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  1. I wear the same shirt the next week when they win, change after a loss.
  2. I will probably yell and jump around. I was 8 the last time they won the Division so I can celebrate this one with some beverages.
  3. But wait, I was told on here that it was going to be another prime time blowout? 🤔
  4. Rosen was taken after Allen, so QB’s 3 and 5 of the 2018 draft
  5. It does make sense if the team in front of you is shopping the pick to other teams who want the same player...gotta do what you gotta do to ensure you get him if you like him that much.
  6. In what way do you think he has hit his plateau as a rookie? From what I saw, he was getting better as the season went on. Also, those numbers are not the ranking, they are their drafted positions. The ranking is at the bottom of each player (star, starter, work to do)
  7. I’d take Eno Benjamin from ASU in the 4th
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