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  1. how many times has a game been lost by a bad snap in victory formation, vs. how many times has a game been lost by a team giving up 10 or more points in the last 90 seconds. I'll contend that the latter is much more probable and this would determine the validity of the reasoning.
  2. why not? the game would have been OVER right at that point. no hail marys, no chance of further injuries, nothing but 2 kneels and 00:00 on the clock. Sal C's tweet indicates that MH realized this but couldn't resist when he saw all that daylight. but what if Brady was the opposing qb, would you really have wanted to give him any chance? I'm sure he's scored 10 points in 90 seconds in his career before, probably a lot of times. when you get the chance to close the door, you slam it shut. that's all I'm sayin
  3. the comparison isn't with scoring the points, it's with giving the other team an opportunity to score 10 points in the remaining time. the probability still isn't very high I grant you, but it's a lot higher than the off-chance there is a fumble on the kneel-downs
  4. this seems like an opportune time to remind everyone if your audio setup includes a center channel you can mute it and silence the announcers while keeping the sounds of the game intact
  5. let's not forget the "Jim Kelly never met or contacted PanchoBilla" thread either. that really pissed me off
  6. Awesome, me too. Well technically I was asked to resign, as it seems most places try to do to avoid any liability I presume.
  7. Seriously! If you can hold your rage long enough to make your way down to this room, stand in line, put on the riot gear, probably sign a liability waiver etc.. then you got a lot bigger problems than your hockey team!
  8. pile on everyone plenty of room for y'all!
  9. totally. this is the one I was sweating out. OL looked so different when he left last week's game
  10. FYI I made the mistake of dumping my first guitar (a fairly inexpensive Yamaha) when I upgraded to a better one (a Taylor). Now whenever I go camping, which is an ideal place for an acoustic instrument, I worry about the Taylor getting the crap beat out of it on the bumpy roads, or getting stolen, or baking in the hot sun, etc. Really wish now I had kept my Yamaha.
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