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  1. Bills should move down for more 2s/3s, then move back up for more 2s/3s. Maximize 2s and 3s this year and don't even pick in rounds 4 through 7.
  2. Stay away. He's a player that's all potential anyway. Didn't have the production.
  3. Have tickets for Endgame at 10:20. Hoping the Bills are done with their possibly multiple picks by then.
  4. Fat? Wow. What does his body shape have to do with it? Unacceptable to make comments like this in this day and age.
  5. In all seriousness, Trump probably wouldn't be prez. Intriguing to think about what a successful Trump bid would have meant for both the Bills and the country.
  6. I don't see any reason to think they are going to move away from an FB. And release which of McCoy, Gore, and Yeldon?
  7. To all those saying the Bills might still draft an RB... Come again? Who are you cutting? Teams don't carry five RBs/FBs.
  8. Seriously, how is Dolphins at Steelers seen as a better Monday Night matchup than Bills at Steelers? Seriously, where the ***** is the logic there?
  9. This. Over-saturation of streaming services is a thing. When there's no more cable or satellite, MANY people will miss the good ol' days... As they cycle through sources on their TV input, going to the device that has one of the 8 streaming services they subscribe to and pay separately each month. It's already bad and it's going to get much worse. And I'm a millennial btw.
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