was specially nervous with Murphy as he tends to lose contain on some plays but yesterday he was great. They play were he was 1v1 against Lamar was spectacular! He totally neutralize him. Phillips was really good too.
  11. Lamar can definitly take over a game, just like Allen can take over a game. The big difference in this game will be all about the Ds. Can the Bills D force Lamar be a passer and will they stop them if thats the case? Can the Ravens D force the Bills to run the ball and will they be able to stop the run or short passing game if thats the case? Thats why I didn´t want it to be a snow game, unfortunatly it affects the Bills a bit more.
  12. How sweet would that be?! Can you imagine wining the SB with a lastsecond, tackle-eligible TD toss to Dion Dawkins?!?!
  13. uFFF it certainly is a good question. This team has been taking monkeys off their backs like no other this season.I feel like there are more to come, like winning our first playoff game in forever, so facing Brady in the SB would be a great opportunity to take 2 big monkeys off our back with one shot, finally winning a SB and against our worst enemy for the past 2 decades. That would be like winning the football lottery!! But at the same time, I don´t know if that would have a negative effect and be in the players head too much and they could lose focus and not have a g
  14. Wow AJ Terrell just dropped a pick. That would have been it by KC
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