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  1. Not bad. Some beach erosion, reports of a few trees down. No reports of structural damage. I don't even think they lost power out there. I worked as a Firefighter out on the Island for 20+ years. This storm wasn't anywhere near a Frances, Jeanne, or Wilma. Although things were looking much worse. Feel really bad for those folks in the Bahamas though. Wow, total devestation.
  2. Our beaches did okay can here Dean. It as crazy watching that thing sit there for over a day as a cat 5 and knowing it was only about 100 miles from us down here in Jensen Beach. Tuesday night I let my dogs out in between bands and heard the hurricane hunters plane flying over. Hadn't heard air traffic for several days so I knew it was them.
  3. Why is Kraperneck relative? Too much baggage and controversy for us.
  4. I rarely post. But Scott has done an amazing job with this site. I go way back to the Bills BB on Prodigy. Pre internet days. Best site there is. On a side note Shaw66 how awesome would it be to have a game on a local high school stadium like "Field of dreams" ?
  5. I haven't played Madden online for the past couple years. I'll wait to see if they update and fix this year's Bills before buying it. Thanks for the info.
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