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  1. So I started seeing this woman, and she claims to be a big football fan -- Ravens in particular. On our first date (already knowing I'm a Bills fan), she literally said "Buffalo Bulls." Did I correct her? Yes, yes I did. But it got me thinking that she has to be faking being a football fan at all in an effort to win my approval. Is it really possible that a person who watches any decent amount of football (or does any kind of following online or otherwise) could really think it's the Buffalo Bulls? I'm not a baseball fan, but even I would know the names of the teams at least, for example. Not to mention, the Ravens have been a frequent opponent of the Bills in recent years, including last year's season opener! Also, there's no way this is a mix-up with UB. Trust me on that one. I sense fake football fandom and dishonesty! RED FLAGS! Sad.
  2. This guy has always taken issue with Josh. He's one of those guys who will try at all costs to convince everyone that Josh isn't good. It will continue... As soon as I see "The Draft Network," I know it'll be this garbage.
  3. Holy crap. There's no need to be nasty and condescending. My goodness. The point remains that it's silly for branches of the United States military to belittle each other. We are all on the same team. This has nothing to do with my Bills knowledge or the fact that I had a blog about the Bills... seriously? And just because I'm asking doesn't mean I don't have research skills. My god. I work 55 hours a week and I have a toddler to look after... My apologies if I don't have the time to spend hours pouring over material before I can ask a question on a message board. My god.
  4. While McDermott seemed to actually be pissed and pretending to be a good sport, Josh seemed to genuinely be a good sport.
  5. It's an honest question -- Why do the Marines generally trash other branches of the military and claim superiority? It's bizarre to me. We're all on the same team. I don't understand how asking for the reasoning behind this is ignorant. And how am I feeling superior? Comment makes no sense. I'm neither Army nor Marine.
  6. Normandy was stormed by the Army. Why do the Marines think they are so superior to soldiers?
  7. The Shout song needs to only play after TDs (before extra point, because it's super awkward if the extra point is missed). It also needs to NOT play if the Bills are trailing insurmountably.
  8. Pittsburgh and Baltimore at some point in the playoffs, because I live in that country.
  9. This is weird for me. Was he not good the first year? For Hauschka to use the term "night and day" is strange and leads to questions.
  10. Tasker actually mentioned this on OBL a week or 2 ago. I guess no one picked up on it. It's the "bud" aspect. That's generally seen as condescending.
  11. Those Cincinnati tight ends. Oh well. Nothing wrong with Knox, Croom, Smith, and Sweeney.
  12. There is. It's a dealbreaker. You can't watch and listen at the same time.
  13. Show is must-listen with Chris Brown. And it is embarrassing with Tasker.
  14. Good. Won't have to see that awful brown and white goatee with stray hairs anymore. Sloppy old man.
  15. This would be incredibly disappointing. We should be expecting more.
  16. Passion for the game and the natural desire to go the extra mile will be the eventual difference between Darnold and Allen. Darnold is trying to look the part. To Allen, it comes naturally.
  17. 19 years covering the team? He's the curse! Maybe his "What do you make of X" questions to every coach and player are more than they seem... 😨
  18. Everyone who hates Chris Collinsworth, you do realize we're going to be listening to his son for the rest of our lives, right?
  19. These poll results are amazing. Look how much fans' mindsets have shifted.
  20. Jeremy White thinks he's really smart. It's cute.
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