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  1. Favorite line in the article is "Allen was a top 3 quarterback last season. I expect him to stay in the top 5 range in 2021 as the intimidating leader of one of the best and most electric teams in the NFL." It's great to be on the other side of the equation whereby the Bills starting QB is an intimidating figure for the opposition.
  2. Build a world class aquarium while you are at it....cannot understand how sad the Falls aquarium is....
  3. I'll try to find out more about how this went down.
  4. His house in OP is on the market, so it is likely.
  5. Oh boy - following the NBA in game experience model. It will be an assault on your senses.
  6. He hasn't said it publicly, but this is his last season.
  7. Won't have to worry about Lee Smith - he is retiring.
  8. Needs for next year, in no particular order - edge rusher, DT, RB, ILB
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