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  1. The Patriots are practicing outside all week. The Bills are practicing inside. It will be 0° for the game on Saturday. I'm sorry, but I find this obviously problematic.
  2. They are all very tough matchups. Very tough. I don't know how to pick one over another (discounting KC, of course, and MIA and LV, who won't make the playoffs).
  3. I think we typically wear these in the home game nearest to Christmas (before Christmas). Could be wrong
  4. Their one starting CB will be back. Haden may also be back; depends on concussion protocol
  5. There's no phrase I hate more than "wide-*ss open," but yet I feel compelled to utter it here.
  6. This is shockingly bad Exactly my thoughts. He doesn't get to say things like this with the money he makes and in the position he's in. It's not a bad game. It's a major trend since his injury last year. It seems he would have had enough time to work through that. And of course we've all had bad days. But if we're worth our salt, we suck it up and perform in spite of our sickness, mental or physical.
  7. This question was strange. But, in general, I support "tough" questions. McDermott, while not outwardly reacting too much, has shown some signs of having thin skin with respect to media relations. Whether it's his rescheduling of his weekly WGR appearance to (seemingly) avoid Schopp after some of their encounters last year, the attempt to avoid issuing a press pass to Sullivan at his new outfit (who knows if McD was involved in this or not), or McD's subtle frustration that you pick up on when Sully asks questions.
  8. I really do think we'll finish 10-6. I think we'll get the next two, the Jets, and one of those nasty four.
  9. Everyone is clamoring for this, and then they'll be clamoring for them to pull things back once Josh throws some more INTs.
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