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  1. But I live in Cleveland. It’s bad enough I have to watch Browns games during season.
  2. Why is game not on NFL network? They’re showing A football life about Chris Spielman in Cleveland.
  3. Here in Cleveland, they are excited to announce 20 of the 24 cases against Deshaun have been settled. Non disclosure agreements will be executed and 4 cases are still pending. Do you think the NFL will let him off with a minimal suspension or fine? Browns fans are hungry for this to be over and I guess the NFL is too. One of the cases that didn't settle involves the woman who initially spoke up about this.
  4. Titans got their justice in that SB when Dyson came up "1 yard short"
  5. Just saw Steelers are paying major money $18.4 per year average with 36 million guaranteed for Minkah Fitzpatrick. How does this affect Poyer negotiations? Don't expect Bills to go that large but it certainly hampers negotiations on a new deal.
  6. I just rewatched the October KC game on NFL Network and the game was closer than I remembered. If not for the tipped pick 6, KC had regained momentum in the second half. I've seen too many games we should have one go up in smoke including SB 25. Yes I worry every game.
  7. I guess you have to wonder what Stephon Diggs is thinking with these huge receiver contracts. The yahoo article was pointing out that the big contracts are going to have an effect at some point. I think Bills and Diggs have unfinished business that is keeping players around. Those who don’t remember the salary purge in 1999 that cost us Bruce, Andre & Thurman should be reminded that money always counts. Let’s hope we get that ring before that time comes
  8. I won’t blame coaching for this loss since many decisions made got us to 13 seconds. After several days of sadness for the missed opportunity I think we should look at the fact we had the opportunity. With a QB like Josh and the management team continuing to find opportunities we will be in the mix every year for the foreseeable future. Andy Reid was seen as a loser in Philly after having sucess for more than 10 years. Manning and Colts finally won, Roethlesberger got his, so did Brees and Rodgers. I’ve been following Bills since the 60’s when we won our last championship. I think we are in position to be a great team for a long time. The SB will come and it will feel great!
  9. I probably will watch to see if someone can knock off the Chiefs, but my rooting interest is faint at best. Even though it is still another year to go, I don't want the Chiefs to make 4 superbowls in a row.
  10. Cincy will get better, but they are not on the Chiefs level. It will be interesting to see if KC plays the Rams in Super Bowl and Rams win in their home stadium. KC deserves to suffer the same fate as last year.
  11. I can't believe the whole state of Ohio has to watch the Cincinnati/SF game? I'm in Cleveland and much closer to Buffalo.
  12. I watched the Manning cast because I can't stand the ESPN Monday night guys. Peyton was calling plays most of the night and seemed frustrated with some of those calls near the goal line. If Bills ever let Josh call plays I think he will be more like Kelly and make the adjustments needed. I kind of feel he does that sometimes when the play breaks down, but some of those run calls inside the 10 had no chance. Probably won't happen until Daboll is gone, but...
  13. I've moved several times and not strayed since the Bills entered the NFL. I watched Browns games as a kid in the 60's NFL. My first live game was in 1975 lousy rainy weather game but really ramped up my love when Chuck Knox took over and I lived in Buffalo in the early 80's. Moved to the following areas: Miami - tough years when Marino was at his best and my son became a lifelong Dolphins fan DC (Maryland) - Bills super bowl years and I was able to get additional AFC games on Baltimore channels plus team was on national games often Chicago - Listened to games on internet radio finally went back for one Bills - Giants game with my daughter and was surrounded by drunken Canadian hockey fans in the upper bleachers New England (Boston & CT) Has Direct TV NFL package for the whole time. Met a Patriots season ticket holder at a Neil Diamond concert and went to 2 games at Gillette. We lost both times, but fans really weren't too obnoxious. Met some Bills fans there too. Bluffton, SC - Found Bills backers bar (R Bar) and had beef on weck but never made it over for a game. Bills finally became relevant again. Cleveland - Lots of Browns fans including my son in law. They are mostly like us craving a winning team. Closer to Buffalo so may make it up for some future games. Loved Bills all those years and hope they can finally bring home a Super Bowl trophy before I go.
  14. Definitely a rough game last week, but we have an opportunity to get back on track quickly starting tomorrow. Last year we weren’t impacted by COVID and injuries as much. If we can win tomorrow and get healthy for Pats we’re back in the drivers seat. It won’t be easy to even repeat the playoff success we had last year, but the opportunity is still there. Think of the Giants team that knocked off the perfect Patriots. They weren’t great but got on a roll in the playoffs. Go Bills.
  15. I don't live in New York, so I guess I would need the card until they change the policy
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