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    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    This loss is on Dee Ford, period. He doesn't line up in the neutral zone, KC kneels to victory. Just like the PI call in the earlier game. And don't say there were other plays. None of them if reversed would have surely ended the game.
  2. The Bills Blog

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    Belichick will eat Goff for lunch.
  3. "It's all led up to this." They are really making fans expect a big free agency period. A lot of disappointment to come.
  4. The Bills Blog

    The Underappreciated Genius of Chan Gailey

    "Great, great Buffalo fans. Great football town." "This is the only team that ever fired me that I'll pull for." And he said both while choking up. This is how I recall it.
  5. The Bills Blog

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    Jeffrey just singlehandedly ended Foles' magic.
  6. The Bills Blog

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    I see what you did there. At least his face isn't covered in acne like Wentz's.
  7. The Bills Blog

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    I wish my dick were as big as Nick's.
  8. The Bills Blog

    Mr Decoy, Sammy Watkins expected to play vs. Colts

    Lol and now he's injured again. Hilarious!
  9. The Bills Blog

    Gregg Williams to Jets as DC

    Jets are scary, folks.
  10. The Bills Blog

    Why Haven’t The Bills Officially Announced Coaching Changes?

    Withholding information for the sake of withholding information.
  11. The Bills Blog

    Updated: Flores new Phins HC

    It doesn't matter. Miami will never be elite, because it's Miami.
  12. The Bills Blog

    Denver Broncos to hire Vic Fangio as HC

  13. The Bills Blog

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    Very interesting survey. Unfortunately, no questions about the train.
  14. ??? I don't recall anyone saying it should be on the same level, unless you're implying for some reason that every holiday should be military-based.
  15. The Bills Blog

    The Quarterback Shuffle 2019

    Where Will Chad Kelly Go?
  16. I have this strange feeling that you're probably also okay with our healthcare system and think the USA is "the greatest country in the world" despite all evidence to the contrary. ☺
  17. This country is screwed up. We have one of the lowest rates of vacation time in the world. Employers are greedy and workers are not valued.
  18. The Bills Blog

    Who was GM when Jason Peters was dealt?

    It's JAIRUS! As soon as I saw him mentioned, I KNEW the name would be misspelled. Why does everyone do this?
  19. The Bills Blog

    Best Bills News App?

    Bleacher Report is actually excellent for this. TBD is good except when breaking news gets merged with previous threads and then you have to search through page by page to find the original breaking news. Come on. It's the one obvious problem with this site.
  20. The Bills Blog

    Andy Isabella: Josh Allen's potential new toy

    Yep. Poster only mentioned white WRs.
  21. The Bills Blog

    Tyree Jackson v. Josh Allen

    Eye test. Jackson looks bad, sloppy, and slow.
  22. The Bills Blog

    Greg Rosenthal QB Index

    Josh Allen raises the level of play of his teammates and singlehandedly carried the Bills offense this year. He was 5-5 with the worst offensive talent in football. He was historically great running the ball. These rankings seem to be based on a review of his raw passing stats, which is wildly unfair and not representative of him as a player.
  23. The Bills Blog

    Greg Rosenthal QB Index

    This is legitimately reckless and hilarious. In all seriousness, this guy should probably lose his job. It couldn't be more obvious that he's just looking at stats, and even with that information in hand, his rankings are questionable at best.
  24. The Bills Blog

    Offensive Line: Who Stays Who Goes

    People only want Mills back because he got ejected and pumped up the crowd on Sunday.