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  1. Edmunds looked so good. The tentative approach is gone. He's playing nasty, and it's fun to watch. Duke Williams looked great all around.
  2. It only took you a few days to start picking on me again, I see.
  3. Yeah, we might lose because they have Johnson in now and we have Jackson. Very frustrating actually ...
  4. Anyone still confused on Wade needs to listen to One Bills Live from the other day. Chris Brown got the official word.
  5. It does matter. The official word is that if he is cut, he is exposed to waivers before the Bills have a chance to add him to the practice squad.
  6. We hope so. But was it just me, or was Oliver invisible tonight?
  7. Honestly, you wonder if Oliver would make the same impact against backups that Johnson does. Could this be a McCargo-Kyle Williams do-over?
  8. Duke gets time with the ones, Zay gets time with the twos, and vice versa. Intriguing.
  9. I hope the Bills don't agree just because he made one 40-something-yard kick.
  10. Legitimately surprised that Hauschka made that kick. Bills still need to stop delaying the inevitable. Don't wait until he costs us a big game.
  11. Nah. This happens in real life, too. It's a football thing.
  12. What I don't understand is why they have to run different plays when they are backed up. I do not understand why everything opens up once they hit the 30 or so. It's not like Allen backs up 20 yards every play and couldn't run the same play from the 15. I truly don't understand. Is it some kind of unwritten rule?
  13. Think about this: Gore started the first game, Shady started the second game, and McDermott says we'll get an extended look at both of them tonight and then the other backs will fill in from there. This sounds a lot like a winner-take-all RB competition, kind of like the QB competition was run last year by McDermott in preseason. Is it becoming likely that the loser of this battle will be cut, leaving only one as the veteran RB? Maybe the Bills kept them both imagining that one might get hurt and the problem would solve itself. But now with both healthy, one will have to go the hard way. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling both of these guys aren't on the roster after cut-down day.
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