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  1. Haven't you been paying attention to the comments on OBD?
  2. There used to be a channel called The Empire Sports Network. They did a lot of what the OP suggested. Unfortunately the Adelphia family #######s destroyed that idea. Now we're stuck with crumbs from the "MSG" network.
  3. How about drunken shi*head tailgater stadium?
  4. Really? Our Wegmans here in Northern Virginia kick the s**t out of every other grocery chain.
  5. A tongue-in-cheek suggestion from the Wall Street Journal: The Washington Sadness Machine (The full name would be Dan Snyder’s Washington Sadness Machine)
  6. Why would I cut and paste when there is a link I can click.
  7. He didn't say go to "actblue." He said go to black lives matter. That's what I did. Why don't you just go to qanon and stay there.
  8. I just went to BLM.com. I clicked "donate." It didn't take me to "ActBlue." You are a liar.
  9. Yeah. It's guys like Moby-Dick here to keep me tuned in to NFL games! LOL!
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