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  1. Ole’ Chris “General Platitudes” Brown. The guy simply repeats old football cliches from the 8,000 bad coaches we’ve had over the years. Establish the run, pick your poison, the jump from Year One to Year Two, etc.
  2. Until Buddy Nix got caught by teenagers on a prank phone call ripping Fitzpatrick.
  3. Nix and Whaley are the end results of trusting 90+ year old Ralph Wilson to make football decisions into the 2000's. It's Promote from Within & Cash to Cap philosophy that sunk the Bills, compared to the rest of the league. After Donahoe, Wilson reached out to 80+ year old Marv Levy for advice on who to hire for GM. In the middle of that phonecall, he asked Marv Levy if he wanted to be the GM. Marv, was a disaster at GM. Hiring his buddy, Dick Jauron, and that went horribly. Marv stepped down, and with no GM in place, Russ Brandon took over. He immediately traded Jason Peters. Tom Modrak was still leading the College Scouting efforts into the 2010 Draft. Ralph and Russ "scanned a list of names" for the next GM, "didn't know any of them", and narrowed the search to "two in-house candidates" - John Guy (Jauron era) and Buddy Nix who was 70 years old. That was the plan. Look down the hallway for your answer because Bill Polian worked 40 years ago. Buddy Nix, who said he was asleep at midnight when FA opened was your GM and orchestrated the worst offseason I have ever seen in 2010, by extending Chris Kelsay, hiring Chan Gailey who was out of football, converting the 4-3 defense to the 3-4 which was a disaster, having the worst draft I've ever seen, and trading Marshawn Lynch for nothing. Nix, hired Doug Whaley, and he proved to be a disaster too. "Humans aren't supposed to play football". The residue of Brandon was felt into the Marrone hire, "no stone unturned search" that lasted 5-days in Arizona. The Bills were a complete rinky-dink organization.
  4. Modrak said the same thing about Roethlisberger. At the end of the day he couldn't have wanted him too badly. Completely disagree. We would have a HOFer. He would have lifted the entire franchise.
  5. Matt Barkley has 10 career TDs passes and 21 Interceptions and a 65 rating. The OP is 100% correct. The Bills didn’t do everything they could to improve backup QB. They maintained status quo by protecting Allen and keeping the competition bar on the floor.
  6. We can’t be limited to 49 yard field goals. Live through the growing pains of Bass and get your long term kicker.
  7. Forks over Knives showed everyone how to beat heart disease and almost every other chronic illness back in 2011.
  8. Mechanics? Let’s call up Gailey’s favorite David Lee, maybe we can get Scott Van Pelt.
  9. QB: C- Allen is trying to get to Top 16 QB, he can't be rated any higher than average. Barkley's career statistics are atrocious. RB: B- Singletary made plays, although the Coaching staff kept hamstringing the team by putting Gore in. But two 22/23 year olds, and Yeldon puts this group slightly above average, although lack of speed keeps it from a better grade. OL: C The Bills have more depth than in years past. To me, this is an average unit. Sometimes they allow pass pressure. WR: B+ Diggs has increased his production every season, Brown is coming off a career year and Beasley is slotted perfectly. I also like the additions of Davis and Hodgins because the lower end of the group needed competition. TE: C- I think Knox can be nice athlete on the field. But the rest of the group are fringe players, and Lee Smith is terrible. DL: B- The Bills go 2-3 deep everywhere. No elite players, but a solid unit across the board. Epenesa, is a welcome shot of youth at DE, as Murphy is overpaid, Hughes is getting older, and Addison is already 33. LB: C+ Edmunds and Milano are athletic, but the Bills have virtually no depth at this position. They skipped LB in the Draft. CB: B White is as good as they get, and I think Wallace has been steady since taking a starting job. I'm happy Kevin Johnson is gone. Depth is ok with the additions of Norman and Gaines. S: B Hyde and Poyer are steady veterans with some playmaking ability, with decent runway left in their primes. ST: C Hopefully the Bills stick with Bass. Seems silly to cap yourselves at 49 yard field goals because you are reverent to Hauschka.
  10. Just tuned in for 3 minutes. It was Chris Brown talking to Steve Tasker about the running back position. And like we all have noted, it was the most generic, coach-speak that Brown has memorized over the years. Things said: 1. Running back is one of the more easy positions to come in and make an impact 2. Locker room leadership of Pat DiMarco is valuable, he is a sounding board for Josh Allen 3. Gore was forced to "carry the load" when Singletary was out (the Bills chose to not give Yeldon the ball) 4. Moss' style is to "wear-down" the defense, getting stronger throughout the game Chris Brown is a football-cliche generator. Pull the lever and out comes a Dick Jauron, Chan Gailey, Doug Marrone, Rex Ryan, Sean McDermott cliche.
  11. Comments as I scroll through the article: 1. Washington is too high. Peterson is well past his prime. 2. Dolphins are too high. 3. Texans are too high. 4. Packers - How high can Aaron Jones go? 5. I think Indianapolis will be good with Mack and Taylor, they are too low 6. New England - Too high. Michel has no explosion whatsoever, and White is a pass catcher with little else 7. As good as Carson is, Seattle is thin. 8. Bengals are too high. Mixon is alright, but Bernard is shot. 9. Broncos - Melvin Gordon is 3 yards and a cloud of dust. LA Chargers were smart to not pay him. 10. Jets - Way too high. Every play that the Jets give the ball to Gore is a wasted play because someone more explosive doesn't touch the ball. Le'Veon Bell averaged 3.2 ypc last year and just turned 28. Other observations - Yes McCaffrey is great. But he stifles the Panthers offense at times because he is the only one that touches the ball. So they don't have a vertical component at all, and Bridgewater will not fix that. They are overly reliant on McCaffrey. Numbers are already suggesting Zeke is declining.... Fournette is big and strong, but inefficient. Marrone thinks he is imposing his physicality on the other team. But in reality they're happy to sit back and let Fournette ram his way 3.5 ypc at a time.
  12. Two things: 1. Eric Moulds and Lee Evans were first rounders. Steve Johnson was a 7th Rounder. So he made the most of his athletic ability. 2. He burned Richard Sherman in his prime and Revis. He could not be covered on a slant.
  13. Isn’t he the only Bills WR to have three straight 1,000 yard seasons?
  14. Dan O ranked Tua higher. Why? Is Tua taller - No. Does he have better arm strength - No. So why? Better college, better competition, more production, more accuracy, National Championships. Not once did I make the argument that I agree with Dan O, or base all QB judgments on college production. That's you putting words in my mouth. Dan O watched the tape, looked over the numbers and came to that conclusion. But I don't understand all the outrage from some Bills fans at this.
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