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  1. Ugh Spam = Sh*t Posing As Meat. Grew up watching it plop in to a bowl, no thanks today. As for the topic, I wouldn't be opposed to signing Henry, and also Damien Harris if Henry is a no go
  2. For what the guy has done in his career, he's about as humble a person as he can be. Hate the team he plays on, but he is a total class act. Won't object to trading for him if the price is right as long as it doesn't involve blowing up our draft. The Titans would probably pull the trigger on a trade, Jeffrey Simmons is gonna want to get paid soon so trading Henry makes sense
  3. They don't have any trade assets at all outside of tearing down their own team. Their FO made some horrible trade decisions, namely the trade for Chubb
  4. Flipping through all these posts and still no sign of FilthyBeast? As far as the game goes, Mostert is a bigger problem than Hill if our last game was any indication
  5. I'm not ready to give up on Davis yet, I agree with the rotation with Brown however. What Davis did last year can't be dismissed just like that, I'm willing to see how he does in the playoffs
  6. Chef's kiss on this writeup Shaw. Ever since the days on the BBMB, I've always read your work, and yes, I consider it work. Your time and effort in to writing these posts are always appreciated. As for the bolded part, while I may not be from Buffalo or even know a soul there, I'm quite sure you have more friends there than you realize. Thanks again for all you've done up to this point
  7. We saw them in the playoffs last year at home and absolutely demolished them. And they had a top defense last year as well iirc and still hung a 40 burger on em. Their offense is far worse this year than last year. As for the Dolphins, people saying Tua can play in bad weather don't remember the only bad weather came with 6 mins left in the 4th quarter. And with Tua getting another concussion, the league may bench him for his own good. They may not even make the playoffs. The Jets bother me more than Miami.
  8. Can't help but feel bad for Tua, I'd root for him if he weren't in teal
  9. Odd playcalling, at least the Dolphins are out of time outs and the 2 min warning is burned
  10. For what we saw tonight, or last night that is, how can Ike be any worse? I shudder to think what the 49ers would do to this oline
  11. Why should it stop at Dorsey? Frazier and especially Kromer deserve some flak themselves. God I wished we had Schwartz back, this defense would be so brutally nasty with him.
  12. Being from the south, I can attest to this. I was in Erie PA once having dinner at an Outback steakhouse. I thought I was dressed warm enough but to my shock, as soon as I stepped out of the car, that wind coming off the lake wasn't just cold, it was painful. It literally felt like my skin was being cut open. McDaniel will be burning that T shirt as fast as he could put it on, and Tua will find out trying to throw in that wind will be every bit as hard as trying to endure it
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