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  1. Come down to central Virginia. They are everywhere! Couple years ago, we were in Germany. Asked a tour guide how they manage to keep the deer away from their beautiful flowers, because they eat mine right down to the ground. Her answer: "Ve shoot them!" There are a lot of sausage stands in Germany, and very little road kill noticed.
  2. With a happy ending! Hope someone stepped up and adopted the cat. Gotta call it hurricane.
  3. There was that and he often made fun of Hillary too. All very funny, at the time, but "offended" the big guys/donors.
  4. As I recall, he was fired from SNL because he was making jokes about OJ. At that time, OJ was tight with one/some of the NBC big shots and he went crying to them.
  5. Both Cleveland & us lost conference games yesterday. They could matter a lot at the end of the season, if tie breakers are involved.
  6. Thanks for posting. We have visited Shankesville PA, and the Pentagon, but just can't bring myself to go to ground zero yet. RIP all the innocent souls!
  7. Best of luck with him. We lost Golden Retriever # 6 last October. Wife says "no more dogs," but I'm still looking.
  8. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
  9. IF you're from Buffalo, you already know it's POP. not soda!
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