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  1. Others that were around him have been tested. I only spoke with him via telephone.
  2. Fair enough. I am aware of the "high level meetings" guy. I am a straight shooter so maybe I was taken aback by your comments - I am connected with a few of the guys in the locker room and I wouldn't BS anyone on this message board. I'll post if I get any more info from D. Knox. Btw, He loves Buffalo and was glad he was drafted by the Bills - he thought it was going to be the Patriots. Go BILLS!
  3. Your sarcasm sucks. Just passed a message along of what he told me. Take it for what it's worth. I know him.
  4. I spoke with him last night. He told me he would be good to go for Sunday.
  5. Keep Zimmer in the lineup and rotate Oliver to DE. They are getting little production there - couldn't hurt.
  6. Anyone else seeing some deep opportunities on the outside that are being missed due to the short stuff underneath?
  7. Thanks for sharing this link. Very informative and extremely interesting!
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