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  1. Me thinky this is our home blowout of the year. Perfect scenario with a rookie qb
  2. @ Bengals, @ Cardinals, @ Jets, and at home against the Browns team that just beat them will not be easy whatsoever. That is not a cake schedule for a team that is as injured as them and with Rudolph as QB. Every single one of those games will be close. Will not be surprised to see Cinci get their only win of the season against them next week.
  3. bro chill... 10-6 will get us in and the Steelers aren't winning out with all those injuries
  4. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to them choking next week lol
  5. Broncos has their hearts ripped out today. I don’t see them recovering next week.
  6. Why are we running sideline routes with McKenzie? The middle of the field has been open all day.
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