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  1. That was a great play by Zimmer give the man his due
  2. Some of us in Colorado are considering a trip to Laramie to cheer for Josh's alma mater Wyoming Cowboys. It's about a 2 hour drive from Denver.
  3. I will probably die having a brain aneurysm trying to get one more bit out of the toothpaste tube
  4. yes, Heavens-Above https://heavens-above.com/
  5. I voted Meh, then read your post where the Bills traded up This changes everything, and I would certainly vote No I'd be Pissed had I known about the trade
  6. The Bills have put themselves in a position to be able to draft pretty much any position they want outside of QB. That makes things pretty exciting to me. Somebody's gonna fall, they always do.
  7. I don't like the idea. I think onside kicks should be difficult and converting them a rare occurrence. I want to see the better team win the game, not allow for more ways for lesser teams to upset them. My .02 anyway
  8. Through 23andme I was able to help an unknown relative who was adopted find out who his biological father was. He grew up not really having any relatives at all (his mom was adopted too). Now he has cousins aunts uncles and even a half-brother. We had a zoom call which was full of laughs and some tears. We are close enough that under different circumstances we would have all had the same last name! So for us it was a fruitful experience.
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