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  1. Jon in Pasadena

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    And you're still happily married? Hmm....
  2. Jon in Pasadena

    California wildfires

    Things are fine.
  3. Jon in Pasadena

    Hot for teacher Irish style

    Ba mhaith liom a bhualadh sin!
  4. Jon in Pasadena

    MNF Game day thread - Pats vs Bills

    My 12 year old throws a tighter spiral.
  5. Jon in Pasadena

    MNF Game day thread - Pats vs Bills

    When I put my cursor on that my Chrome tooltip said "Enlarge image". I double-clicked and my screen broke.
  6. Jon in Pasadena

    Prostitution arrests: South Texas style

    That's four hard passes and a chaser of eye-bleach.
  7. Jon in Pasadena

    Pregame thread: Bills at Colts 1 pm on CBS

    Years ago I found out the hard way there's an Ontario in California. Was chatting with this chick and she said she's "from Ontario" and I thought that was cool, so we started to talk about Ontario and after 30 seconds or so we were looking at each other like we had two heads apiece.
  8. Jon in Pasadena

    TBD "Kelly The Dog" - great writer

    I can vouch for KTD's imbibing proficiency, at least as far as beer is concerned. (Although my data is a bit out of date. Need to remedy that.)
  9. Jon in Pasadena

    Bills playing hockey

    Sabres could have suited up 23 Bills players last night, and they'd still have the same W/L record this morning.
  10. Jon in Pasadena

    Thursday Night Football: Colts at Pats

    "The calls even out" is the most bull **** saying ever.
  11. Jon in Pasadena

    Thursday Night Football: Colts at Pats

    Same no-call the other night on Kareem Hunt. League doesn't care about defensive guys' health. Like, at all.
  12. Jon in Pasadena

    Caption This

    Umm, these uniform pants don't have any pockets so...could ya please stop trying to find one?
  13. Jon in Pasadena

    Met the mother of a current Bill this week

    This is an accurate assessment. I am years behind on H anime. Btw, the word for octopus in Japanese is also slang for a guy who's way too grope-y.
  14. Jon in Pasadena

    Prostitution arrest: Iowa style

    From the article: Here's the deputy 3 days later: https://goo.gl/images/CNxGdY
  15. Jon in Pasadena

    Caption This! (Bucs edition)

    "But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth." - Jame(i)s 3:14