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  1. Just moved to Cleveland area and am now within driving distance for some home games. Looking on Bills website and tickets are from ticketmaster that includes processing fees. I know stub hub does resales. Are there other sites to check to get the best price or best seats. Haven't been to a home game since 1999, but things have changed quite a bit since then. I'm interested in the mobile ticket process too and whether anyone has had problems with that. I have a wallet on my iphone so that should help. Any other helpful information for an old time Bills fan is appreciated.
  2. Looking for tickets to Miami game and seeing the same thing at fairly high prices. I see they only accept mobile tickets now and recommend you put them in your phone's wallet. Its been a while for me going to a home game, so hoping for a good experience as I'll be driving up from Cleveland area. Any help on ticket sites and availability is appreciated.
  3. I posted something last Saturday and still don't get how Cleveland is local for Spectrum or NFL Network. The replays have not been accurate either. I'd like to see the first half. I have the network on my I pad and that somehow decided I wasn't local so I did see the last quarter live on Saturday.
  4. I recorded the game today and got Washington and Cincinatti game which wasn't even live. What gives with NFL Network?
  5. I watched the Bills Seahawks game on NFL network last night as I hadn't seen it before. I was amazed how many passes Hollister caught in that game to keep the Seahawks in the game. Didn't know much about him before we signed him, but I can see why the Bills were impressed. Anxious to see how he does for us.
  6. That was a terrific video to watch. It's amazing how much emotion was tied into this. I'm also a Pirates fan who endured more than 20 years of losing seasons so when they finally broke through in 2015 and made the playoffs as well was a similar emotion. Can't wait for Sabres to do the same however unlikely it seems right now.
  7. This goes back a ways, but in the 60s the Browns were the NFL team in the area. My son in law is a big Browns fan and now that I live in the area I am starting to enjoy watching them come out of the lousy years. A few years back I went to a Browns Bills game and tailgated. Fans saw my Bills gear and said we don't mind you guys, we hate the Steelers. My son and grandson are Dolphins fans and my brother is a Bucs fan. If they aren't playing us I root for them.
  8. Not sure what the strategy would be. I suppose if you have already clinch you could rest your best players in week 17 and treat it like an exhibition game. If you need that win or your opponent is also vying for position, could be an interesting dilemma for the coaches. December could be an interesting month. Another reason for signing Trubisky.
  9. Cleveland area vaccination are going real well. Indians allow 30% capacity and they are really excited for Browns around here. I'll bet plenty of people are here for festivities after long cold winter.
  10. Based on responses, people seem to think Seattle is a road game. They are coming to Buffalo this year.
  11. I say we go 3-1 with a loss to either Seattle or Arizona. I think our offense gets back on track the next two weeks and momentum should keep us competitive in the other two games. I gotta believe Frazier and McD will get the defense on track or it could be painful slide through this stretch with Pittsburgh and San Francisco coming up shortly.
  12. Bills were more than terrible that year and hadn't won a game yet. I was living in Miami at the time and my son was a Dolphins fan. We were at a Company party at Orange bowl that day and when I heard the score I couldn't believe it. About the only good Bills game that year.
  13. I thought it was about Chuck Knox who resurrected the Bills in the late 70s and traded OJ for a bunch of picks.
  14. There was a movie called "Draft Day". I thought Costner did a great job of showing the differences between mediocre and great GM drafting and how owners can often muddy the waters. It was entertaining and also informative of what goes on behind the scenes even if a bit hyperbolic. Russ probably showed his true colors in the movie in terms of draft ineptitude.
  15. Karras was a favorite of mine when he played for Detroit, but he got in trouble for gambling and was suspended in 1963. That's probably why it took so long for him to get in.
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