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  1. The defensive line is a big let down. Theyve done nothing, every run seems to get into the second level and of course they can’t get Mahomes on the ground once.
  2. Kincaid is going to need some targets here. Stop running sideways.
  3. Have to get Klein off the field, take the green sticker and give it to Poyer.
  4. Gotta get Klein out of there. Line got close, even had a Von sighting.
  5. Just like Jordan Love, IMPATIENT, tons of time left just forced it anyways.
  6. Jim Nantz and Tony Romo = Another game on mute the whole night.
  7. Let’s see what this defensive line can do tonight. Everyone but Phillips Is available.
  8. The defensive line must be dominant tonight. They need the best game collectively they’ve played all season.
  9. They’re trying so hard to prop up Purdy. He sucked, and his defense kept the Packers down long enough, and of course he got lucky with the missed FG.
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