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  1. In the second half. Interesting. Maybe why the D has been playing better
  2. Josh Allen is a god damn !@#$ing bum
  3. I’ve never seen such a bad team in nfl history
  4. This team is a train wreck
  5. *******

    Fire Brandon Beane

    Star, Murphy and Davis. 3 terrible free agent signings. Can’t wait to see what he does to throw away all the money we have next year
  6. *******

    Bills vs. Ravens: 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Benjamin wide open
  7. *******

    Bills vs. Ravens: 1st Half Game Day Thread

    THis team is terrible
  8. *******

    Bills vs. Ravens: 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Team is disgusting. Two just of FA signings by Beane in Murphy and Davis
  9. *******

    Direct TV Sunday Ticket App

    Fine here
  10. *******

    Mack Traded!!!!!!!

    To the Bears
  11. If peterman starts what is the point of keeping AJ? Showcase him on Thursday then trade him
  12. Nathan Peterman is now 23-of-26 this preseason for 310 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. Statistically, he’s been been by far the best of the Bills’ QBs.
  13. Allen had time there people....