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  1. I sure hope so. Deep and intermediate crossing patterns like he did last year.
  2. I agree! Singletary would be a welcome addition as soon as he gets back. I think Duke helps, but mainly in the red zone, hope I´m wrong and he keeps playing like he did yesterday. I still think we could add a legit WR to help Brown out (Sanders). He has been our only real thret. Beasly is playing well, and helping the offense to move the chains, but thats all underneath stuff and it is not enough.
  3. I think we are missing more consisten play. Sometimes we are stoping our own drives. Opposite teams are dearing us to sustain long drives because last year we had a bunch of explosive plays. So we can´t afford to drop easy passes like Sweeny and Knox did yesterday. Those were drive killers.
  4. Thats certanly an interesting comment and BB is one of the better coaches identifing their oppoinents weknesses. If they had a hard time doing it against our D we should be fine. I´m sure our defense has a weak spot, I´m sure McD know this and they just make sure that when teams attack our weakness, every player makes up for it.
  5. Agree with all that! Thanks for your input. That would be nice to hear. How does he handle adversity and how the players react to what he has to say about the game.
  6. And the balance of the world gets restored!!
  7. I guess he had a concussion after not making the right call on that block punt...
  8. I´m very happy with 3-1. I was concerned about the Jets game, we dind´t know much about the team yet. I´m glad the D is ahead of what I thought it would be. Edmunds is better and will continue to get better. Milano is back at full power. The secondary is scary good. If they can start to add sacks we can be top 3. The offense is playing as I thought. Inconsistant is what comes to mind. Form top to bottom. Starting with Dabs, his playcalling has been ok for the must part. But he had horrible 3rd Quarters. Surprsingly, we were able to score on the Pats during the 3rd. Josh has given us the 4th q clutch play that we need, but he has been reckless with the football. I think we will need to learn to love that about him, as he will make some wow plays and some bonehead mistakes. The running game has been ok, not top notch, but efficient. Wide outs are making plays, but certanly some have to step up... yeah you know who I am talking about hehehe. O line need to give Allen better protection, but overall they are an up grade from last season. Giving the offense some time to gel, they can become a solid unit to close the season and if we are lucky the team can get hot at the end of the season, and those are the teams that can make some noice during the playoffs. Yes I said playoffs!
  9. One day I hope! I remembar when the Bills were line up to kick a filed goal and Moorman threw a sideline pass to a wide open Ryan Denney for a TD. Something like that against the Pats would make me extremely happy!
  10. Good take. So he normally finds the hot read and takes advantage of it.
  11. You think they just played a bad defense agiant the falcons and browns? 24 & 43 points are not gimmies, and they were away. 24+ points and you normally win a game. I´m not saying Mariota is good. I´m thinking the opponents had bad game plans against them. Falcons bltized a lot agiant Mariota, and they paid for it. That is why my question was "whats your game plan?" as a whole, not just Mariota. They have tall possession WR that can give trouble to Tre.
  12. I don´t know that, it certanly won´t be easy. They have play 3 out of 4 games away. I sure hope we are ready for battle come sunday. Sometimes this kind of lost has negative effect on teams. It was very emotional for the entire group. We will see how "mentaly tough" they are, this is something McD preaches a lot.
  13. Thanks, that is very good to know. Ocational but successful blitzing to creat plays, maybe turnovers. I like that.
  14. For starters, I do not know how often the Bills Blitz. I just think it was an interesting fact that was put out there about our next opponent. Some of the best plays the Bills have had against run or pass had been Blitzes, maybe because they don´t expected, but you have to check Poyer coming down the line and making plays behind the line, or Minano coming free against Brady (no call for grounding) but was a nice 3rd down stop by our D when blitzing Brady (one of the best agaisnt the blitz). Having said that, I rather discuss this than keep crying about last week lost or officiating or so on... not saying you are, but just discuss something different for a change.
  15. I couldn´t find the info. I think we seem to stack the box and only send 4 must of the time. But we seem to disguice who is coming and who is dropping very well and either Edmunds and Milano are very good in coverage so it is easy to know witch one plays the mike on any given play. Sometimes they send Edmunds and Milano manages the middle pretty well.
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