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  1. Never said we were going to get "anything" for him but he could still be shopped.
  2. Yes, he looked good. An improvement over last season's play. BUT, I couldn't shake the feeling that the BILLS may be "showcasing" him for a trade?
  3. That almost happened. This plane was ferrying to BUF to originate a team charter, after a BILLS game. https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19741201-1
  4. Makes perfect sense since Wisconsin is America's Dairy land.
  5. When coaches are challenging plays to "test" the pass interference enforcement rules, the league may have introduced a rule(s) that's not ready to be part of games?
  6. The OSHA guy just had a COW!
  7. His name is often used at our BILLS bar. Usually along with a slap on the forehead!
  8. 2 hours of hell, in our heat/humidity. If I paid someone I wouldn't be satisfied with their job, so do it myself.
  9. Happy Birthday Paul! Enjoyed watching you play but enjoyed your and Tom Sestak's bar even more.
  10. He won the bean eating contest, right next door to Nathan's. Never sit behind, or downwind of him! Leaves a BIG carbon footprint too!
  11. Too bad What's My Line isn't on TV anymore.
  12. Do our leaders follow this crap, or is it just something that's "handed down" for the masses but ignored by them?
  13. Could have turned out differently if you were only coached by the famous Ryan Brothers.
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