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  1. Geez, Jet fans would really lose their minds if the Bills somehow landed this guy. Gase wouldn’t be able to leave the stadium for anything
  2. Given Gase’s comments after the GM was fired, that’s a strong possibility
  3. Can’t express enough sorrow and gratitude to Pancho and his family. Hope this brings out the team’s inner fire for the upcoming season. R.I.P Pancho
  4. Dr. House wouldn’t bother with Ansah, too boring
  5. Well I see people saying he’s slow, and some are also saying he scored 32 TDs last season. If there’s a correlation, lol who cares?
  6. Agreed, with all the hype of Beane trading up up to this point, he gets praise for patience. Love the pick as well
  7. I still can't believe he just flushed his career down the toilet. I hope he gets back on track and wish him the best but geez, we had one hell of a back with him.
  8. Well this shouldn't be too hard of a sell, play for a team on the rise or get worked to death playing for a team trying to tank
  9. I do have to give a shoutout to Thurman, that game against Montana's Chiefs was sick! Probably the easiest game Jim Kelly played as a Bill
  10. I honestly believe that with Gase running the show, were gonna be seeing a lot more drama with Bell. Gase ran off Ajayi in Miami, apparently mistakenly thinking Tannehill was the focal point of that offense. If he pulls that same trick on Bell, I'll be suspecting a lot of dissention in the ranks in that roster
  11. Had Bo Jackson not injured his hip, he'd be in this conversation too
  12. Not taking anything away from what Sanders did, but in Brown's era, more than likely, he would have been injured quite a bit more often. That's a lot of what made Jim so tough, he dished out the punishment first. They didn't stress much emphasis on player safety in those days
  13. Jim Brown and it's not even close. If he played in today's NFL, he'd be the one penalized for brutalizing would be tacklers
  14. I’m not sure why anyone cares about this. There’s nothing to win even if we end up pummeling Oakland the next time we play them. Win or lose, Brown got his money, he could give even less of a damn about Oakland
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