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  1. Well said, only thing about his playcalling that Dorsey had the same issue with is that a WR screen to Diggs hasn't done a productive thing all year. I wish they'd deep six that playcall
  2. Inferior offense yes, I'll give you that. But for an interim OC against that defense, you couldn't ask for more.
  3. Gardner's slam on Diggs.....I was surprised nothing really broke out from that. I do agree with the above poster, Dawkins was pancaking the guy before the whistle blew
  4. The team looked quite a bit more controlled and confident today. One play I loved was when Cook cut back to the outside and out of nowhere, here came Josh running behind him trying to block. Hope this game was a stepping stone for the team to play to it's full potential
  5. Something had to be done, as stagnant as this offense has been, how much worse can it get?
  6. Just out of curiosity, if Daboll gets canned, would you oppose bringing him back?
  7. LMAO, clean you say? Um no, not even close to clean. Johnson was clearly holding his jersey on his break and prevented Waller from getting his arm up. It's especially PI if it was as the ball arrived. 10 times out of 10, it's PI if it's someone like Mahomes instead of Taylor throwing the ball
  8. Some of the blame I do put on Josh. As I stated earlier, against stronger opposition we won't win if we start off as slow as we have, despite our defense playing as good as it is with some key injuries. Are you honestly saying that our offensive woes are specifically all on Dorsey? Where's the Josh that b slapped the Dolphins during the last 2 weeks? Now in no way am I letting Dorsey off the hook here. Shotgun formation on the 1 yard line is about as boneheaded as it gets
  9. There's no way Taron didn't interfere with Waller on that last pass. Had his back turned to the QB the whole time and hooked his left arm to prevent making the catch
  10. Agreed. If Mahomes had thrown the last pass of the game, the officials would have ripped their pants off throwing a flag
  11. Don't know if you're being facetious or not, but his focus seems to be off. Again, I'm not putting the blame solely on Josh, because Dorsey has more than his share too
  12. I would have went with stranglehold or busted eardrum through his headset.
  13. Against better teams, we won't win any games against stronger opposition if we start off that slow again. No part of what we've done the last 2 weeks offensively is sustainable for success
  14. Ok, multiple people disagree with me including yourself. Tell me something, is everyone chalking up Josh's first half dismal performance up to Dorsey's playcalling? Keep in mind, he wasn't good in the first half against the Jags either. And tonight, he was the same against a worse team in the Giants. Dorsey may have some of the blame, but I'm not gonna pretend it's all Dorsey. All I know is since the Dolphins blowout, he hasn't been as lights out
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