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  1. I miss losing about as much as I miss chemo.
  2. Just curious. Was the christening wretched? Or was the baby wretched. 😉
  3. There are some interesting matchups. I'll be bouncing around the following games, mostly to see which teams look promising and which ones don't. As it's the first game of the season, any given win or loss might not be that meaningful. But it will still be interesting, if only to see what the Bills' opponents look like. Steelers v. Bengals Pats v. Dolphins Jags v. Washington Giants v. Titans Raiders v. Chargers Pack v. Vikings
  4. Some advice or observations, please. I enjoy the Cover 1 videos but wonder if subscribing to its "premium content" is worth it. It's $57 a year, which is not a burdensome amount. But if the site is more sizzle than steak, that $57 might be better spent at the liquor store. Thoughts?
  5. This is me at my most caustic and cynical, but I don't think his family is a high priority for him.
  6. Earlier today I was thinking about Ezra Castro a/k/a "Pancho Billa." I'm sorry he can't be with us to savor the excitement.
  7. Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce, Garlic Broccolini, I'll think of the appropriate rice side between now and then. Of course, I'll be done with dinner by the time the game starts, so I'll probably snack on dill pickle potato chips or carrot sticks (w/blue cheese). And plenty of pinot grigio.
  8. I answered a question. If you don't like my answer, tough beans. And by the way, have you ever heard of apostrophes?
  9. I answered a question. If my answer bothers you, then tough beans.
  10. Because one can be a fan without exhibiting signs of OCD.
  11. I'm not mad. It happened. I had no control over the outcome of the game. My life doesn't depend on what happens with my favorite teams. What makes me made is when my family and friends die before their time. What makes me mad is social injustice, including racism. As for 13 seconds: It was a game. Get over it. Move on.
  12. Was it Marv Levy who said "all coaches are hired to be fired"? Regardless, the statement is true.
  13. John Madden's been dead since December 2021. He dug up those quotes from some long-ago story.
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