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  1. I looked and the topic was moved to the ppp forum. I wasn't meaning it to be political. Just pointing out that Florida is open to sports teams, and consider them essential services.
  2. I posted how Florida was open to host teams in lockdown yesterday and was downvoted and deleted. Hopefully the Billls can rehab some old injuries at least. OUR Bills need pre season assessment done and cannot sit around while other teams are doing the same. Go Bills!
  3. RIP just saw him on TV yesterday on a old show.
  4. I make those too. But use some of the ham for ham salad with horseradish.
  5. I just noticed the buffalofoods.com website is closed. Hope it's just a temporary thing.
  6. wonder how the cow brains in gravy ended up? LOL.... Oldest stuff I've consumed was 3 year expired hot sauce. Didn't make me sick but that stuff was HOT. Used to work with some guys in the Fire Dept that would eat expired stuff including moldy cheese from the garbage can. LOL
  7. Reminds me of the Bills vs Niners game many years ago with no punts..
  8. Why does this this remind me of the thread "What's the oldest thing you ever eaten?" In TBD fashion. Someone replied. "My Wife". LMAO
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