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  1. The Bills Blog

    Allen looked very good today

    Would love to break it down; I just don't have time. Seriously.
  2. The Bills Blog

    Allen looked very good today

    A lot! Guys, most plays were positive. I'm not saying he was perfect, but the criticism he's taking today is unbelievable. What exactly are your expectations? Remember, he threw 17 balls, so don't talk about the yardage total.
  3. The Bills Blog

    Allen looked very good today

    Did you watch the f****** game or are you just looking at stats? It was clearly his best game. This thread is baffling to me.
  4. The Bills Blog

    Allen =Jake Locker 2.0?

    Media pressure may eventually force the Bills' hand to replace Allen, and that is a crying shame.
  5. The Bills Blog

    Allen =Jake Locker 2.0?

    I was not able to watch the game live yesterday, but I just watched it and I have to say I am deeply troubled by the media and fan reaction. I thought Josh Allen clearly played his best game yesterday. There were a lot of bright spots and a lot of throws from the pocket. You also can't just throw out plays that were called back. They still show his development. It's highly disturbing that everyone is saying he was awful and needs to be be replaced.
  6. The Bills Blog

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    This feels like emotional abuse. The aftermath of this Bills loss feels like one of those moments when you've been emotionally abused and you have that spasm of clarity: "Wow, I really don't deserve this. This shouldn't be happening." What we saw from Peterman doesn't compute. It should never happen.
  7. The Bills Blog

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Just think. If daddy hadn't been turned on that one time...
  8. What does Jesus Christ have to do with it? Why would you randomly say that at the end of your response? Why not any other religious figure?
  9. Poor Peterman. He's not going to be in the league a third year and will miss out on his NFL pension. At least EJ got a pension.
  10. The most depressing thing is that as soon as we get a good quarterback, the defense will suck again. It is rare for both to converge -- for some reason. Exception: 2018 Rams
  11. The Bills Blog

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    Week 6: @ Houston Texans I posited last week that there are five factors of winning in the NFL: schemes, luck, passion, talent, and environment (listed in order of importance). I thought the Bills would beat the Titans because of a favorable blend of schemes, passion, luck, and environment. Coincidentally or not, it did happen—despite the talent gap—and at least for one week, my theory appears to have legs. This week, it's another very hard game to call. I'm not sure who will have the edge in SCHEMES (the biggest factor of winning), but as long as Deshaun Watson does play, both TALENT and ENVIRONMENT go in Houston's favor. That means the Bills may only be able to rely on PASSION and hope for LUCK this week, and that's not a likely recipe for success. However, if the Bills can out-scheme Houston, they may be able to overcome the discrepancy and make it a game... Three predictions: 1. The Bills will get a big jolt of LUCK when a big hit from a blitzing Tremaine Edmunds will knock Deshaun Watson out of the game. 2. Josh Allen will throw a touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin. This might not be a shocker to the general public, but it will be to Bills fans. This will go along with a better-than-expected day from Allen as he will actually put up respectable passing numbers despite the fearsome Texans pass rush. Here, I'm calling a SCHEMES advantage for the Bills. 3. Tre'Davious White will limit DeAndre Hopkins to less than 70 yards receiving. TALENT on TALENT, and White will win. Result: Bills 17, Texans 10
  12. The Bills Blog

    Poyer Drama breaks open

    How in hell do you cheat on that ass?
  13. But the Jets are in an even better position... are we just assuming that they'll squander it?
  14. The Bills Blog

    Andy Benoit: How Do the Bills Keep Pulling Off Upsets?

    The Bills won yesterday not because of talent but because of the other four factors of winning, three of which are more important than talent: schemes, luck, passion, and environment.
  15. The Bills Blog

    McDermott's Locker Room Victory Speech

    F is against his religion. Damn is minor enough.