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  1. I enjoy the use of the word embiggen. It's a perfectly cromulent word
  2. But, if someone puts in a claim, the player can still be elevated to the 53 and kept, right? (Of course after making room for them.)
  3. What kind of pie? Your choice or do you let the player choose?
  4. I just looked it up since i wondered, he scored a 20.
  5. Trying to sneak a kicker onto the PS is how they lost Dustin Hopkins. Chase McLaughlin was waived at the end of training camp and picked up within 24 hours, my guess is the same thing happened. Beane commented in one of his conference calls (late Sunday call?) that Bass sat down with a psychologist or similar in the Bills organization for an hour or so before the draft. So, there's that. ?
  6. You mean The Polish Cannon. "The Polish Pounder" was a movie I was in in College.
  7. "Now, Johnny Unitas...there's a haircut you could set your watch to..."
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