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  1. Good thing we’ll be playing on the road in the playoffs! 😉
  2. hopefully not the same result!
  3. Miami has some really nice pieces on offense in Parker and Gesicki, and Flores seems competent. I’m more worried about them next year at this point than I am the Jets — they’ll make good use of some of those many picks.
  4. This is incredible. Thanks for sharing. For some reason, I'm thrilled to know not only that this guy is apparently still around, but that he ended up in one of the most docile professions I can think of. Guy has a YouTube channel teaching you more about blinds than you ever wanted to know. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKEXetCNQndd9ZBtP8ejOSg I wonder if he knows he's a folk hero to so many Bills fans.
  5. Loving the quick pace despite Archuleta’s annoying objection. Allen needs rhythm
  6. Devin fumbles will treat us all to plenty of Gore up the middle I see
  7. Browns offense so tough to watch. Crowd has sounded ready to riot all game
  8. Thank God for that penalty. Saved Daboll from himself, running on 3rd and 8, sheesh
  9. Driving home from watching the game and listening to the Pats home radio broadcast on 1280AM in Rochester. Scott Zolak is absolutely the worst homer in the league and I hope a terrible harm befalls him
  10. Nice of Belichick to leave his old QB in to take some meaningless hits
  11. Watching Gregggg get embarrassed does take some of the sting out
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