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  1. Geez 6’8 311 lbs? Him and Rousseau on the D line could block a ton of FGs
  2. I had a friend that was an insane Marino homer. He kept talking him up over and over. At this point, I didn’t have a favorite team. But as my friend kept kissing Marino’s ass, the more irritated I became. I noticed that Marino was quite the crybaby. I also noticed that the Bills were the best at bringing out Marino’s misery. After watching guys like Bruce and Thurman causing all kinds of problems for the Dolphins, I soon started representing the Bills. He still kept talking up Marino, but I quickly shot down all the accolades. Have stayed a Bills fan ever since
  3. Running as far as he ran, slow walk was totally understandable
  4. This just dawned on me and it's a scary thing to think about. If the Jests end up getting Watson, they may end up getting Watt as well. That would be crazy with Watt and Mosely and getting a top 5 QB
  5. I was at first hesitant to bring Watt in. Now I’ve changed my mind. I think he would add the best leadership to this defense. Let’s not forget all the good he’s done off the field too. He’s a total class act and I think he would give this defense a massive boost.
  6. The comparison is flawed in terms of character. Newton has always been a me first diva. If anything, Allen is more like Elway than anything like Newton. Look where Newton is today. A broke down and out clown that’s trying to be like Dennis Rodman with his insane asylum fashion. Allen cares far more for the game and is too determined to be the best he can be to be compared to Newton
  7. Moss did well, but I just can't see him as a bell cow type of back. But until we know for sure what the cap is, all these names are just that, names
  8. Some have said Brown may be a cap casualty, I'm not sure. He never did seem right after coming back from injury. But a very hard no to Beckham, unless he wants to move to TE
  9. Yeah, but I'm almost certain we wouldn't have got away with anything like they did, and they did for sure. That's ok, what goes around comes around
  10. I can't see Beckham and Diggs getting along at all. I do have a feeling Beane goes after a running back
  11. I didn't see Allen revert, I saw KC have a gameplan he never faced. No team we played this year covered our receivers the way KC did. I'm not worried or concerned. Allen will figure out how to beat it
  12. Considering the season he had, the spotlight was on him long before this. This is one of those motivational things, and I have absolutely no problem with it. It'll push him harder next season, and harder from this season will make him dominant at the position
  13. Um, I'm not even sure what this means. Sure you're not talking about Singletary?
  14. Way ahead of you on that. Only looking forward to July from here on. Allen turned a corner after losing to the Texans. Let's see what he does after tonight
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