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  1. I don t "fix sh*t" unless it's broken! No problems are no problems!;
  2. I love the BILLS, been a fan since the franchise began, but I never considered not going to work, because of a game.
  3. Wegmans has them, IF, you live near one. Not home made, or "old family" but pretty doable.
  4. So was "the wave," but that eventually faded. No 12th man for BUF.
  5. Just make "mental bets." then I just lose my mind!
  6. I know it's 6 days away but Accuweather is saying HI 29 LO 22 for game day. The Colts are a dome team so; let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
  7. The Dolfellons site said he missed practice yesterday, but no reason was given. No Fitz and maybe some snow on Sunday, is the "curse" finally broken?
  8. All that $$$ for a hi-tech scoreboard and you can't use it?? I get the focus thing but this may be a little too much!
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