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  1. buffalo2218

    Devin White LSU LB: I’ll be looking for $100 mil in 5 years

    Manziel did the same exact thing, kid needs to lose the diva attitude.
  2. buffalo2218

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    I can't set any kind of expectations such as playoffs, that's not to say I don't wanna be proven wrong. But I think it's a bit too much to ask of Allen to make that kind of jump in year 2. If he can show some kind of gradual improvement, I'll take that. But playoffs or bust? That to me is way premature
  3. buffalo2218

    Beane was pi##ed off about Buffalo comments

    It's great to hear those kind of comments from Beane. As for AB, I do believe he did turn down the Bills for the reasons that are being tossed around from ignorance, But I also believe Brown is smart enough to keep his mouth shut about that too, and a lot of that is because of the signings the Bills made. Part of me wants to believe that maybe he thinks he was premature in his assessment of this organization. Personally I didn't want him here anyway, didn't want Allen's development in jeopardy.
  4. buffalo2218

    Time to think About Suh?

    Suh is not exactly what you would call a move for the future for pretty much any team, but especially this team. For a guy with the kind of talent he’s shown, it’s kinda sad he’s been reduced to jumping from team to team
  5. buffalo2218

    Clowney/Franchise Tag question

    My issue with Clowney and I realize this may rub some folks the wrong way is that to me, he hasn’t lived up to his overall draft status. This guy was a number 1 overall pick IIRC and quite honestly, I’m not so sure he’d be worth surrendering a high pick for
  6. buffalo2218

    Jordan Phillips Buffalove

    Another poster made a thread about feeling sorry for the Dolphins, I scoffed at that notion til I read this lol. Nothing smells worse than burnt phish
  7. buffalo2218

    Jordan Phillips Buffalove

    OMG wow, lmao dude nailed Matt Miller
  8. buffalo2218

    Is this the most active Bills free agency period ever?

    Wasn’t Lawyer Milloy signed with that bunch as well?
  9. buffalo2218

    Report - Bills talking to Hou for Clowney

    That’s the last thing I would worry about since Rex Ryan is long gone. I would trust McDermott is more than capable of getting the best out of Clowney compared to Ryan
  10. buffalo2218

    This is FA ***** awesome

    Jets got basically shunned by Paradis as well. If they flop on signing Bell, this off season will leave a sickening taste in Jet fans’ mouths
  11. I find it funny that probably both the Jets and Dolphins were laughing at us believing AB didn't wanna go to Buffalo. Now as it stands, Barr wanted nothing to do with the Jets, Paradis signed with Carolina, Bridgewater turns down more money from Miami to stay in NO. LOL what a day
  12. buffalo2218

    Can teams void a trade if a player refuses to report?

    I think you may be right there, I can't really remember. Seems like it was so long ago
  13. buffalo2218

    Can teams void a trade if a player refuses to report?

    With all this being said, didn’t Dri Archer do the same thing to us?
  14. Well let’s hope he still holds a grudge against Gase. More motivation to beat another division rival
  15. Not a skeptic per se, keeping my optimism in check for now. I will admit he had a better season than I expected given that our O line wasn’t that great. That being said, you can’t help but wonder how he would have fared if he had the O line Taylor had.