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  1. An interesting story in the Washington Post. It doesn't add a lot by way of analysis (or at least what most fans already recognize), but the fact that the topic is being discussed is significant: "The deluge of incompetence and/or surrender poses a threat to the product. The league is littered with terrible teams that have either given up hope or dropped the delusion they had any to begin with. Those teams, time and again over the next eight weeks, will pollute the schedule. Ready for Giants-49ers on Monday night?" Has the league killed the goose that laid the golden eggs? https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2018/11/06/nfl-gap-between-haves-have-nots-is-growing-wider/?utm_term=.4db00ca19b77
  2. notwoz

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    Because he shouldn't have been signed in the first place.
  3. Byline on the story says Dennis Waszak Jr. Not John Wawrow.
  4. notwoz

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Just Plain Bad

    Excellent post-mortem.
  5. notwoz

    Someone should be fired. Simple

    Be glad you weren't around to watch them in the '70s and early '80s
  6. notwoz

    First half: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    I just turned on the news, because it is less depressing than watching the Bills.
  7. Personally, I've grown to enjoy the CFL in recent years, whenever I could catch a game on one of the ESPN channels. I could see myself rooting for the Hamilton Ti-Cats or Edmonton Eskimos. Unfortunately, the coverage is spotty here in Virginia. Still hoping to catch the Grey Cup.
  8. notwoz

    ESPN MNF Countdown Crew/ Pre-game coverage

    And the final score showing another blowout of the bills.
  9. It is about the culture. And he passed five times ... THEN TOOK HIM. GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Well, maybe these other coaches have the "same" philosophy. But he knows how to turn that philosophy into results. And it's not like this "HOF QB" just fell into his lap. Brady was a SIXTH ROUND pick. Every team in the league had multiple chances to pick the "HOF" QB. But they didn't. Belichick liked what he saw and did.
  11. The story addresses many of those issues. It's about more than just a quarterback. It's about a philosophy geared to winning. Read the story.
  12. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/football-is-changing-bill-belichick-doesnt-think-the-keys-to-winning-ever-will/2018/09/26/23ed6776-c011-11e8-be77-516336a26305_story.html?utm_term=.4640e98898d5 An interesting piece on the dark lord of Foxborough from the "Washington Post." As much as I hate how he's dominated football and the Bills all these years, it's obvious he has a laser focus on producing the best team he can produce and has been able to adjust to changes in the game. Some samples from the story: "The Patriots are obviously a work in progress; the question is whether they can reassert their habitual discipline as Belichick layers on the work going forward. He relies on what players say is an extraordinary amount of monotonous repetition, until a concept is ingrained deep into their bones. Hand technique, foot placements. Precisely how to bat down a pass, how to shed a blocker, how to gain leverage. “There was no number on it until we got it right,” (Lawyer) Milloy says. And thinking about the thread showing McDermott yelling at the QB and receivers for not connecting: A quote from the dark lord himself: "if you can’t do things properly without resistance from an opponent, it doesn’t matter who they are, you’re in trouble. So, start with that.”
  13. He just can't let it go. What he doesn't understand is that it wasn't because his columns were negative. They just became boring.
  14. notwoz

    Predict Nathan Petermen's stats Game 1

    Can you translate that into something resembling English? I