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  1. How rich would that be? The second he signs that contract, Brady announces his retirement
  2. It’s gonna depend a lot on how much Tua looks after all the rehab and combine. The Bengals may hold Tua hostage for a boatload of picks
  3. There’s a good chance the Bengals take him too. Have him sit a year learning behind Dalton. That would work out well for cinci unless Miami pays a king’s ransom
  4. Agreed, if anything, Duke’s earned more time in OTAs and TC at the very least
  5. By your reasoning, any Bills WR that drops a TD pass doesn’t get a pass. Tell me, if you put Williams in Brown’s spot on the TD attempt against Baltimore, does Williams make that catch?
  6. The schedule needs to be tougher for this team to take the next step. I don’t want to see the Bills gifted in any way, shape or form. If Allen can develop some consistency in terms of progress and this coaching staff learns that it’s ok to play like you’re behind with a lead, then the strength of schedule isn’t an issue
  7. Late in replying to this, and this is rather puzzling from the Duke haters' perspective. I would understand the argument if Duke had played the whole season and getting more reps with Allen. All I'm seeing from the Duke hate boys is either he's not very good, or the almighty the coaches know better. If McDermott can give Zay Jones that many chances in 3 years, then be fair and give Duke at least one. Lack of reps and the guy still turned in a solid performance when he did play. Everyone saying he's bad because he missed a TD pass, does that mean Smoke should be treated the same after the drop against Baltimore? As far as hands go, I think Duke is as good if not better than our 1 and 2 WR. Then I read something that oh he celebrates after he makes a catch, so what? I don't care if he break dances after a catch as long as he catches the ball. He caught the game winner against the Titans and the over the shoulder catch against Washington wasn't exactly an easy catch in itself. I'm hoping he gets a legit chance next year
  8. Only difficult catch I saw that he didn't make was the throw to the end zone, not sure what game you were watching, but he made a couple of good catches for first downs when he was blanketed. His hands are more than adequate for an NFL receiver
  9. Zay Jones got a ton of chances with no apparent signs of good enough hands for an NFL receiver. 3 years with that many games and got a pass with that many drops, and we can't give Duke a full season? As far as Green goes, yeah he's been a fantastic receiver, but we've dealt with a certain injury prone receiver in Watkins. I get that the comparison is night and day, but shelling out a contract to Green with him being that fragile just doesn't make sense in the long run
  10. Hmm, yeah Lawson does have that option. Still none too comfortable with Murphy coming back, maybe they will pursue that DE from the Jags
  11. I couldn't begin to fathom the logic of keeping Murphy over Shaq. Lawson was already a good run defender, but his sack total went up quite a bit. He's earned an extension IMO
  12. Hard pass on AJ Green, too far up there in age. Derrick Henry would be the best choice as far as FAs go, but I don't see Beane willing to pony up that kind of money for a RB. There's gonna be a huge bidding war for him
  13. For years, so many judgment calls that showed the call wrong have been like that. If the official called what the KR did a fumble, and even signaled a turnover, then because O'Brien boo hooed about it, he reverses his own judgment call? On the way home from the airport, I was listening to CBS radio. The broadcaster was like the Bills were incredibly jobbed because of that. I don't really want it to go down as a blown call personally, it makes the loss that much worse
  14. It's gonna be hard for Allen to improve if we have a coaching staff that plays scared, or plays not to lose. Daboll has to go and I'm praying Cleveland takes him off our hands.
  15. When I saw it, at first I thought meh, it was nothing. Then as I watched the replay, the official threw that blue piece signaling turnover. I know it won't mean much, but as far as I'm concerned, it was a judgment call.
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