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  1. Went to move the wife's car into garage, this was on the stick...A very underrated 10,000 Maniacs song: From '87, Michael Stipe on backing vocals. 35 years later the lyrics resonate even more... Even more profound considering the way things are going with people, power, natural resources, and the land... "A lie to say, "O my mountain has coal veins and beds to dig. 500 men with axes and they all dig for me." A lie to say, "O my river where many fish do swim, half of the catch is mine when you haul your nets in." Oh, no, never will he believe that his greed is a blinding ray. No devil or redeemer will cheat him. He'll take his gold to where he's lying cold. A lie to say, "O my mine gave a diamond as big as a fist." But with every gem in his pocket, the jewels he has missed. A lie to say, "O my garden is growing taller by the day." He only eats the best and tosses the rest away. Oh, no, never will he be believe that his greed is a blinding ray. No devil or redeemer can cheat him. He'll take his gold to where he's lying cold. Six deep in the grave. Something is out of reach Something he wanted Something is out of reach He's being taunted Something is out of reach That he can't bag or steal. Nor can he buy. His oldest pain and fear in life There'll not be time His oldest pain and fear in life There'll not be time Oh no, hey, hey A lie to say "O my forest has trees that block the sun and when I cut them down I don't answer to anyone." No, no, never will he believe that his greed is a blinding ray No devil or redeemer can cheat him. He'll take his gold where he's lying cold. La la la la la la La la la, la la la Oh, la la la, la la la la La la la la la la la Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely man"
  2. It's a Wonderful Life Elf A Charlie Brown Christmas Linus' Soliloquy... "...Fear not..." then Linus drops his blanket...
  3. Because it was botched from the get go. Too much at stake in a University part of town... Police told the university to stand down... Well that's what was said at first. System protects these guys.
  4. Same... I have been sick a few, but never confirmed flu. Who knows what it was...
  5. I like how the animators had him kicking Florida off... Pushing with foot. Attention to detail!
  6. Then Judge better get to work! He's on pace with HRs. Batting average close.
  7. @ 30 he's pace with Mantle. Bit off with hits. Mantle retired at 38.
  8. Remember when the Bills didn't punt? Yeah... Happy thoughts!!!
  9. Stick some kind of dye under your bushes so when he blows things there, it kicks back at him and stains his sorry azz! But only use the stuff detected only by a black light... Then carry it around with you and wave said light at him... 😆
  10. You obviously don't know what mystique means. LoL... It's what kept him... Those 27 titles, Ruth, Gehrig, Berra, Maris, Jeter...
  11. Suck it haters... The mystique lives: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/aaron-judges-massive-contract-keeps-yankees-mystique-alive-—-just-barely/jcnpon9yndvkocc33abxqgz3 No. At least they have something. It just kills you that A.Judge values the pinstripes more than anything else... This nails it! "...In a world — or is it a bubble or an echo chamber? — where the allure of wearing the pinstripes in Yankees Stadium was built up to the point where it was seen as more important than money, the idea of Judge actually leaving was just silly, a thing that couldn’t actually happen. Stars don’t leave the Yankees if the Yankees want the stars to stay. And in the end, of course, Judge stayed. The Yankees Mystique survived, but only barely. ..."
  12. Number one bullet point is bizarre. They won it in 2009. The Yankees have won it in 1996, 1998, 1998, 2000, 2009... That's 5 times since the Mets last win in 1985. Hate all you want... There will always be a Yankee mystique as being the most storied franchise in MLB history. Even if they throw a few clunker decades around. Just beyond me that we're setting the bar at just showing up in the last 10 years... The Yankees in last 20 years have 13 Division Titles... The Mets? In last 35 years... 2 Division titles.
  13. Agree... Figure Miami was really only settled since early 1900s... The populations in the SunBelt wouldn't exist without mechanical air conditioning. It's a climate danger zone too... Always has been, too many people live there because humans have engineered around the challenges.
  14. It's the problematic turf at: 1. Ford Field 2. Paycor Stadium 3. Caesars Superdome 4. Lucas Oil Stadium 5. US Bank Stadium 6. MetLife Stadium
  15. Yet... They brag about the heat stroke advantage they have on the SideLines @ HardRock... It's a big home field advantage there... The home team in Miami isn't subjected to heat stroke... At least in snow and cold, things are equal. They need to build a sunshade on visitor's sideline in Miami to equal things out. The last game the Bills staff was running around with portable shades to cover the players so they won't keel over. On Miami sideline, they had no such problem because they were in shade. They new semi-roof was created to give an unfair competitive advantage to home team and help fans.
  16. Yup. By rules... Like that here a few games when Bears were playing in on CBS during a Bills game. Can you do Paramount+ with free trial?
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