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  1. pretty sure Ralph Krueger would get behind this
  2. He'll be 29 in May though. I think it has to be this year or nothing
  3. This is pretty much where I'm at. Felt a lot like this after Ronnie Harmon. AFCE should be wide open next year, and we have the resources to keep everyone we want plus fill the holes. Chips on shoulders can provide a lot of motivation.
  4. he could be the man who helps stop the Pats* from going to 4 straight, which is good enough for this guy
  5. heyyyy nobagelnobagelnobagelnobagel
  6. http://www.shawingtruck.com wear your bills / sabres gear to get a discount
  7. All I can tell you is that I am able to listen to WGR on it when other options don't work, so it is worth a bookmark.
  8. in case this helps, I use this: https://mytuner-radio.com/radio/wgr-550-sports-radio-404063/
  9. it hasn't happened often, but there are some 10 win teams that missed the playoffs.
  10. this is kinda fun watching Fitz screw up the fins tank job
  11. System requirements haven't been released yet, but I found it interesting that it's expected it will be able to run on an 'average' PC. https://flyawaysimulation.com/news/4953/
  12. how many times has a game been lost by a bad snap in victory formation, vs. how many times has a game been lost by a team giving up 10 or more points in the last 90 seconds. I'll contend that the latter is much more probable and this would determine the validity of the reasoning.
  13. why not? the game would have been OVER right at that point. no hail marys, no chance of further injuries, nothing but 2 kneels and 00:00 on the clock. Sal C's tweet indicates that MH realized this but couldn't resist when he saw all that daylight. but what if Brady was the opposing qb, would you really have wanted to give him any chance? I'm sure he's scored 10 points in 90 seconds in his career before, probably a lot of times. when you get the chance to close the door, you slam it shut. that's all I'm sayin
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