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  1. I'm growing pretty tired of bad weather affecting our football team. It's not an advantage by any means. We need a retractable roof stadium.
  2. It’s the whole psyche factor that goes along with it. What about my post is “troll?”
  3. A dominant victory against the team that has destroyed you for the last near 20 years would be HUGE
  4. They were indeed. They can change recent history, the present and future with a big win next Sunday. Leave it all in the past. Will they? History says no, but optimism rings hope.
  5. Let’s face it 5-2 feels great, but there’s reason for skepticism all over the place. An honest fan knows and can feel this. From the horrid run defense and suspect pass defense for all but one half of a game this season, to the minimal conventional running attack, to the conservative coaching strategy to constantly play not to lose. Even Josh has given off an aura of uncertainty the past three weeks. I’m both a diehard Bills fan and a realist. I root for this team passionately, if not too passionately per my wife, and throughout 30+ years of emotional investment I’ve learned nothing surprises me when it comes to the Bills. Call it BBFS, call it whatever you want. With all this being said, I believe next week’s game at home against the Pats* presents an opportunity that Buffalo has not had for roughly 2+ decades. Following the Pats blowout loss today, this is the Bills moment to take control of this division with an emphatic win and show that this is your division for the next extended amount of time. It’s your moment to show that the East goes through Buffalo now. I don’t care about these past seven weeks. I don’t care about a suspect defense, questionable coaching decisions at times, and an offense that couldn’t reach the end zone against an 0-6 defense. That’s in the past. I care about the Bills putting a beat down on NE and seizing control of this division and announcing themselves as legit for the rest of the year. I care about the Bills realizing how damn good they can be if they play like sharks who smell blood in the water. An emphatic win and dominate effort on both sides of the ball will put everything that I’ve doubted about this team the past few weeks behind me. If you’re McD and Co. you have to put the most complete game plan you've ever had in Buffalo and go for the jugular right from the start. This is the biggest chance to make a statement and the biggest Bills game in recent memory. This is your moment, Buffalo Bills.
  6. Anyone listening to postgame? Did McD take control of defensive play calling?
  7. Why not line up under center with your gigantic QB. Sneak twice the game is over
  8. Here we go again... offense with a chance to win the game
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