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  1. 4 first round picks or equivalent combination of picks and prospects.
  2. Tim Tebow associates with Focus on the Family which is an organization that advocates against LGBTQ rights including promoting conversion therapy.
  3. https://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/assault-second-degree-missouri.htm “-recklessly causes serious physical injury to another -while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, operates a motor vehicle with criminal negligence and causes physical injury to another”
  4. By the rules of the league and the way it’s been called all year it does mean the ball was going forward.
  5. Yeah, if he's frustrated by St. Louis not buying him a new stadium Toronto's not going to be any more ideal. I imagine Rogers Centre is a worse venue than the stadium they have too.
  6. Lynch has nothing to do with Bryce Brown, but he was on his 2nd strike at that point wasn't he? And he had played himself out of the starting job and pretty clearly didn't want to be here. RBs don't get traded for much on good terms. What should they have gotten for him?
  7. Seven pages and a lot of hand-wringing over a guy was inactive 10 out of a possible 17 games here.
  8. I doubt the team is going to do anything to draw attention to it at all today.
  9. LOL. Freedom doesn't enter into it. This happened on stadium property. People camping out there are guests. It's a huge liability concern for the team and the county. Imagine if he'd turned the gun on other people first. I can't imagine the team wants to have to address this the morning of their home opener.
  10. Horrible and tragic and nobody gets to criticize the Pegulas if they decide to build a new stadium somewhere without tailgating as we know it.
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