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  1. Yeah it is pretty sharp, wonder if Tre would do the same on a pick 6?
  2. Doug Peterson himself may show up on next week's injury report. Excruciating stomach pain from eating too much crow
  3. Yeah a pick there would have been disasterous. A FG or possible TD and getting the ball to open the second half would have put us in a huge hole
  4. Given the situation, I thought it was a good call. Deep in our own end, down 5, McDermott was probably concerned about a pick
  5. At that point with the offense being so far out of sync, it probably wasn't that bad of an idea
  6. It's all good, would rather have him more healthy against Philly
  7. Jeez, it does look like they're walkin the mile, where's Percy when ya need him?
  8. Lol they're more worried about Gore when Singletary is every bit as much if not more worrisome
  9. Pats offense may be off, but Gase against Belly boy? That's where the comparisons end
  10. I can almost guarantee if the Bills do blow out the phins, you'll see a ton of press talking about the Bills like they knew all along the Bills were a top 3 team
  11. Or the Jets, I think that would suck worse
  12. IMO, seasons past is a poor basis for comparison. Our D is quite better than any we've fielded in a long time. A lot of the losses you have down to me can go either way, some are a bit overboard.That being said, yeah, our offense hasn't yet performed on the same level as our D. But that doesn't mean it won't get any better. I think going conservative in some games we've won needs to change as well, can't be comfortable with a 2 score lead with a whole quarter left to play.
  13. What worse way is there to rattle the confidence of a second year QB by practically dropping him in to a blender?
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