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  1. Steelers OC is quite inept to put it lightly. I just hope the Bills don't look past this team. If I'm not mistaken, can Tre practice this week? I know he won't play, but he can start practicing after 4 weeks?
  2. He really don't look that hurt to me.......either that or he had seconds on his wheaties
  3. So in the last 3 years, he threw a punch and got ejected in what? The second series against the BIlls? I didn't see it, but some mentioned he was twisting Allen's ankle last year before Allen waved bye to him. And now this. I'm hoping the league is starting to notice these things. Won't be surprised if there's some form of retribution coming his way when they go to Buffalo
  4. Yeah they made some mistakes but this game was going to be hard to win regardless with the injuries before and during the game.
  5. If the last 2 games were indicative of anything, this offense should come out firing on all cylinders
  6. Offense is gonna have to carry us this game, so far so good. Frazier needs to make some serious adjustments
  7. Cmon guys, that was expected after the fumble, it's not like the fins drove down the field 90 yards on 3 plays
  8. If Howard plays man on Diggs, he'll be in for a long day since he's nursing a groin injury. And the last time they put Needham on McKenzie, he torched him all game long. I also believe this particular D line of the phins will be the easier one compared to the last 2 we faced
  9. I remember Tua playing in the rain against the Titans last year and looked dreadful. I agree those weather conditions favor us more. Miami has 2 good backs but not near a good enough O line
  10. That sounds plausible, given their secondary inexperience.
  11. Hmm, having a hard time with this. On paper vs actual play, the latter wins out and it's not even close. That defense has played 2 garbage offenses despite what Tua did. If they don't understand it takes playing 4 quarters of football and executing, neither on paper or actual play matters, they'll lose. They played not to lose and got hung for it. Not sure how anyone could remotely even think Baltimore's defense might be better than ours let alone actually say it
  12. Couldn't agree more, but the Titans were selling out for the run most of the night. Even after Josh kept the death by 1000 cuts approach goin, they still acted like we had Jim Brown in his prime in our backfield
  13. I get why they went away from the run against the Titans, which just drives Vrabel's nickname home even further as he painfully found out. I think this week with no Donald or Simmons to worry about, they'll open up the run game more and it'll probably be more productive. I just hope Singletary gets the majority of the touches
  14. The funny thing is IMO, this offense still hasn't clicked on all cylinders yet. And were still blowing teams out of the water. This team fully healthy in all positions will be an insane display of dominance
  15. If he somehow gets back on that horse and actually plays this Sunday, he will definitely have earned the nickname Great Dane
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