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  1. I don't worry about it at all. Logan Thomas is already 29 years old. He is a backup level Tight End. So, he makes no difference to this team.
  2. The 2010 offseason that Nix orchestrated was a complete failure and an embarrassment. Extended Chris Kelsey as the model of a Bills player. Kept both of Jauron’s failed QBs, ultimately leading to Trent Edwards starting again in 2010 (and running out of bounds on 4th down in Green Bay). Led the switch to a 3-4 defense and drafted failures like Troup, Carrington, Batten, Moats. In addition to complete busts Marcus Easley, Ed Wang. Drafted CJ Spiller with the 9th overall pick, and then we saw the coaching staff that wanted their “water bug” get a tot
  3. While Nix was one of the worst GMs I’ve ever seen, Whaley’s Rex Ryan Press Conference and humans shouldn’t play football quote made him look incompetent. Whaley has no one to blame for passing on Khalil Mack out of Buffalo for Sammy Watkins. Seems to me on that one he backed himself into a corner to get a WR1 for EJ.
  4. Year One. That's the qualifier. Still, looking at the names on that list, not many of them turned into DE #1's. Here is the original Tweet:
  5. I just think that some NFL evaluators are telling you there isn't much of a difference ultimately between Rousseau and Epenesa in terms of talent. They seem to be pointing out that they tend to win on hustle plays and pass rush against weaker players, neither one has proven variety of moves or snap reaction or speed. Neither profiles as a #1 Pass Rusher in the NFL, as both seem to be 3-8 sack kind of guys. Which again, Sal Capaccio demonstrated, that this is most likely what you're going to get when you take DEs beyond pick 25.
  6. In part, I think they see how Epenesa came along slowly last season and apply the same logic to Rousseau. Sal Capaccio said it over and over that 4-3 DEs picked between 25 and 64 in the past 10 drafts only had 4 guys who cracked 10-sacks, out of 34 players. So some of the analysis is correct, he probably doesn’t have elite skill and he probably does win on hustle. He wouldn’t have been available if he did. Like Lawson, Epenesa he probably is a 3-8 sack kind of guy.
  7. Maurice Jones-Drew type build. 5’7” 210+ pounds.
  8. I think the team being able to go father than last year hinges on Josh Allen’s improvement as a passer. It’s all the same players back. Small helps may be Gabe Davis taking more reps, getting Star L back into the rotation, AJ Epenesa second year, and Sanders staying healthy verses John Brown last year. Another year of complete continuity.
  9. Goodwin all the way. Stevenson is not close.
  10. There are a few teams with an Elite Top 2 pairing. Seattle fits that now with Metcalf and Lockett, and they drafted Eskridge. Julio and Ridley are just as a good as Metcalf and Lockett combined. Then you have teams with potential. On paper the Dolphins took a step forward with Fuller and Waddle added to Parker. Injuries and suspensions hurt their case. Cincinnati could be good with Chase, Higgins and Boyd. The 49ers top two are good with Samuel and Aiyuk. Same with the Vikings. Stee
  11. There were plenty of people clamoring for him.
  12. There were plenty of people talking about Metcalf. The pictures of him looking like the Hulk before the Combine made the rounds, and then the 4.33 (1.49s at 10 yard) caught attention, with a 40.5" vertical, 11'2" broad, 27 reps on the bench. There were concerns about his neck and his agility scores. Of course Metcalf was worth taking over Cody Ford, who immediately wasn't thought of as a pure NFL OT.
  13. Because we aren't pro athletes. Us getting older doesn't effect our company. If Arizona wants to celebrate the play forever, that's great, Hopkins shelf life as an elite WR is ticking, so go on ahead and keep memorializing it.
  14. The only other franchise that is 0-4 in Super Bowls, so not sure what there is to puff their chests about.
  15. It was a great play that ultimately means nothing now. Hopkins is another year older.
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