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  1. Smart! My wife won't drive downtown or in city... She'll take the train! Then if I can, I will usually pick her with car!
  2. Fair enough, but the key is to go with flow. Stoners don't! They are taking in the sights!
  3. Yup! How it works is... The big stuff comes in lock first and gets secured, then the pleasure craft come in and go along side and to front... They leave first to get the heck out of way... These stoners attempted to go in first, had not even a clue what was behind them coming in. Total blinders on! We had to stand them down or they would have been splattered 15 minutes prior to that picture... Yet, even coming in last, leaving first, they still didn't get it. They were the most maneuverable vessel in a confined channel. They needed to get the hell outta way... Or at least go into shallow water. That empty barge is drafting 2 feet, the powerboat 1... The big guy will stick in mud first.
  4. Just like on the road... Stay outta the hammer lane. Same with navigation. "Impeding the flow of traffic is also a violation and you ultimately could receive a ticket for going too slow, however, the reason for these minimum speed limits is merely not just to find someone to write a ticket for but to maintain a safe flow of traffic. Could you imagine driving 70 mph and then suddenly coming up on someone in the roadway that is doing 30 mph? That’s a crash waiting to happen." "If for whatever reason speeds are too high for your experience on the roadway then I would highly suggest that you stick to using local roads."
  5. Going slow is not safe at times. Like going under 45mph on the expressway. You'll get yourself killed and possibly kill others.
  6. Just now. Nothing worse than stoned boaters! These guys stoned outta their mind. Attempting to roll another one while locking thru... I told them to blaze it when they get to Lake Michigan. Open flames can ignite fumes low on the water in confined space of the lock chamber. This wasn't a HazMat lockage, why we don't lock anyone with HazMat... Too unpredictable what people will do. They simply have blinders on, pot/booze adds to it! Then leaving they won't speed up and get going with the tow and barge right behind hot on its tail with the wind, totally unaware that it's bearing down on them! Right about here they should have hole-shot it to a safer location! But they're baked! No perception of what's behind them...
  7. If you ask my wife what's her "favorite bridge" she'll say: "Duh! The Peace Bridge!" We'd kick ass on The Newlyweds!
  8. ☆REMEMBER: This weekend's trip to BFLo... 2 Weber's Mustards and some Sahlen's hot dogs for co-workers. Take 'em to task! 😆
  9. I just had a boat going from: Watkins Glen, New York to Chattanooga, Tennessee all by water. That's a strange origin and destination combination. They Bought the boat in Watkins Glen and now it will live in Chattanooga!
  10. It's all fun and games mister till someone loses an eye!!!! 😏 But there's only 650,000 in the whole state of VT... How many people could you have interacted with on the way to Mrs.Joan's place 40 miles away. One person? 😉
  11. Yup! Agree. But the campaign out there is buzzed driving is drunk driving. So... Does how does that equate to weed? If you feel it, you shouldn't operate, right? They want zero. They want sobriety when operating. Not comparing the strength of the two drugs, just the self-titrating (aspect of weed) vs. getting an RX from a professional.
  12. Zero. Isn't buzzed driving called drunk driving. Or, at least that's the campaign. God, who knows what buzzed is with regards to other medications and recreational drugs? Sorry to beat a cautionary horse... But we are entering semi-uncharted waters. We all know all to well how that goes, always unintended consequences. Heroin was created to save morphine addicts, hence the name albeit dropping the all important "e" @ the end. 😏 Be careful where we tread... Nobody should complain if things go off the Rails. Sobriety is really the only answer when operating in public... If that can't take place, then who's responsible, a self-medicated person? No, there should be a professional behind that medication, like a doctor. Yet, we seen how well the opioid epidemic went. BUT, someone rather than the individual is still more responsible. I will let it go... But I hate when I see societal shifts like this.
  13. From 2016: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/abcs-child-psychiatry/201601/does-marijuana-cause-psychosis How many people out there have schizophrenic tendencies or even genetics and don't know it. IMO... Quite a time-bomb we're messing with. Do we want them self-medicating, titrating their doses. Sure, they Call me against the new conventionality... But IMO, alcohol (can be bad), doesn't leave so many unknowns.
  14. He muffed it, I think. Touched it way up field. He had to pick it up and attempt to get it up field. Was a live ball. If he gets tackled in EZ, it'd been a safety. 82 yards, as not as sexy... Is more impressive. Talking difference of 16 yards all not bouncing around 40.
  15. They already recycle the "buffet slop" and send it to local pig farms.
  16. I live & work in real-world where personal safety is an issue with stuff like OUI (Operating Under The Influence)... There's going to be some connection with causation. Alcohol is much easier to manage IMO. We're entering a brave new time. So much more unknown with individuals and their state of minds. All I am saying is we should tread carefully. Dealing with a populace who's self-medicating will bring its challenges more than alcohol. Or... If illegal push them to more innocuous drugs like alcohol. Innocuous when it comes to self-medicating. FWIW... People are psychological walking time-bombs out there. Now, mix in a wildcard. 😬😬 [I see parallels to the gun debate and personal freedom]
  17. This ain't gonna end well... I am just smart enough to see it. Alcohol isn't great, but not as dicey. https://www.verywellmind.com/can-marijuana-cause-psychosis-5200547 "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) reports that substance/medication-induced psychotic disorder accounts for between 7% and 25% of all first-time psychotic episodes." "A study published in the journal The Lancet found that people who smoke high potency marijuana on a daily basis potentially have a five times greater risk of developing psychosis compared to people who have never smoked marijuana."
  18. Nothing good can come of it. It's like taking the "guns approach"... And expecting everyone to be a responsible person. Just ain't gonna happen. We are replacing one crutch with another. There's more people in my county than the whole state of VT. 😉
  19. They'd probably have to reverse osmosis the water before they can pipe. No way it would pass the environmental test.
  20. Remember, if it lasts for more than 4 hours, seek medical help immediately. 😏
  21. Francis. 😏 It's a problem. Illinois it's totally recreationally legal, and it shows. Replacing one problem with another. Makes everyone's job harder.
  22. It really is funny, till someone actually dies. It's not at all about patience, would you think the same with a DUI on the road, we should have more patience with them... Of course not, you and your family, along with myself and loved ones share the road with them.
  23. From Wikipedia: "Araiza is of Mexican descent through his father, Rico, who was born in Mexico. Araiza has stated that he does not "necessarily love the nickname" of 'Punt God', though recognizes it as a "huge compliment." " SO... Your concerns are addressed. Anyway... He's NOT God, but PUNT God. That's still below the Big Guy! 😏 There's all kinds of lesser Gods/Goddesses. No disrespect.
  24. When you look at O'Neal's... Almost 30 yards is bouncing.
  25. Here's HoFer Ray Guy's career stats. In just over a 1,000 punts, Guy's longest was 74 yards. In his first pro game, Punt God shatters Guy's longest by 8 yards and there was no wind. Fasten your seat belts folks. Ray Guy (P): Career NFL statistics Punts: 1,049 Punting yards: 44,493 Average punt: 42.4 Longest punt: 74 Here's the longest in NFL history, look how many yards it bounces. 98 yards total. Yet, Steve O'Neal gets minimal extension like Punt God does: Gotta click link. Nasty NFL won't embed it.
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