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  1. Thurman, during the 2019 season, I remember John Murphy on the radio (WGR550) constantly saying he thought the deep ball would come back into play for the offense, it never did. John Brown was more of an intermediate WR, then a true burner. Right from the jump in 2019, the Bills made a conscious effort to shorten routes and make it easier for Allen to complete passes. We saw it right away in the Jets and Giants games, through Dallas. As stated, Allen is great when he can load up and throw darts at 20 yards. But we haven't seen a consistent Robert Foster 20.0 ypc kind
  2. Sanders is a capable veteran and the contract makes sense. He's going to be a 600-900 yard kind of WR here.
  3. Agree with the premise of the article. 1. The Sabres don't draft well. None of their picks end up being that good - Ristolainen, Mittelstadt, Nylander. How long did we hear about Justin Bailey, Brendan Guhle? Never did anything. 2. The Sabres get themselves into horrible deals - Matt Moulson, Larsson, Okposo, Gionta, Bogosian 3. They were like the Bills, they love old minded Coaches and GMs. They love the Phil Housley's and Ralph Krueger's who talk about gritty goals, and checking, and defense. The last GM they had sat there are did nothing for 3 years in
  4. Age hurts Arizona here, as Green had declining in Cincinnati for awhile now, and Fitzgerald was drafted in 2004. Atlanta’s Top 2 of Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley have huge talent when healthy.
  5. Bravo Bills, what an excellent FA period. They kept everyone of value to the organization and added a solid veteran WR to replace Brown. Excellent job to Beane and his staff. They can go into the Draft wide open to any need they see fit.
  6. I'm not baffled at all. John Brown was a no-show last season. When we needed him he was hurt, or playing soft. I got flamed for saying I was losing patience with him last year. Well, looks like the Bills lost patience with him too. He played himself out of town.
  7. I really have no idea what data there is to support this.
  8. I wouldn’t want him on a veterans minimum.
  9. I don’t mind the move, Sanders is solid, veteran WR. John Brown played his way out of town last year with constant injuries. “Can’t comprehend” - Dude I’m fine in understanding his role. He slots in behind Diggs, probably behind Beasley into the #3 target role. I disagreed with two comments regarding Sanders earlier in the thread: 1. Some fans don’t like the move based on fantasy football. 2. Age doesn’t matter.
  10. Much better than Barkley. Absolutely fills a hole on this team.
  11. There is no contradiction here. A solid veteran WR slots into the Bills WR group behind Diggs and Beasley. Sanders is on his 4th Team in 3 years. Don't we see this a lot with veterans towards the ends of their careers? What homework needs to be done? He hasn't had a 1,000 yard season since 2016, and his best season came 9 years ago now.
  12. This is a smart move by the Bills. Have to be happy about this offseason for them. They have lost no big pieces.
  13. You summed it up correctly here. You think he's a #2 WR. I think he's right with Beasley and Davis in terms of targets. So the #3 in this offense behind Diggs and Beasley. I think players best years are 22 years - 28 years, and so at 34 and changing teams now for the 4th time in 3 years, I think he's a rotational piece now, not a foundational WR going forward. I think he slots into WR group, but won't be the eye-opening force Diggs was last year. Which again, makes sense, Diggs was 26 and turned 27 and was trending up for years. I think the on
  14. Last two years: He played (10) games for San Francisco in the regular season. He went 25, 112, 24, 33, 15, 41, 157, 9, 61, 25. 502 yards. With NO he played (14) games: 15, 18, 56, 93, 122, 38, 5, 66, 4, 39, 48, 76, 83, 63. 726 yards So last (24) games he averages 51 yards a game. If he plays all 16 games and that's 816 yards. Bills averaged 31.3 ppg last season. With Sanders do they average 35 ppg? He's an upgrade over 2020 Brown just by staying healthy. But I'm not sure what yo
  15. I guess I don't know what we're talking about then. I took exception to you categorizing fans like don't love this signing as this: "Fans are just going to react like fans when they don’t see a big name they PERCEIVE as a stud because they put up big fantasy numbers. Most couldn’t tell you about their route running ability, ability to play multiple positions, leadership qualities, separation on routes, etc BUT they can tell you they picked Emmanuel Sanders up week 13 last year and he didn’t have a great fantasy week so HE IS TRASH! " #2, #3, #4 - what are
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