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  1. I would really like Green and Ngakoue. Pass on Conklin because he's too much of a douchebag. Aj Klein would fit in nicely. I'm in the re-sign Shaq Lawson camp. Of course, I would love to sign Hooper and Drake, but I think you can only afford one (assuming you plan to extend guys like White and Milano).
  2. We had zero defensive TDs and only one special teams TD. I would think that would be pretty hard to repeat as well.
  3. Hey Hammer can I still reserve one spot? Got some last minute tickets. thanks dan
  4. I like the classics, but something that makes me laugh will always get play. 12 Pains of CHristmas
  5. Honestly, posting this is crap. Russell has been a Bills supporter for decades, he would buy out the tickets just in time to lift a blackout (and donating the tixs to local charities), supporting and funding the Jills when they needed it, hosting a great party in Ft. Lauderdale every year before the Bills-Miami game and charging nothing to go....Russell is one of the all time good guys in Buffalo and deserves praise for his efforts over the years.
  6. I don't really understand why MLB added cocaine to that policy though. Just because? Seems counterintuitive to the stated goals of this policy.
  7. Glad he is getting dumped and I rarely say that about anyone.
  8. They dont have Shaw's means. But Shaw absolutely bribed the colleges in a similar fashion. I had no advisor so I had to find the electives myself or through my fraternity brothers knowledge to enhance that GPA.
  9. I don't have one any longer. But it sure came in handy when NYC had the blackout in like 2003. Nothing worked except the landlines. Cell phones did not work at all. I often wonder if I should get one just for emergency purposes.
  10. These people didn't bribe the colleges in the right way. This article about David Shaw shows how to bribe the colleges legally lol. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/09/david-e-shaw-college-donations.html
  11. The original Delmonicos in NYC is awesome. https://delmonicos.com/ As is Wollensky's grill in NYC. If you go on a Mon-Th, the bartender (Patty Ford) is a Buffalo guy and always willing to serve up a couple on the house. https://www.smithandwollenskynyc.com/wollenskys-grill/
  12. @Cle, @Pit will determine if they are 9-7, 10-6 or 11-5. It really could go any scenario.
  13. They were just promoting breast cancer awareness during a baseball game! #savesecondbase
  14. Atkins and Green Atkins and Green Atkins and Green Atkins and Green.... fingers really crossed....
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