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  1. Mike Evans ran 4.53 - I'll withhold judgment for now.
  2. The curse of John Elway and not taking Josh in 2018.
  3. Trading Diggs just solidifies Beane taking WR in the 1st round and possibly moving up to do so - unless he's playing 4-D chess with a trade coming to replace Diggs.
  4. Isn't 31 mil in dead cap a cap nightmare ?
  5. Meanwhile at Mile High, the Broncos ride with Jarrett Stidham instead of trading for Fields.
  6. And the QB musical chairs continues - who's the odd man out ?
  7. Never trust a QB who wears a glove on his throwing hand
  8. I'm shocked - Sam Darnold is not going to reincarnate himself as Baker Mayfield and lead the Vikings to glory ?
  9. Zach Wilson to Denver if he'll wear #3 - think of the money saved on unis.
  10. As long as the Chiefs punt often, go ahead and punt the crap out it.
  11. I won't be surprised to see the Bears keep Fields and draft MH2
  12. It's likely a combination of factors including mental illness, availability of firearms, social media, feelings of persecution or wanting to belong, revenge, no perception of the consequences, lack of respect for the sanctity of human life, politicization, etc. No easy solution.
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