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  1. I remember, Virginia in the 70's, when they were $2 a carton.
  2. Ever heard of the Puget Sound Convergence zone? It's Seattle's version of Lake effect snow. The Pacific Low pressure weather systems come in off the Pacific, and when they reach the Olympic Mountains, tend to split. Some energy ends up entering around Everett WA and some runs in over the Olympia WA area. It's difficult to forecast how much energy will go in which direction but they tend to "converge" in the Seattle/Tacoma areas, hence the drizzle & fog. Olympia gets much more fog than Seattle because of their location relative to the Olympics. Frequently this convergence is accompanied by temperature inversions. That causes all the pollution/fog/smoke etc. to get trapped between the ground and the base of the system. When that happens, mostly winter, December is worst, they cam have fog for weeks at a time. Always seems to hit around the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons causing problems with the holiday travel. During the temp. inversions King County has a "burn ban." When that's in effect you can't use your wood burning fireplace unless it's your only source of heat. Get caught, get fined $$. Washington is not called the Evergreen State for nothing. Everything gets plenty of precip., much more frequently during all the seasons except Summer. It's evergreen between the coast and the Cascade Mountains. E of the mountains it's mostly dry high desert till you get to the Idaho panhandle. Can't comment on Portland, never lived there. Balderdash????
  3. Apartments/townhouses? Laughing Sal? Grand Island Bridges on gameday!
  4. How happy will you be with the $30 fix? Probably Not worth putting $200 in either. I like Plenz's Costco idea. Look at their site and see what they have that you like. BestBuy is another option.
  5. If the airlines would remove the last row of seats, on all types, and give people a little more leg room, maybe this "problem" would go away. On the other hand, why not just disable the recline feature from the seats. If people are too immature to properly manage it, just take it away. Not sure it would be missed.
  6. Seeing the way he dresses, have to say YES!
  7. What will they look like with their comp New Era hats?
  8. Having lived in Seattle for 17 years, 10 months of drizzle & fog, followed by fog & drizzle are more than enough to at least consider killing yourself. There are a LOT of alcoholics and suicides there. We left in 2003, well before the whole place went to hell. August and September are beautiful!
  9. He's now in witness protection. We only think he's dead!
  10. School districts exist on OPM (other people's money). If they "pony up," they will pass the pony on to you.
  11. Because we are having an unseasonably warm/wet winter, I expect them to be unbearable this summer. Along with fleas, and other biting annoyances. When we lived in Seattle, our house backed up to a "storm accumulation reservoir." It accumulated run off rain water and, being in Seattle, it got very full during the winter, That was a perfect breeding ground for mosquito's. Starting In the spring, we used to see many little grey swallow type birds. Great to watch, as they flew around the yard, and they were picking mosquito's out of the air. Never had any mosquito problems, thanks to those birds. Wish I had a lot of them here, they would be very happy.
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