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  1. Marv's Neighbor

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    Any fool would know that Chicago is NOT MAGA country. What a dumbas*!
  2. Marv's Neighbor

    Steve Tasker is horrible on One Bills Live

    Nobody is good at Everything! I'm well out of range to hear him, but I'd give him a break!
  3. Marv's Neighbor

    Bills to play one of their preseason games in Charlotte

    Who will be the HOME team?
  4. Marv's Neighbor

    From Rich Stadium to the Ralph

    I liked the one where they were clearing ice off the field, for a Dec 73 game against the Cheatriots. Oh, by the way, the BILLS routinely won that. We may have been O for the 70's against Miami but we did beat the Cheatriots back in the day!
  5. Marv's Neighbor

    Bills fans and why the love of Blue Collar teams?

    Exactly! I left in 1970, and most of the industry and plants are now long gone! Blue Collar is a label that does not fit anymore.
  6. Marv's Neighbor

    Do kids play outside where you live?

    They mostly stay inside and exercise their thumbs.
  7. Marv's Neighbor

    LA Times ranks the fast food french fries

    French Fries in LA?? Nothing about nachos?
  8. Marv's Neighbor

    Las vegas

    Take warm clothes, for the times you're not in the Sports Book. They had snow last night, and once the sun sets on the desert, it gets unbelievably cold there, during the winter months.
  9. How long is this going to drag on?
  10. Marv's Neighbor

    New Anchor Bar (Frederick MD)

    I think the Mall must offer them low rent? Anchor bit, and got a facility that didn't suit them. I don't know if the mall is dying. It never seemed to "catch on," but it's still there?
  11. Marv's Neighbor

    New Anchor Bar (Frederick MD)

    The Richmond location was in the Stony Point Fashion Park. Saks 5th Ave, many nice restaurants etc., but too far removed from I-95 & i-64.
  12. Marv's Neighbor

    40 years ago today

    Was that wagon used in the movie Vacation?
  13. Marv's Neighbor

    New Anchor Bar (Frederick MD)

    Stony Point seems to be OK for the more "upscale" restaurants, but the Anchor Bar may have had a fighting chance if it was somewhere in the Short Pump area. As usual, nobody asked us!
  14. Marv's Neighbor

    RIP Bruno Ganz

  15. Marv's Neighbor

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    3 on the tree!