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  1. They won 1 SB, which is the goal and I want.
  2. His monster game against USC was in Oct, not the Pac12 Champ game but I like the theory.
  3. Dude played through a high ankle sprain last year on a crap team without ever complaining or dogging it…entering his prime, we would hit a HR if we somehow traded for him
  4. I wasn’t his biggest fan, but liked the way he handled the Covid outbreak before and during the Draft. Seeing him as a human, in his basement at home, like the rest of us were, stayed with me through his bonehead decisions.
  5. Give me all the linemen in FA and draft
  6. I am legit shocked this has gone 18 pages…unreal.
  7. It was absolutely, no questions asked, the correct decision and I am very glad to see players and coaches practicing this. The downs were irrelevant. We made the Dolphins burn their last timeouts. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but you play the odds that your high quality FG team executes a chip shot FG to win the game. It was a thing of beauty to watch.
  8. Was thinking about this the other day just cause I love the draft…will have to think first 4 rounds will be a combo of 2 OL, WR, and S.
  9. He’s a 4th yr Soph so he can declare at any time if ready.
  10. I see your TSwift and raise you an Adele as best female artist right now
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