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  1. Great defense on both teams . Both quarterbacks playing great but the Ravens are just too good for the Bills , it is gonna be battle and the Bills will give a hard time to the Ravens Ravens 26 Bills 24 Beat the Pats , the steelers and the NY Jets after that 12-4
  2. Titans beat the Colts that is good news for us
  3. That last game the NY Jets could be an extremely important game if New England drops a couple and we beat them . We could be in a situation like that " Beat the NY Jets and we win the division " That is a real possibility but for now one game at a time . Let's focus on the Ravens
  4. You are not alone I may not know you but Happy Thanksgiving my friend ! GO BILLS !! This cat does not like the Dallas Cowboys and I agree !
  5. Awesome summary !! Now just imagine if we beat the Ravens !! Think about that
  6. If we beat the Ravens I am gonna start to think " Super Bowl "
  7. I know it is crazy , we have to beat the Pats and hope the Pats drop a game in order to secure the division . I do not think we are going to win the division but I think we win a playoff game and we might even beat the Pats . That Browns game is gonna cost us the tiebreaker but that is OK . We are having such a good season and just get better and better
  8. Love it !!! I had an amazing Thanksgiving with the love of my life Amber and a big win agains the Cowboys !!!
  9. Now I understand . Thank you Scenario 3 win the rest of the season and be 13-3 would be amazing !! GO BILLS !
  10. We play the Dallas cowboys today . Scenario number one : We win today against the Cowboys and we lose against the Ravens Scenario number two : We lose today against the Cowboys but we win against the Ravens I do not understand why playing an NFC team is not as important as playing an AFC team Scenario number 2 is better than scenario number 1 ? Why ? I am trying to figure this out HAPPY THANKSGIVING
  11. Beat the Cowboys , lose to Baltimore , beat the Steelers , lose to the Patriots and beat the NY Jets our final stretch of the next 5 games 3-2 and end up 11-5 for the season What do you think ?? How are we going to be in the Playoffs ? Not gonna worry about that now , let's finish the regular season first
  12. I think the NY Jets season's finale will be a very important game . We beat the NY Jets and we are in the playoffs or there is a small chance that we could be in a situation that if we beat the NY Jets we win the division
  13. Battle of the defenses , no touchdowns from either teams Bills win it 12-9 in overtime
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