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  1. Think that’s fair considering how bills have been playing
  2. I think it’s truly time to move on from Daboll
  3. Good move. Peko stunk last week
  4. Just heard on wgr that if both bills and Steelers win Sunday they have same playoff probability . Thiught that was interesting
  5. Josh Gordon being released off IR today, per source. -Adam Shefter
  6. Per Mike Freeman: Jalen Ramsey Part 2 is happening in Cincinnati with AJ Green.
  7. It’s happening: Former Jaguars’ CB Jalen Ramsey is being traded to the LA Rams for two first-round picks in 2020 and 2021, and a fourth-round pick in 2021, source tells ESPN.
  8. Don’t give a sh*t that he’s a first round pick. Shouldn’t matter.
  9. Quarterback A: 248-451, 2,977 yards, 6.6 yards per attempt, 13 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, 13 fumbles, 8-7 record. Quarterback B: 256-437, 2,810 yards, 6.4 yards per attempt 16 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 7 fumbles, 6-8 record guess who
  10. When is Allen gonna learn to take care of the ball? Football 101 buddy.
  11. Allen ain’t accurate so no don’t need this.
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