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  1. Ertz is going to get cut. Eagles are in salary cap hell. Screw giving them a draft pick. Sign him in FA
  2. Dude is making 30 million a year. Josh has more to prove to get into Mahomes contract territory. How about you pump the breaks a little bit.
  3. Feliciano was off yesterday. He hasn't made a career of getting rag dolled.
  4. I agree and that's why I'd like to see Feliciano go to Center and cut ties at this point with Morse.
  5. Agreed, man. Sometimes the moment just seems too big. I don't think it will always be like that and he'll mature and grow from it, but you can see the unease in his eyes and emotions in big spots sometimes.
  6. We're not trading high draft capital like that. So end your fantasy right now. And I don't even think we have a 4th because of the Diggs trade. The only way we'd sign them is if they're cap casualties.
  7. The crazy thing about watching JA is I feel from the get go with the demeanor and look in his eyes if he's feeling the jitters in a game. I can't tell you it's 100% accurate, but I can tell you that he looked unsettled from the get go yesterday.
  8. Would like to see the following return: - Milano at a reasonable rate - Norman at vet min - Feliciano and Daryl Williams. Move on from Morse - Yeldon and Jones - McKenzie and Roberts
  9. He deserves nothing more than Ryan Tannehill’s contract right now. If we can get it done for that I’m on board. If not let him play out his remaining two years.
  10. Nothing mattered. They couldn’t stop the Chiefs and they didn’t even try to do anything different to do so. Changing one or all of those plays wouldn’t have changed this game to a W. Buffalo... coaching staff and personnel both were not ready for the moment of an AFC championship.
  11. Yup... he’s lookin at Tannehill type money right now. I think the smart franchise thing would be to continue to make him prove it and play out his last two years of his contract.
  12. I get it, but disagree. Felt like they played not to lose. Completely gutless showing.
  13. This is the only correct response. Peak example was when he and Hill were wide open on the final TD. Absurd defense.
  14. IMO... this team is a reflection of the coaching staff. They preach process, process, process. And that’s cool and all... look I love McD and I think this staff has done a great job to get the team where it is today. He adapts after he reviews tape and has time to digest, but this staff severely lacks in-game adjustments. Maybe McD and co are great Monday-Saturday coaches, but they lack on game day. I was smh many times at the passive conservativeness today and stubbornness to stay the course. We showed no guts or passion today. Much like everyone else, I wanted to bang my head through a w
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