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  1. Robert Kraft has a lot of contacts in Florida. LOVE YOU ALL DAY GI, FIVE DOLLA!
  2. A lot of the seafood/fish imported from S America has a lot more than weights inside. Not unusual to find cocaine inside frozen fish.
  3. Not especially weird but, Worked as a Toll Collector at the Peace Bridge, 2 summers. Toll was 25 cents. Had to separate US from Canadian quarters, and roll them too. That was back when the Hunt Bros. were "trying to corner" the silver market. Some US quarters were still silver, but the Canadian coins were mostly all still silver. Some of the "old" guys used to take the silver quarters out of the rolls and replace them with the composite coins. I was young & poor, going to college and couldn't afford to do that but I often wondered if they made anything, in doing that? There used to be quite a rush when people were trying to make it to Ft Erie race track, for the start of the races.
  4. Would those unusual helmets, used in camp, have prevented this? If so, when will they be introduced?
  5. Crossing myself that our running game shows up.
  6. Here's the weather forecast for Baltimore/Sunday. Looks like everyone may be hydrated! Day 64°Hi RealFeel® 60° Cool RealFeel Shade™ 59° Cool 10/2 Some rain from Tropical Rainstorm Ian Max UV Index1 Low WindNE 16 mph Wind Gusts27 mph Probability of Precipitation91% Probability of Thunderstorms11% Precipitation0.19 in Rain0.19 in Hours of Precipitation3 Hours of Rain3 Cloud Cover97% Morning Afternoon
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/tom-brady-empathizes-bills-coach-meltdown-one-throwing-temper-tantrums
  8. The way our people are getting banged up, it could happen.
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