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  1. Met OJ at BUF airport when he was a rookie. He was not running then. Magic Johnson at Chicago O'Hare in 80 or 81.
  2. No Mt Rushmore till we actually win something.
  3. Those are great! Never forget!
  4. Try it our on the NFL Ref's who are assigned to all future BILLS games. If it works, make it retroactive to "No Goal" & "Music City Miracle."
  5. Freight is shipped/charged by weight & size. They weigh it and then measure it and whichever rate is the highest is what you pay. Is this assembled, or in pieces? Is it packaged/boxed? There could be so many variables here that you may be looking at a 1500 mile road trip. If you have any connections with any antique or furniture stores, ask them how to do it. They are always sending/receiving odd size large pieces and know who/how to contact shippers.
  6. Didn't say if they saved her face mask.
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