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  1. I don’t think Dean is there, but if he makes it to 25 he’s the easy pick. He’s everything we want Edmunds to be.
  2. It def was Yannick's list. He sold himself out when he spelt his name correct.
  3. The Bills have a great regular season defense. Can’t play well in big moments when all the chips are on the table though.
  4. Sign Chandler Jones, fire Leslie Frazier and hire Vic Fangio. Good place to start.
  5. You HAVE to adapt a new defensive scheme and completely re-work the line. Fire Frazier and hire Fangio.
  6. I agree. Ppl can spare me with the "always next year," and "we will be back" crap. Defense needs a complete rework. The pass rush, DB performance, and conservativeness destroyed this team's chance to win a SB. Josh was locked in this postseason and we cannot expect him to be that good every post-season.
  7. I can’t believe we didn’t squib quick and I can’t believe the defense sold the game so hard. Number 1 regular season defense means NOTHING if you cannot do it in the biggest moments. Frazier and his conservative scheme has to go.
  8. Wonder if Hyde and Poyer are embarrassed.
  9. We gained a measly 20 yards by punting and have the ball back to a team that’s punted once. Bills don’t have the balls, literally.
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