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  1. Well, I wasn't into them when they were teeny-boppers, but I think they started their careers in another group, around age 10 or something. Definitely early 20's is young... but not underage. And their vibe these days is more spears & battle-flags, rather than lollipops and stuffed bears. The mixture of Kawaii (cute) and Metal (not cute) genres is something that I found interesting... Now if I'd put up a video of AKB48 or something, then I might have to concede your point! 😁
  2. Nope. The majority of their fans (like all metal groups I know of) are male. The fact that they are fronted by cute 20-something females probably does pull in more female fans than your average metal band.
  3. I don't get it? There seemed to be a pretty even age distribution in the crowd. Plenty of girls, too. Cute ones, even.
  4. Saw them in concert last week. Fun show.
  5. According to my astronomer friends, it's actually a factor of 2 ... .... in the exponent.
  6. So...she's still stalking you? ...and hogtie her before-hand.
  7. Or.... hire Hines Ward away from the Jets to be our "Offensive Quality Control" coach ....?
  8. Checking whether he should be used in their "heavy" package...
  9. Did Smoke sucker-punch a Bengal on the sidelines a few plays ago when they roughed him up a bit after a catch? Thought I saw it live, but no replay...?
  10. It's OK -- he makes up for it by throwing dimes....
  11. Especially when your MLB is playing "Twister" with the OG on the backside of the play...
  12. Tonight I was watching an old episode of The Office with my 13-year old, and Michael Scott starts singing "Two Tickets to Paradise" and I commented that the guy who wrote the song just passed, and my kid turns to me and says "Eddie Money, right? I was floored.
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