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  1. There’s a fine line between bashing and cautious optimism. I don’t think there are as many bashers as what’s being said. I’m always gonna root for Allen to show improvement, and I acknowledge his progress from year one to year two. But he’s gonna have to take a larger step this year given how tough the schedule is
  2. I agree with this part, but I'm not sure the Pats could get any worse with anyone. The first thing that came to my head when I saw this was that Newton and Bellichek won't get along. Both personalities will clash big time IMO
  3. I think the Jets/Bills rivalry will do nothing but heat up and keep heating up. Both teams with their respective QBs from the same draft, both fans believing their QB will be the first to win a lombardi. Tua or no Tua, I won't annoint Miami anything because of Tua's potential.
  4. Hmm, I guess to settle the 7-5 7-4 argument would be to question had Allen played the full game week 17, does he beat the Jets? Given Darnold managed only 13 points against mostly our second string defense, it’s a fairly good bet he does
  5. Our success won’t be dictated on JAs progression alone. Both McDermott and Daboll have some improving to do theirselves. I’m gonna be keeping my optimism in check given what’s going on with hardly no training camp or workouts. But it’ll be interesting to see where this team goes from here on. I’m very curious to see how Moss does with Singletary, as well as our defense, especially if Norman regains his pro bowl form
  6. Wow, there's been some commotion going on in downtown Nashville tonight as well. Protesters have already set the courthouse on fire.
  7. I'm not sure Bell really wants to be there tbh. Didn't he report an injury, miss a game just to go bowling or something to that effect? I believe money is the only motivation for him. Whether he plays good or bad, he's still gonna get paid. Not sure what guaranteed money he gets tho
  8. I'm not sure if their new O line would be considered "road graters". As many have already said, they're doing things the Bills did last year. Which means it'll take them time to be a cohesive unit. They're gonna have their struggles early on in the run game, Bell has already shown his skills are limited without an O line like the Steelers if last year was any indication. I honestly don't see Bell being with the Jets after this season
  9. One interesting point I read on this. This will test a tired defense, and with that being the case, the Bills have the advantage with having so much depth
  10. Seems like since word got out Darnold got mono, he's been the most pampered and babied player in the NFL. Excuses came rolling in like crazy when all it really was was Gase being his HC. Can't see him doing much of anything as long as Gase is there
  11. Only issue I have with this is too much of a chance of a ticky tack penalty giving the offense a first down. Imagine a bogus PI call
  12. If the cap gets lowered next year, either Jerry or Stephen would be morons to offer that much. That position may be the most important on the team, but to overpay for it given what's goin on, will create too many holes everywhere else to be a consistent contender. I'm not saying Dak isn't worth that, but surely he understands that the Cowboys like every other team are handcuffed in terms of shelling out insanely high contracts
  13. This was the problem, they put so much trust in their defense, they went ultra conservative in their playcalling with weak leads. Too many times McDermott took his foot off the gas too soon
  14. He did this a few days ago, probably scared of getting B slapped then banned. To his credit tho, his thought process is very much comic relief
  15. Nah, it'd be straight pity. This guy is all if this and that, and as you saw, making up some hideously ridiculous notion of the Bills going back to the cellar. I refer to him as Captain Desparation
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