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  1. EJ Gaines Signs with the Browns for 1 Year at $4M

    Only 1 year 5 million. Geez . Wonder what we offered or If Gaines over valued himself
  2. Per th okla state guy they have on wgr now
  3. BIlls hosting penny!!!

    I can confirm that the #Bills will be hosting San Diego State RB Rashaad Penny on a pre-draft visit (First reported by @TonyPauline). Working on confirming date. #BillsMafia
  4. BREAKING: LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Los Angeles prosecutors say they are declining to bring charges against a Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones days after a naked, bloody argument with his brother.
  5. Thank you for your prayers everyone 🙏🏽! Zay is with me and his mom! He’s gonna be fine! We love y’all!
  6. USC Pro Day Coverage

    What time 1:30?
  7. wtf are these players taking

    It’s that purple kush
  8. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    Poor speaker in my opinion after listening to him
  9. Zay Jones Arrested

    Don’t the bills have a team psychiatrist meet with these players prior to drafting him. For real though, something was always off about him to me. Didn’t know what it was but now I know
  10. Two very question big money free agent signings, not going to get a top QB, Zay Jones now. What are Beane and company doing?
  11. Zay Jones Arrested

    This offseason can get any worse
  12. Bills Sign Newhouse and Bodine

    Bodine got a 2-year deal for $5M... He turned down a long-term deal from Cincy with low guarantees, opting for a deal he believes is best for his future
  13. I trust The Process. You should, too.

    The process just took a hit Saturday
  14. Bills sign Trent Murphy

    Terrelle pryor, welcome! Terrelle pryor, welcome!