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  1. For such a brilliant guy he sure throws 10x his share of dumb ass passes. You'd think he would know better. Love me some Fitzy though. Also one of my favorite players ever. Don't see how you can possibly say that. He always played the exact same way. So he was trying to protect his stats when he was winning or losing, early or late, against good defenses and bad all sixty minutes? That's just the way he played, a conservative guy who never wanted to throw interceptions. He was risk adverse unless he had guys he thought would get open. When he had Sammy and Harvin and Goodwin he would throw deep because he had confidence in those guys. When they were gone he didn't. I don't think it had anything to do with stats.
  2. This draft becomes an A in the first quarter of the first game when Josh throws a 20 yard bullet on the run to Diggs who takes it to the house.
  3. If you cannot throw an out or a deep out, DCs and DBs can take about 25% of the field away from you, which makes inside the hashes a lot harder to complete. All that is left of the sidelines is a lob over the corner and in front of the safety. Of course, rag arms CAN complete an out or a deep out sporadically, but it's dangerous and often deadly.
  4. I think Mason Rudolph has an RPG compared to Fromm or Barkley.
  5. It’s possible I’m underestimating his arm strength, and it's merely appalling and embarrassing instead of disqualifying, but I doubt it. He's Barkley and Barkley shouldn't be our backup.
  6. I would have been happy with aJames Morgan pick.
  7. Wasn’t Losman (not) thought to be the next years number one pick?
  8. There was never any question that Brees did not possess adequate arm strength. He just didn't have a strong arm. He was the equivalent of a first round pick though, because there was no question. If there was he would have fallen to the 4-6 like all those guys do.
  9. He said he thought those four Fs stand for football. I did Nazi this coming.
  10. The two in arm strength are completely different worlds. Burrow easily has enough arm strength. It's just not a cannon. From is a pop gun.
  11. I'm thinking this was a gift to McD who loves these guys. McD is the one that loved Peterman and loves Barkley.
  12. Except he can't make the throws when it's sunny and 80 with a gentle breeze.
  13. There is a requisite requirement for arm strength in a QB in the NFL that doesn't exist in college. He's Peterman. I hated Peterman from the start and said he doesn't even belong in the league because he simply cannot throw the ball to certain places on the field that get there quick enough. If he HAD even adequate arm strength he would have been picked in the top two rounds. Fromm I mean.
  14. Except for not being physically capable of playing the position in the NFL?
  15. Didn't like the previous two but love this pick. This is the kind of talent you Draft in the sixth, especially with the larger PS this year. We can coach him up.
  16. Isn't there some new CBA third QB on game day roster element? Did they put that in?
  17. Peterman part trois. We already have Peterman part deux. Merde!!
  18. Ball velocity is probably the least accurate stat, if you can even call it that. There are endless examples of guys with lousy arms throwing mph as hard as guys with huge arms. Every year at the combine. It's worthless.
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