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  1. Lol I was getting ready to say the same thing. I was thinking to myself that there was no way the Tyrod Rex games was already that long ago where we would be at Seattle again.
  2. Take into consideration where Lynch was raised and his childhood. You will never understand what he grew up like, but you can at least try. If you try then you can at least try to understand the other perspective. Most of us, including myself, live with so much privilege we don't even realize it.
  3. Take your salt somewhere else. Sounds like you're a bitter fan from when he left the Bills. Your ignorance is showing. Ahhhh because you have never committed a sin or done wrong in your life? Once again, your ignorance is showing
  4. Marshawn IS an extremely smart and intelligent man. Anyone disagreeing based off him speaking like he's from a bad area in Oakland is being ignorant. Marshawn was never dealt the best hand, but he has done far more than people who we're initially dealt better hands.
  5. Yea man... unfortunately, but I don’t help as I watch every game I can. it’s like a drug... ugh
  6. Yet Clowney got nothing for his hit on Wentz... I swear the NFL is trying to test people’s patience and daring people to stop watching
  7. I understand them just fine and I appreciate your concern. The problem is shelling out a 100m contract on 5 years for Yannick. I don't know what your guarantee number is here, but bottom line is you pay for the contract somewhere. Players are all about the guaranteed number these days. That's a ll that matters. If you front load a deal then you sometimes create a scenario where players are holding out or effort completely tails off because their contract drops off. Are you prepared to front load a contract with somewhere around 60-70m in guarantees for Yannick?
  8. Winston is going to get 25+ mill a year. It will never happen. You know the NFL works with a salary cap, right? NO
  9. I appreciate the analysis and there are some good spots on this breakdown, but damn I'm happy you're not the negotiator for contracts. You'd put us in a dead money situation worse than Doug Whaley.
  10. His ability to get sidetracked is hilariously great. The tangent on babies was great.
  11. A question he will never answer. Anything to protect the shield.
  12. Don’t know if it was posted, but Feliciano and Ferguson were tweeting how it was a bs call
  13. I like Tee Higgins over Shenault because he has proven it in the spotlight more. However... I'll make my decision after free agency
  14. McDermott feels the same way as all of us... He just can't say it publicly.
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