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  1. I think we are on the road I could be wrong , we will find out on Thursday , yes Miami home that would be a great opener , Miami is very good much better than last year on paper but we can take care of business and continue the win streak against them ! GO BILLS !
  2. Week 1 At Miami ? What do you think ? I don't think we are playing the LA Rams . The league will save that game later on . Perhaps Christmas Day ??
  3. 2922 The Buffalo Bills will probably win the interstellar Hypergalaxy Bowl against the Adora Renex
  4. Could this be mirror seasons ? Are we seeing a very similar patterns ???
  5. Glad we are underdog !! Let's get that W . Will it be another massacre like we did with the Patriots ? No but if we continue to play like this we will beat the Chiefs . Bills 37 Chiefs 31 GO BILLS !!
  6. Ugly win but a W is a W I say Bills 24 Pats 21
  7. Gonna be a blow out , this a feeling I have . NY Jets are gonna come all hungry to ruin our division title but that is not gonna happen . Bills 46 NY Jets 17
  8. The refs are preparing to make sure the Bills lose , this is how corrupted the NFL is . They want to see Tampa and New England in the SB
  9. How did Arizona lose to the worst team in the league ???
  10. Win loss win loss win loss , you see a pattern ? So this is gonna be a win Bills 33 Bucs 31 next week a loss
  11. We have to sweep them !! Is it gonna happened ? Probably not . Are we gonna get swept ? Probably not . I see a split . New England Patriots remaining schedule : Titans , At Bills , Bye , At Colts , Bills , at Jaguars , Dolphins : I see 4 wins for them Buffalo Bills remaining schedule : Patriots , At Bucs , Panthers , at Patriots , Falcons , NY Jets : I can see 4 wins we are not winning out Final standings Bills and Patriots 11-6 There is a relatively high probability that the Bills and Patriots will have the same record I am thinking 11-6 . who would win the division ? I am hoping the Patriots fall apart but most likely that is not going to happen . If we win out which would be awesome yes the division is ours . GO BILLS !
  12. The offense will be a total disaster 5 interceptions and no score but somehow the Defense will shine and only allow 6 points ( 2 field goals ) Josh Allen will hit bottom of his career . The Buffalo Defense will score 7 points ( Touchdown ) from a Jets interception . FINAL : Bills 7 NY Jets 6 . The ugliest win of the franchise history
  13. I can see the Bills losing 4 in a row and expecting a big blow out by Tampa making it 5 in a row but big Surprise Bills snap a 4 game losing streak by beating Tampa
  14. If the Bills lose this one the season is over and the fan reaction won't be nice and give up on the Bills . They better not lose this game
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