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  1. Just watched the replay, kickoff was squibbed and returned to the 30ish and Rams had one play of laterals.
  2. Jason Peters (slide Dawkins to G or RT) Mario Williams (pair up with Miller) Lynch (Beastmode)
  3. Sling Tv is Live TV via internet stream, just like YouTube TV is. Sling also offers a Sports Bundle that has everything I want, including Red Zone Network.
  4. Now you are moving the goalposts…we are saying we are set at TE AFTER they signed Howard and we would be saying the same thing if they signed Gronk. The article you linked is before FA even began.
  5. I was lost with the opening sentence for TE’s…while we may need depth for the position, Knox is a legit option for Josh and they have a connection and Howard provides vet experience behind him.
  6. I met Rosenhaus this past November at a Thanksgiving Meal giveaway I set up, nice guy but could definitey tell he had other things on his mind. He was there repping a highly touted college baseball player for a feel good news story (hello NIL benefits).
  7. His 4th down play against the Cowboys was the first time I thought he was “our guy”, his will and determination on that play was amazing.
  8. I actually know John, he works a lot with the non-profit I work for. Very nice guy, havn’t talked football with him yet but he is a massive human.
  9. Looks like it’s a trip to SoFi next season for me and my Rams fan BIL.
  10. Maybe this is pre-mature, but I am at the point where I don’t get upset with regular season games. I save that for playoff games when it’s win or go home. Why get mad in week 6 when our chances of winning the divison is 99%? I know injuries happen but we have already proven we are one of the top teams in the league.
  11. I am sure you mean in the NFL, but Saban has done okay for himself at Alabama.
  12. San Diego is a beautiful city, my favorite West Coast spot.
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