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  1. Great review of the game and the stadium experience. A++
  2. Bring plenty of Kleenex as there will be a bunch of us crying...Tears of joy !
  3. This is a great video. Hearing Van Miller's voice triggers great memories for this long time Bills fan
  4. Chastity Bono is my guess
  5. Godfathers I and II set the bar incredibly high so III had the deck stacked against it from the get go. Personally I think GF III is OK. For me the gold standard of terrible sequels is Caddy shack II.
  6. Cynthia just got hot in my book. She picked the Bills over the Colts. ** Her prediction for Josh was to throw for 2 TDs and run for one TD. **
  7. Join the club. There's a LONG list. GO BILLS
  8. You are correct, As a "guest" there is an ad after the first post in a thread. GO Bills
  9. Reading that message board is funny as all get out. It makes me appreciate what TBD has and what it does not have. Having ads in the middle of threads is tedious. SDS,, Thanks for keeping the threads 'clean' and devoid of ads.
  10. Both universities should be banned from Bowl games next year
  11. Happy New Years to the greatest fans in the world. The best thing about 2020 was the birth of my grand daughter.
  12. I was able attend the WVU--Oklahoma game where he made those three passes in the video. He and Grier had a great connection. I think he will make a fine addition to the Bill's receiver group. And staying healthy is the only negative issue
  13. Today's birthday boy is Burton Cummings. A youthful 73.
  14. Marshall will be playing without their running back , Knox and top linebacker Beckett, who have both declared for the NFL draft. Marshall played poorly in their last two contests.
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