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  1. I have not received my Ticketmaster refund yet. Hope to see it this month with Christmas bills rolling in.
  2. I'd love to make it to Buffalo again and don't mind the cold. It was in the 20s in Detroit before the game but the ticket prices are getting so high just don't see it happening. Fortunately, I will get a ticket refund soon but the last 3 home games are all divisional opponents so prices are still high and the upper deck is no place for a 70 year old.
  3. Just got back yesterday from Detroit and had a blast meeting tons of Bills fans. Want to give props to community and Lions for being such great hosts. The Elwood bar and grill had a big welcome part for Bills fans as tailgating is limited in the city. It felt like a home game and everyone there was great to us. Had my son in law (lifetime Browns fan) and Bills fans were good to him as well. Just had a great experience, but we were both disappointed we didn’t get to Orchard Park. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been to a home game. My son in law said to me it doesn’t have to be Browns game so we’re preparing for next year - hopefully September.
  4. I heard Brandon Beane say that tickets would be cheaper than standard prices and hoped Bills fans in Michigan would be coming. I have Courtyard hotel near stadium booked. Anyone know much about downtown sports bars. My son in law (Browns fan) was sorry to miss the Buffalo experience, but would like to catch Buckeyes game if we get there early enough. Looks like a 4 hour drive from Cleveland and wouldn't mind meeting up with some TBD fans.
  5. Cleveland has done a pretty decent job against teams with heavy passing offenses (Cincinnati, Chargers). Although Tua threw 3 touchdowns against them, it was more there running game that did the Browns in. Myles Garrett and Clowney get after the quarterback, so Josh will be rushed out of the pocket quite a bit. This game could be tougher than people think. On another topic, weather conditions appear to be favoring quite a bit of snow before the game. I'm actually driving in with my son-in-law (a Browns fan) so we hope to see a good game that doesn't turn on weather conditions. Any updates on I-90 throughout the week would be appreciated as we are coming in Saturday afternoon.
  6. I used to live in North Buffalo and then Tonawanda near the Boulevard. I'm staying in Hamburg but wouldn't mind checking out Allen Street & Elmwood for old times sake. Want to take my son in law to some breweries but don't want to miss the best places for Beef on Weck as he hasn't experienced that.
  7. I too am coming for Browns game on Saturday and definitely want some beef on weck. Can't get it anywhere else. Staying in Hamburg but wouldn't mind a run into Buffalo for some college games.
  8. I was at a Bills VIkings game with my brother (who was a Vikings fan at the time) in 1982. It was a night game and the Bills won 23-22 to go 2-0. Unfortunately that was the strike year and the Bills didn't even make the playoffs. That was the end of Chuck Knox era in Buffalo. A real shame!
  9. I forgot about Myles Garrett rolling his car and missing a few games with injuries. He was going really fast and rolled his car. His car didn’t make ou too well either.
  10. I love the Bills but people regardless of celebrity need to be accountable for their accidents. I speed sometimes but dangerous moves like that should not happen. We have a huge tailgating problem in Ohio where people are in such a hurry to get where they are going they cross double lines to pass. Apparently there is a problem with people passing school buses. Sorry to rant but celebrity shouldn’t be a reason for not obeying traffic laws. Ask Henry Ruggs if he regrets his decision.
  11. Finally a Bills game broadcast in Ohio. Hopefully Cleveland - Pats doesn't go overtime!
  12. I just donated but didn't see if there was a way to indicate Bills Mafia. Regardless, my son is a big Dolphins fan from when we lived in Miami in the 80s. Hope Tua is going to be OK. He really seems like a nice guy and was finally getting his act together this year.
  13. Sorry I'm late to this, but went to supposed Bills Backer bar in Erie to watch Dolphins game as Cincinnati games preempt Buffalo in Ohio. Anyways, the list said a place called the Colony Bar & Grill was a Bills Backers bar. We got there about 11:30 and were surprised the place was kind of dead. We saw another car with a group of Bills fans so went in only to find out they were not as advertised. They told us about another sports bar nearby called Odis 12 and we went there. Turned out it was more like a Buffalo Wild Wings with many games on but at least had a big screen. Turns out it was supposedly a Dolphins bar. Our friends we met at the Colony led by Tracy (a Bills season ticket holder from Buffalo) were in town as one of her friends daughters went to College there. I tested them to come as the bartender at the Colony was rude and they showed up. We cheered loudly in the first half to drown out Dolphin backers, but my wife and I decided to leave at halftime as we were staying at the Courtyard Bayfront and watched the rest of the game there. Sorry for the long story, but I was wondering if there is a real Bills Backers bar in Erie. I'm coming for the Browns game in Buffalo and hope to see Tracy and the gang while we are there.
  14. Yes I paid close to 200 per seat for endzone for Browns game in November. I know I'm dating myself but we used to get endzone seats for $8 in the Chuck Knox era.
  15. Thanks everyone. Haven't been to a Bills home game in a long time. Should be fun. I'll probably go to nearby bar for food and drink after. Then call Uber.
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