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  1. Was that Beasley on the sidelines yesterday with a red sweatshirt on?
  2. Was that Beasley they kept showing around the bench with a red sweatshirt on today?
  3. Barry Sanders was fun to watch. Too bad he was on the Lions....
  4. Cat 1 or TS I don't worry. FPL has done a lot of work to upgrade their lines. Though their trimming is lacking. That's the only problem I see. I've got a generator, hopefully don't have to use it.
  5. I know... Its like Jeanne in 04. Did a complete circle and hit me 3 weeks after Francis.
  6. Week and a half ago I went to my cabin in the NC mountains. Next morning the remnants of that Gulf Hurricane hit and we lost power for 3 days.(thank god I have a generac) Came back to Florida last night and getting lashed by a Tropical storm..LOl
  7. Several things I went through when buying my house. Views, activities nearby, peace and quiet, good neighbors, escape the summer heat but still have 4 seasons, no or low homeowners association fee, good water, decent taxes., close to town, within an hour of Interstate highway, and commercial airport. Franklin/Highlands/Cashiers/Glenville fit those criteria. Ok. May get afternoon thunderstorms in summer, but make plans around it and you're good. There's a ski area in Sapphire, and you're not far from Maggie Valley to enjoy snow sports. If from Atlanta area its convenient. Plus can still drive
  8. My house is at 3500 feet, its a 20 minute drive to Franklin. It's 10 degrees cooler than town too. We looked at Asheville, Blowing Rock and Boone. My son lives near there in Lenoir. Sylva and Waynesville are nice areas too. Franklin is less expensive, lots of activities, and only a couple hours drive from Atlanta, and 1 hour to Asheville. Check out Bald head Realty. He's a good realtor if your interested.
  9. We have a house in Franklin, we get summertime afternoon thunderstorms like Florida. But its not bad. Cashiers and Glenville areas are nice foo.
  10. Fires

    Car Lots

    We were looking at getting a newer model Yukon or Suburban since Dec. Preferably a used one. Nothing really in our price range. The only new ones were way over priced. In July we found a dealer with a used 2019 Suburban, former rental. 40k miles on it but well maintained. I asked them about a new one and they said it would have to be a 2021 due to factories being off work and no no 2020_Models like I wanted available. They had bought this one off Enterprise. My trade in was bought by Blue Book and not the dealer. Also major car auctions were shut down at the time. Not a lot of cars available t
  11. Only change would be Booing for kneeling.. Me among them..
  12. Same stuff exploded in Texas City Texas back in the 40's. Killed 8500 people
  13. Slavery does exist today... But now it's called human trafficking. It involves all races.
  14. Didn't Hitler enslave the Jews to do work for Nazi Germany during WWII?
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