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  1. "Personal foul, #42 on the offense - tripping opponent with a flaming whip. Fifteen yard penalty and the player is ejected from Middle Earth."
  2. Watching Belichick coach against Anthony Lynn feels like a WWE referee should jump in to stop the fight. Ha ha - When I wrote that I was actually thinking WBA, but I guess my fingers recognized how farcical it really was and typed WWE for me...
  3. Macros. He had a lot of pre-canned answers he could choose from. When he had to craft a new response, he had a lot of pre-assembled phrases which could be combined together. Creating an entirely new answer took more time. The program he used was actually pretty sophisticated, and was updated throughout his life. Random fact: I nearly tripped over him once in the aisle of a darkened lecture theater. I looked back to see who was the idiot sprawled in the aisle like that, and my head pretty much exploded.
  4. "This is the squirreliest 1-on-1 I've ever done" - Shnow "This is the manliest 1-on-1 I've ever done" - T-Bass
  5. Could someone point me at the hospitals that are showing higher immortality? 'Cause I wanna go to one of those...
  6. ?? We have two semesters, and the school year ended three weeks ago.
  7. Where's the pics of her getting disciplined? (Asking for a friend.)
  8. Yeah, then v2.0 shows up with a hypodermic and chases down the vaccine refusers...?
  9. Here is an interesting idea being proposed for opening the economy in a controlled way, that should still have a positive effect on controlling the spread of the virus: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/11/opinion/coronavirus-reopen.html I expect that something like this, maybe not this exact plan, will be adopted in many areas. Right now I am trying to make arrangements to get into the office for the first time in nine weeks, and it is unbelievable how many hoops I need to jump through to get authorized. I just need to pick up some equipment, and it is being vetted all
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