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  1. Ever since the Raiders win, Allen hasn't been anywhere near the same. His sense of timing seems off on a lot of his throws. There's still time to readjust, but Daboll's playcalling in the red zone was atrocious. Only thing I'm concerned about is whether Diggs will have the patience for Allen to shake this funk off
  2. This is what came to mind when I first saw this. Something tells me this year will end up ending badly for the Bucs. A guy like Brown vs a guy like Arians? That roster just set a ticking time bomb
  3. Well like you said, he plays one series in garbage time and they’re pulling the trigger. If he gets wins in the next three games, I’ll be a.bit concerned about the rest of our season
  4. The timing of this is so weird. Flores himself said Tua wasn’t ready yet a week ago
  5. Oliver is definitely going through a sophomore slump. I wouldn’t give up on him so soon though. Can’t really knock Addison for not getting enough sacks. For whatever reason, Frazier has him dropping back in coverage. Not sure why McDermott thought shades of Rex was gonna help this defense
  6. The defense is already playing like they’re not motivated. Last thing they need is a tutor for it
  7. I won’t, that shows nothing of progress going forward from this year. AFC East champs for a year means nothing if the other 3 teams get better
  8. Was it just me, or did I see Addison dropping back in coverage? When did they bring back Rex?
  9. Think the Bills need to start utilizing the screen pass with all these blitzes
  10. Yeah, before the season began, she was all in on this team. But like the rest of us here, she's been asking the same question. WTF happened to this defense?! No one, Bills fan or not, saw this coming. Allen's jump pales in comparison
  11. They're the bigger threat to the divsion than the Pats are at this point, I think that's what he meant
  12. Think this was her way of firing up our defense as much praise as she's been singing about this team
  13. About the only one I would take off that roster is Mosely. But they’re not gonna do that
  14. That would be true if they keep hiring inept head coaches. At some point, they'll get one that's competent
  15. I think Bell would give the Bills the ability to play a little more ball control if our opponents copy what the Titans did. Will definitely make the seahawks game more interesting
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