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  1. What does Don say that doesn't include these words I have done more for ... I have the best there is working for me... When something goes wrong or a person strongly disagrees Those people are losers and Fake News story tellers We have the greatest generals He was the worst general I have neither acknowledged racism to the good or bad. I said Don was delusional. Do you agree or not?
  2. WTF? where the hell did you get that? I said Don was delusional. You posted Hillary? delusional must be the theme of the day.
  3. My point was / is, Hillary (supporting the argument or not) has very little to do with our delusional president.
  4. That's about right. Play well, get paid, suck enough to get benched, replace the other guy because he couldn't do it either. rinse and repeat
  5. This man is delusional Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump My Admin has done more for the Black Community than any President since Abraham Lincoln. Passed Opportunity Zones with @SenatorTimScott, guaranteed funding for HBCU’s, School Choice, passed Criminal Justice Reform, lowest Black unemployment, poverty, and crime rates in history… 218K 2:27 PM - Jun 2, 2020. seriously delusional Portions of that may be true .... lowest Black unemployment. for women it went to just over 4% and men rose to almost 6% Great Job. has done more for ... than any President since Abraham Lincoln?? delusional
  6. While I agree. I can deal with a loss to the NYETS and FISH but not NE. The sweep of the Pats** * is a must! I always factor in a split * added to 4 games against very good teams and work from there. 7 Losses. Sweep NE - 6 losses, Sweep NE and MIA - 5 losses, Sweep NE, MIA and NYJ - 4 losses. Outside the AFCE that range could be 9-7 to 14-2. I'm still hovering at 11 wins.
  7. Close enough to what I remember. If I did the math correctly, Diggs should provide the Bills with about +3 ppg. so that would put the offense on top by nearly 2 points. 20/18. If Josh rids himself of having those WTF just happened moments aka really dumb rookie move the O could also get a point or 2 bump up to make it 21 - 22 ish.
  8. Because the game is IN Buffalo ... That is the best option. It will be a "Make a statement" game. Can you Run with the "Big Dawgs" ? Night game, hopefully people in the seats as well as put up movie screens in the parking lots and let the games begin!!!.
  9. Soon he'll be All by himself .... singing One is the loneliest Number ... Oh and - Thank you god for making him put me on ignore.
  10. list you say? the Goody Two-Shoes list or the stoner list?
  11. Watching it on TV - you could "see" that the Home Field experience feel was not there. Bad timing or was it? What a way for Ralph to earn $10 Million per game before and concessions kickbacks and a mediocre team.
  12. I get some but the others? What have the Raiders done that puts their off season moves a step above Buffalo. The same for Tennessee and trusting Ryan Tannehill to take that "leap". 8 year vets take strides, not "leaps"
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