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  1. Jon in Pasadena

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

  2. Jon in Pasadena

    The Amish Rifle- Fitz

    I was looking at Fitzy's career numbers, and if he could squeeze out 3 more seasons (including this season) with his average yards & TD's from the previous 3 seasons, I calculated he'd finish his career with 34,709 YDS and 223 TDs. That's astounding to me. Like, right there with Jim Kelly's career numbers (35,467 & 237). For a guy who's been a journeyman/backup for the bulk of his career. But I doubt he hits those averages. (Watch him prove me wrong now, because, you know, Fitzmagick.)
  3. Jon in Pasadena

    SpaceX Announcement

    Watching the live SpaceX announcement of the first paying customer who will fly to the moon on the BFR. Yusaku Maezawa from Japan. Dude is completely nuts. Amazing.
  4. Jon in Pasadena

    Attention Bob Dylan fans:

    If you see her, say Hello.
  5. Jon in Pasadena

    Restaurants on Gamedays

    Very brave of you to post this on a sports message board. Doesn't exactly make me want to eat there, though...
  6. Jon in Pasadena

    Reasons to sign Tebow

    My hard drive is at 100% used and I still have room to store all the reasons for signing Tebow.
  7. Jon in Pasadena

    Patriots Lose RB Jeremy Hill for the Season with a Torn ACL

    Saints. Had 9 yds rushing and a fumble (lost) yesterday.
  8. Jon in Pasadena

    Man, I Love Me Some Beaver....

    Dumbass's friends: "Man, you really got to try the beaver up in Kennewick. That ****'s the bomb!" Dumbass: "Yeah, lemme just finish off this dime first..."
  9. And the fan was sitting, like, at least 25 yards out of bounds.
  10. Jon in Pasadena

    Fitzpatrick may keep the starting job!

    Yeah, Jake Bortles is almost as bad as Blake Plummer was back in the day....
  11. Jon in Pasadena

    Bills @ da Bears 1st Half Thread

    TBH, that's probably the highlight for this game. It's only goin' downhill from here...
  12. Jon in Pasadena

    Bills @ da Bears 1st Half Thread

    That was "Hora-ble"