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  1. I live in flip flops over the summer. Anytime I wear shorts, its with flip flops. I even wear them with dress pants when going for a casual dinner. For me, nothing is more comfortable as I have a bunion on the side of my foot so any time I can wear something that does not rub against it, its a score for me.
  2. The 4 game stretch late in the year of @ Dal, Ravens, @ Steelers, @ NE* has me very worried. That could be a 4 game losing streak. I can see 9-7 pretty well, but 10 wins is gonna be tricky.
  3. No roof. More games like these... http://www.angelfire.com/nv/billsthunder/2002GAME12.html
  4. Hells ya! Smokin hot and a nutcase generally equals terrific in bed
  5. I mean...she did have a hot ass...I would have drank beer outta that crack. lol
  6. Ohhh...they are! Yes, yes they are!
  7. Go to Southside and bar hop. Go here for a beer. https://churchbrew.com/ Grab a Primanti Sandwich...prob after bar hopping in southside https://primantibros.com/ Get a Sandwich at Fatheads (the Southside slopes was rated #5 sandwich in America by Maxim a few years back and its awesome) http://fatheads.com/pgh-menu.html
  8. Andujar is the worst fielding 3B in the league in his rookie year. Thats very true. Its also very true that the player Andujar is most compared to, Adrian Beltre, was the worst fielding 3B his rookie year as well. He went on to win 5 gold gloves and will likely be a HoFer within 3 years of his eligibility. Not sayin Andjuar is Beltre but players can improve. Sanchez had a bad year. No doubt. 2016-2017 were great years for him. I won't crucify a young C for a bad year, especially if he bounces back. Severino has a shoulder problem I think. 2017 and 1/2 of 2018 were terrific. I do not know if Sevy bounces back without surgery, but I would not call him a bust. "Homegrown" talent, in my view, doesnt just mean drafted talent. It can also mean young and unproven talent acquired from other organizations via trade. That would include Hicks, Didi, Gleybar Torres, Voit and Clint Frazier. All will be contributors this year and for many years beyond. I do believe Bird will become a good player, but he may need to get out of NY for it to happen. Which is a shame because I thought Bird could have been the best of the bunch. Judge is simply Judge and a beast.
  9. I always hope for a Bisons-Yankees affiliation. Wont happen, but would be awesome if it did
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