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  1. Fires

    CB Ryan Lewis Activated from Practice Squad

    Kid has some good history. Hope he can do us some good at CB.
  2. Good to see Bob Lamb mentioned. He and I attended many games together. Hey... We were told last year that this was a rebuilding season. We hopefully have our QB and can build a O- line around him, and get our DL going. Kyle stuck around for a reason... He gets it..
  3. Fires

    Was this the worst

    Maybe we'll win the bye week....
  4. GO Bills... We do good when we are the under dogs.
  5. Fires

    R. I. P. Burt Reynolds - Gone at 82

    Working for the FD I got to see him several times when he was filming locally. Really nice guy. RIP Burt.
  6. N C Mountains are nice. I bought a house up there before I retired 4 years ago. Waiting on the wife to retire to make the move. Been in Florida past 30+yrs. Land and houses still reasonable. You get all 4 seasons, mild winters, close to major areas like Atlanta and Charlotte. Plenty of stuff to see and do.
  7. FredEx. I don't believe this story but Freddie still has some gas in his tank.