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  1. I have no idea how next year's cap is going to work. Bills are over the 2023 cap by $10M right now. The cap is expected to go up again to $220M - $230M. And right now I think I heard his extension will be something like 4-years, $55M. Around $14M / year.
  2. And he still won't move off that position (at least publicly). He still thinks Baker Mayfield is great, hammers old points on his 2018 and 2020 seasons, excuses 2021 because of his shoulder injury, while giving a ton a credit for almost wins and isolated drives/throws this year.
  3. My issue in that game was McDermott and Frazier. Everyone in the stadium knew where that ball was going on 4th-18 and the Bills, like 13-seconds, didn't do enough to double cover that WR. Cousins literally turtling at times and chucking because we give too much space and don't employ a true double-coverage.
  4. I said the Bills #1 concern against the Vikings was how do they plan to cover Justin Jefferson, and they failed that test. Similarly, the #1 concern against the Jets is going to be how to cover Garrett Wilson? McDermott can stop playing games and get Kaiir Elam back in the lineup.
  5. Well, good thing he's had a mini-bye week here to ice the ankle up, get the Icy-Hot on it, and try to get another full week of practice in.
  6. Should get an update on this today from McDermott, he speaks to the media later today. As well as the usual press conferences from both coordinators.
  7. I enjoy it and think it adds to the game. Seeing how many more yards your team can add to a given run, or pass and catch. I hope it is not taken away, it gives a good offensive line another way to impact the game, and is a measure of a teams awareness.
  8. I've said in the past that we need to get our depth more involved and rotating in. Which was before Kumerow was put on IR with the ankle. So I think internal is the way to go, Kumerow should be nearing a return provided his ankle wasn't a break, just a sprain. If he could rotate in with Shakir, that should be enough. OBJ, with all the rumors about him not working out, and questions about his overall health, you'd of course expect the Bills to clear that before adding him. Because we need him now, not 2023.
  9. Well, there should be a rush of teams for Baker Mayfield if he's what Skip Bayless says he is. The 49ers should be tripping over themselves to get him.
  10. But I was told by Keyshawn, Jay Will and Max that the Chiefs are more dangerous without Tyreek Hill? How is that possible?
  11. That’s (3) straight losses to the Bengals by Golden Boy. Patrick “our offense is better without Hill” Mahomes.
  12. “people want to keep discounting” I’d say all the hosts of WGR 550 are chief among those people.
  13. Another strange McDermott decision. Benching your first round rookie corner who hasn’t been bad, so you can take a look at 9+ year veteran? Like you have no tape on Rhodes to look at.
  14. Exactly, his play this season is more of sign the Bills need to add an elite WR early in the draft, rather than he’s been an answer. Beane is not going to give Davis another season to breakout as a good #2. The pipeline has to remain filled to maximize Allen’s prime. No danger of Davis being cut or anything like that, but he’s not going to get Jake Kumerow and Jamison Crowder as the only competition for the #2 job again.
  15. The Steelers catch is the one you’ll get put back to you. My question would be do you remember many catches where he does anything with the ball after the catch? He is a go-route specialist, but how often does he take a pass, turn it upfield and run over some defenders? Does he create separation over the middle, stiff arm a corner, put any type of move on anyone?
  16. Has Gabe Davis been good enough for you to not want the Bills to draft a WR with a premium pick?
  17. And that’s why when some Bills fan posts about feeling bad for the Patriots, just remember this arrogance.
  18. Bills fans just have this mentality to always look for a reason and defend at all costs. He’s not a rookie, 6/11 games below 40-yards. One 100+ yard game. It’s okay to say he’s been a disappointment. The big play is still there, the nose for the end zone is still there, you’re just not getting many dynamic plays with him running full speed, breaking tackles, or routine plays. He looks like he has remained a specialist.
  19. I agree, I think Phillips gives the DLine unique size that we generally don’t have going back to the Kyle Williams years. And I agree, the postgame shows have not talked about it all. Good thing is there were 6-days until the first practice next week from Thursday night. Banged up Bills always gives you the scorched earth possibility of rotator cuffs and broken collar bones. Hopefully it is a shoulder sprain, and he’s back out there. I assume McDermott talks to the media again Monday?
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