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  1. The Bills Blog

    Charting Allen's throws vs. Jets

    Where is the chart?
  2. The Bills Blog

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    Darnold's ball is eminently more catchable than Allen's. It's a beautiful ball. Darnold is clearly the superior passer. However, I'm not sure how to weigh Allen's running into the equation.
  3. The Bills Blog

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    Allen's completion percentage would be significantly better if not for drops and having to throw balls away due to a terrible O line. Next year should be much better.
  4. The Bills Blog

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    Lol... The whole contract doesn't count toward the first year's cap, bro.
  5. The Bills Blog

    Rate the rookie QB after week 13

    Why did you use Mayfield's first name and everyone else's last name? Why do I keep seeing this? What if we ranked them like this: 1. Mayfield 2. Allen 3. Rosen 4. Sam 5. Jackson πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜• OH MY GOD! IT CONTINUES THROUGH THE THREAD!
  6. The Bills Blog

    Do Bills fans have a napoleon complex?

    PLEASE tell me where it's good, because I went to both Charlie the Butcher's and Schwabl's in the past few weeks and it was embarrassing. Trying to show off a WNY special to my tagalongs and it was humiliating.
  7. The Bills Blog

    Do Bills fans have a napoleon complex?

    There's a reason beef on weck is only a local specialty: it's not very good.
  8. The Bills Blog

    1st Half Thread: Bills vs. Dolphins at 1 PM ET on CBS

    What does that mean? You have to do a stupid challenge when the replay is clear -- to prove something to your defense? This makes no sense, yet I think you are actually right...
  9. The Bills Blog

    1st Half Thread: Bills vs. Dolphins at 1 PM ET on CBS

    Seriously, why does McDermott always do stupid challenges?
  10. The Bills Blog

    Jags @ Bills **Predict the Score**

    Did he say this year?
  11. The Bills Blog

    Allen best Bills QB of 21st century?

    Oh my god. It wasn't just the last game of the year that got us to the playoffs. It was every other win during the season too.
  12. It's about the tweets, no doubt. Ramsey is not the only one holding a stupid-ass grudge. ***** him.
  13. The Bills Blog

    LT Dion Dawkins Bye Week Video Message To Bills Fans!

    Every time I see him talk, all I can think about is him eating casserole with his mouth open.
  14. The red jerseys actually have an orange tint. It's really bizarre. It's not a true red and is a different shade than the red accents we employ.
  15. The Bills Blog

    For Those Calling For Mahomes, Check This Out.

    I'm literally just about to sink my teeth into a perfect ribeye. No ketchup.