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  1. Marv's Neighbor

    Best Museums in Buffalo

    It’s a crying shame Buffalo demolished the Larkin Adminstration Building in 1950... Add to that; The Erie County Savings Bank, Grosvenor Library, Bethlehem Steel admin building, etc.
  2. Marv's Neighbor

    10 draft picks - Gotta trade up

    The Draft is too speculative to EVER trade up. WE should "suffer" at #9, or deal down for more picks.
  3. Maybe the NFL would swap Carolina for Miami in AFC East?
  4. Marv's Neighbor

    Hungry for a Slim Jim?

    Stocking up for the Draft?
  5. Marv's Neighbor

    Rob Gronkowski Dents Lombardi Trophy with Bunt

    Has Bob Kraft used it for anything?
  6. You're right! They take your picture, when your log/boat comes down that last big hill. It got the name Flash Mountain because many of the women used to raise their tops for the picture. I, on the other hand, had both hands locked around whatever bar device was there. If Crystal Beach had that, maybe they'd still be there?
  7. About 20 years ago we were at Disneyland when the ride Splash Mountain was new. It had an easy 2hr line to get to the ride. I asked my wife, how many people here in line have any idea the theme of this ride? No way to answer that, BUT!!!!! Zipaadeedooah!
  8. Marv's Neighbor

    Kraft Prosecution Must Be a Patriots Hater !!

    Any hanging chads showing??
  9. Marv's Neighbor

    Bills have 3rd easiest schedule (based on roster?)

    This got my attention till I noticed who had it "better" than us!
  10. Marv's Neighbor

    Kraft Prosecution Must Be a Patriots Hater !!

    Justice is supposed to be blind.
  11. Marv's Neighbor

    License Plate Question...The Wire

    IF we decode it, and it's not nice, they may need to pixel it out.
  12. Marv's Neighbor

    The Amazing Race

    One of my former Docs told me that it tasted so bad that he chased it with Gin....then threw up!
  13. Marv's Neighbor

    Buffalo Bar Crawl

    Don't forget Uber.
  14. Marv's Neighbor

    The Amazing Race

    Ever lost that one??
  15. I'm waiting for Song of the South.