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  1. This original post is filled with so much, “who gives af.” He’s probably a Seattle fan who got a Bills Lynch Jersey when he was on the Seahawks. Either way, who gives af?
  2. I think it’s a name that just stuck. No reason to my knowledge. Kinda like ‘Chad’ for a guy.
  3. Welcome to the internet. Karen is the stereotype of a middle aged woman who asks for the manager when something doesn’t go her way.
  4. It was 100% a Karen who didn’t get to talk to the manager
  5. A picture has surfaced of the civilian who reported Ed Oliver to the police... Thanks Karen
  6. I feel like he already looks remorseful and knew how bad he messed up. This doesn’t necessarily say anything about Ed’s character. What will be more telling is how he bounces back from this. I know some people that have made a bad mistake and unfortunately received a DUI/DWI. They’re not bad people because of one choice, but they’re rather naive, self absorbed, and irrational when they make that decision. Let’s hope the big guy can mature and grow from this.
  7. You realize that they aren’t all white, right? And the Bills current unis are phenomenal. Why mess with one of the NFL’s best?
  8. Why do the numbers look like icing from a bakery?
  9. As long as they don’t flex the SNF out I’m ok with this. Buffalo deserves a Sunday or Monday night at home.
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