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  1. I think it's clear that Beane has done what he can to strain the cap in a balanced effort to keep the roster at the level it topped out at. I think there were two approaches to this offseason. The Bills could have gone for 1-2 elite players (made a trade for Hopkins, pushed to sign Tremaine Edmunds right away, looked to sign an OT to replace Brown. This would have come at the expense of several depth players - Poona Ford, Shaq Lawson, Jordan Phillips, maybe Sherfield or Harty, players like that. The second option was a balanced approach that Beane has employed for several offseasons in a row - upgrade size at RB, pushed for starting talent at OG, turned over the bottom 3 at WR, etc, worked Safety depth, brought back nearly all of our own free agents, and generally squeezed every drop out of the existing cap. Let's see if the approach selected was the right one. I think the cap is strained, I think Beane has done nearly all he could (veteran pass rusher maybe) away from taking a balanced approach on the roster.
  2. My biggest issue with McDermott has been the Playoff defensive performances, but most of the time the thing that bothers me the most is that Doug Marrone-esque I've been there, done everything, seen it all nature to the interviews that we the fans are allowed to see. Working and playing for him in that same tone would grate on me I think. Vrabel, Belichick are examples of the same thing.
  3. Absolutely agree with this. McConnell's team last year was exposed as the frauds they were the entire season immediately in the Playoffs. Arthur Smith is going to try and win the "Titans" way and it won't work and we all know that. And Brandon Staley, his team choked away a 27 point lead in the Playoffs. So no, he's not there yet as an elite Coach. Now, I do agree that canning Lombardi on his staff and replacing with Kellen Moore was the correct decision.
  4. And he's still rated as a 73 PFF overall. Highest among the common names - Ingram, Quinn, Ngaouke, Clark, etc.
  5. RB my gosh when will it ever end? I agree on RT, it's one of the biggest risks going into the season, banking on Spencer Brown to become a legitimate starter based on what he's shown. DT has become much less of a need since Phillips came back, and they signed Poona Ford, you only normally keep 4 anyways. They already have 11 Offensive Lineman as it is, normally you keep 10 maximum. And MLB, yes I agree. I can't say I'm confident in any of their in-house options right now.
  6. Browns have had a nice off-season. I liked their draft, FA was good for them, and they have needed another DE to pair with Garrett since he was drafted. Clowney was a name only.
  7. Browns fans would tell you that Clay Matthews belongs in the HOF. 19 year NFL career.
  8. My comments are football focused thoughts. But what you get in response is you need meds, you think you know more than everyone. So please.
  9. How do you know, you’re not with him everyday taking notes on his recovery?
  10. First line of my response was “I have no issue with Allen attending events” Secondly, I don’t think I know more than other people. I read/listen the available media and make a judgement. If it’s all a black box and we don’t know, that’s fine, but at the end of the day it’s wins and losses and when you lose you dig around for what happened. For me it’s not enough to go oh-well, we’ll get them next year, that’s all. Nothing would progress in the world took that approach.
  11. And people like you feel entitled to police everyone. That's the key difference here. From 2006-2017 there was a large segment of Bills fans who commented on the shoddy nature of the organization, and the same "realist" verses "true-fan" debates erupted. And ultimately, the "negative realist" fans were right. That iteration of the Bills was never going to win, Brandon, Nix, Whaley, Levy running the show. So while the organization is clearly NFL caliber now, the Super Bowl drought weighs on the fanbase. Fans are anxious to get to the final level and win. If you say something like the Dorian Williams is too small to play MIKE, and the pick should have been spent on an upside RT Dewand Jones, for instance, the eruption of Beane knows what he's doing, what are your credentials, the team was 13-3 last year rain down. My statement still stands. Applaud the guy for saying Allen lost his edge, because you'll get the typical blowback here. Except they give interviews about it. Watch Joe Burrow's with Chris Simms, or Justin Herbert's physical plan where he made the decision to add more muscle. Of course we don't attend the Jordan Palmer Passing Camp, but some information on this does come out.
  12. Thank you for the courage to say this. These sort of opinions are not allowed on this message board. But right or wrong, volunteering a "negative" thought.
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