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  1. His record is now 6-5 in games he's started and finished; it might be 7-5 had be been able to see the Texans game to completion. Soon to be 7-5 for real and hopefully preserve a winning record for the rest of his career!
  2. Obviously this is a joke, but I think it's more likely than not that he'll come back. The Patriots will literally do whatever it takes to get that last SB. I think this is it for them. That's why it will be so glorious when they fail in the AFC Championship Game, preserving the Bills' record four straight Super Bowl appearances in the process.
  3. I'm just not sure how much home field matters. The pressure to perform at home is a real thing.
  4. Familiarity usually causes tight games between division foes, but furthermore, the Bills defense has been practicing against a version of the New England offense for a long time. Add in the fact that last year's Patriots games were decently competitive (before the Bills' talent influx and the growth of JA), and I think signs point to the Bills games being the toughest of the year for the Patriots. I'm looking forward to them. The Patriots MIGHT beat us twice and might go 16-0, but I don't think they'll beat us three times. 😏😉
  5. I think the defensive rankings should first be based on points allowed, and points allowed while the offense is on the field (10 last week) should be removed. So, the Bills should be called the #3 defense right now.
  6. Really interesting how Frazier said we were top 5 in this last year and it seemed like he wanted to emphasize that fact. When you think about it, it's an easy and interesting stat to track; no reason players/teams shouldn't get credit for this not quite on the level of sacks but almost. Maybe this will start becoming a thing.
  7. This was known, but the reasoning for it is not. What's interesting is that I've never heard Tony pick the Bills once; he always picks the other team regardless of who it is. One of those strangely anti-Buffalo people it seems.
  8. WOW. The bottom clip shows how egregious it was because the ball is gone and Anderson is nowhere near Allen. I don't have Twitter, but those who do should do what they can to get this picked up nationally.
  9. Yeah, I was just going to say this is the same guy who took out Hauschka. This ticks me off. You can tell what a jerk he is just by looking at his picture. Unbelievable. All it takes is one guy like this to ruin a player, a season, a franchise, a fan base.
  10. If the Texans defender hadn't touched Ginn down, wouldn't the clock have just run out? Or can you fall down and call timeout and it counts as giving yourself up?
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