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  1. I think Josh fumbled in that game. Seems like that shot he took from that GB defensive back took more of a toll than we realize. Cook had an abysmal game yesterday as well. That almost pick Josh threw was Cook stopping on his route, then Cook dropped another pass later on
  2. Even more mind blowing that we lost to this team. WTH is goin on with the Bills?
  3. LOL, in a subtle way, he just trolled the Jets with "Some division team"
  4. Kamara's character isn't quite that good either. Didn't he just get charged with brutalizing some guy not too long ago?
  5. Very sad news, hope the kid recovers and has a stellar career
  6. I understand the rationale with trading their best WR away, but on the flipside of that, Rodgers is getting paid fairly well. His performances this year don't warrant that kind of pay whether Adams is there or not
  7. Shaw, I can relate to how I watch games. I used to be very vocal in my younger days. Today, I'm quite a bit relaxed. Now what's going through my head is a COMPLETELY different story, not enough hail marys can be said for my thoughts. The only time I reacted was when Taron sealed the game with a pick. I'm very proud of the whole team, and seeing Josh get totally boned on that no call for tripping had me red faced for the remainder of the game. Good write up as always Shaw, thanks again
  8. Too small of a sample size for the Jets up to this point. Pats will inevitably end up where they started at the end of the year. The Dolphins gave us our only loss true, but Tua won't last the whole season if he's that fragile, and with how bad their O line is in pass blocking, it's only a matter of time. I really can't see the Bills dropping anymore games from here on as long as they stay focused. And they'll be blowing more teams out, building even more confidence. Miami called down the thunder beating us, they won't have extreme heat on their side when they come here tho
  9. Allen of course Diggs Our DTs, absolute wrecking balls on that KC O line Singletary not just for good runs, but not fumbling O Line 2nd half Definitely Milano, one man show at times
  10. I'd lean more towards stiff arm
  11. This team is gonna be nuts after the bye if White comes back. Hopefully Poyer and Phillips get back to 100%
  12. His colleagues on his show are gonna eat him alive tomorrow. Anything he says about how KC got screwed is gonna get him dropped in a blender
  13. Well the way I see it, were 2-0 in the regular season in KC the past 2 years, so why not?
  14. KC got more help on those ticky tack defensive holding penalties. I almost lost my mind looking at the replay
  15. After seeing what SIngletary's doing, all the CMC talk is dead
  16. And he's done it with Daniel Jones no less. If he gets a better QB, that division is theirs
  17. Um, what? Not overly fast? His speed is crazy if you go back to that catch where he blazed the sideline. Kid does indeed have good speed
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