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  1. *******

    Johnny (Canadian) Football Alert

    He’s the backup and not expected to play
  2. *******

    Trade Clay to Dallas

    Shed the salary and pick up a draft pick
  3. *******

    Wyoming stat

    Wyoming held 7 of 13 opponents to 14 points or less last year. Only Oregon scored 24+ --- 36% of their total season offensive scoring came against Gardner-Webb (FCS), TX State (Sun Belt) & CMU (MAC). They scored 109 points total in those three games & 180 total in 8 MWC games.
  4. *******

    Ideal Day 2 & 3 from Uncle Kirbs

    Pettis flexibility as a wr/return man make him a real possibility
  5. Saw mort reported that Pegula was crazy for Allen. Do you think terry had any influence on the pick ?
  6. *******

    Josh Allen’s Face

    He looks like a little **** that would write those inappropriate tweets
  7. *******

    Bills' 2018 Regular Season Schedule

    0-4 start very good possibility
  8. THERE will be no nfl to tweet out picks , does not meet any other media members won’t Find out who’s being taken and tweet it out
  9. *******

    Schedule Leaks Thread

    10/22 or 10/29 in buffalo Monday night football
  10. *******

    Schedule Leaks Thread

    Per Boston radio. Possibly week 3 as the home opener
  11. Just now on wgr. Giants are still deciding if they want to stay at 2 or if any other teams come in with offers . But there is an agreement with them if they decide to trade with bills
  12. *******

    Miami at buff week 17?

    Reported this on wgr in the 3 o’clock hour. Said to take it with a grain of salt
  13. per Ian rap The Bills have been interested from the beginning, per Rapoport, but it "just does not seem like that's going to happen."