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  1. I always wear Bills items on a cruise and always get favorable reactions. Met some great peeps from Rochester on the last one (Jan 2020, just before the world shut down.) WVU and Marshall items are also favorably received.
  2. A wonderful 2--0 win for England. Germany had chances, but the English keeper made some great saves.
  3. The Devil wears Prada is my favorite surprise movie. Mrs. Lew and MIL dragged me to this movie at the theatre oh so many years ago. I dreaded the idea. Then after the movie was over, I agreed I was wrong and it was a very entertaining movie. I was glad I went.
  4. Those of us who attended the home opener in 2007 will never forget the silence at RWS when Kevin Everett suffered a spinal injury. Like Christian he received excellent emergency care on the field and at the hospital. Kevin never played football again but he is a walking testament to the skilled care givers who helped him that day and the years following. Hopefully Christian will have a similar positive outcome.
  5. This whole team is young. Many are playing in European leagues and increasing their skill levels by leaps and bounds.
  6. I held onto the tickets for the 2020 postponed event and received the email confirming the rescheduled date in late August. Mrs. Lew is very excited about this
  7. The USMNT won the first Nations League Concacaf cup in a 3-2 victory over Mexico. The match was held at Mile High Stadium in Denver. The cheering and bottle throwing section supporting the Mexican team was out of control and caused delays in the match. This is a new USA team and they play a 'friendly' versus Costa Rica at 7PM on Wednesday June 9. on ESPN 2
  8. An (s) after movie should be added to the title of the thread There are some great lists
  9. Shawshank Godfather I and II Tin Cup Major League Die Hard A Christmas Story Caddyshack Home Alone Star Trek.....First Contact National Lampoon Christmas
  10. Thumbs up to Phil and his victory. Thumbs down to the PGA for allowing the mob scene on number 18. I'm sorry, but there needed to be more control as the safety of players and caddies was an issue imho.
  11. Alice's shows are entertaining and a lot of fun. After Tom Petty died ( yes I know several TBD members disliked Tom) I told Mrs. Lew that we have to see the older performers. Since then we have seen (Pre-Covid) Kansas, Chicago, Alice Cooper , Styx, Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy and hopefully King Crimson after they reschedule their 2020 tour.
  12. I just finished the novel and submitted the review to Amazon. When does the movie hit the big screen ?
  13. My favorite Charles Grodin role was in "Heaven Can Wait" With Warren Beatty. rip
  14. I dont know it is in your neck of the woods, but used car lots here in SWV are ghost towns. The Toyota dealership used to have 30-40 used vehicles on the lot. Today there were 4 when I drove by. A "mom & pop" used car place has 8 when they usually have 25-30 used vehicles. As far as leasing goes, Now that Mrs. Lew and I are retired our work driving mileage has gone from a combined 800 miles per week to less than 80 miles per week. The mileage factor was the key blockage to us ever leasing a vehicle. Now I would consider it. Good luck to the OP. As on
  15. Tudors Biscuit World is everywhere here in WV. A major contributor to the high obesity level in the Mountain State. Biscuits are large and have a large variety of combinations. My favorite includes fried bologna, egg and cheese. It is called "The Politician"
  16. Another favorite is the telemarketer will ask if they can reduce my mortgage interest rates. I'll ask, Can you go below "0.00 % " as my house is paid for. End of call. Last year we bought new house phones. (Yes I still have a landline). One of the features was the ability to "block" calls. We filled up that feature in 2 weeks.. One of the best things is to stay on the line as long as possible, since some of these callers get paid by the number of calls they make.
  17. For the most part I ignore the calls. But every now and then I'll begin a conversation in German. And yes a great deal of German profanity occurs. The call quickly ends even before the profanity
  18. I gave the gas mower to my SIL who just bought a house in our neighborhood.
  19. Update.. I pulled the plug and bought the Ego mower that is last years model. It is self propelled and has a bagger, mulcher or side discharge system. The battery took an hour to fully charge out of the box. The mower itself is light. I mean really light. The height of the mower deck is easy to adjust with one controller. I had it set one setting higher than my old mower, so the grass is higher than previous mowing. I have set it down one setting for the next mowing. It took 45 minutes to mow and that is normal. And the mower is very quiet. I gave my gas mower to
  20. We are headed to Lewiston in August for our 50 year HS reunion. Yes, Mrs. Lew and I are HS Sweethearts. Tha'ts about it. Our time has been and will be spent in "grandma & grandpa" mode. A cruise is planned for 2022.
  21. Mrs. Lew had her second shot (Pfizer) 2 weeks ago and sore arm only. I had my second (Pfizer) on Wed 4.14 and no adverse affects. Not even the sore arm issue. We have been very healthy during this situation and my thoughts are leaning towards increased vitamin C and D intake. Also, I got my first ever regular flu shot in the fall.
  22. A neighbor of mine had one of these years ago and the cord was a pain. Yard had to be a perfect rectangle to go back and forth and moving the cord.
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