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  1. I don't think we know who the top opponent will be this year. The AFC is going to be an absolute gauntlet. The Chargers are going to be right there with Herbert in Year 3 now, of course the Chiefs, the Broncos now have Wilson, the Raiders have been aggressive, people have mentioned the Colts, then the North with a healthy Baltimore and Cincinnati. And that's assuming the Titans decline, Jacksonville/Lawrence doesn't take a large step forward, the Steelers decline and the Browns never get off the ground. Although the Chargers have a poor reputation for actually delivering on hype, I would think they are set to improve this year.
  2. Cole averaged 8 yards a catch last season. He is in physical decline. He was out there because McDermott loves veterans. But all the fans that were screaming for Gabe Davis over Emmanuel Sanders were right. Sanders was out of gas by Week 6. Davis and McKenzie both earned starting jobs over Sanders and Beasley last year. Thanks Cole for 2019 and 2020, but he wasn't the same player in 2021 and the Bills agreed when they cut him. I think it's one of the reasons the Bills struggled in the 2020 Playoffs, after Week 17 and Isaiah McKenzie ripped up the Dolphins, he was phased out of the offense for the Playoffs. And instead we had to watch Cole on a broken leg struggle. It's one of the things McDermott needs to get better at, and that is go with the young player over the veteran if the veteran is declining. I think Crowder is declining, we'll see how he does as the year progresses, or if he is still getting snaps over McKenzie and Shakir. Because come Playoff time, you can't rely on these last-stop veteran WRs or RBs (Gore).
  3. It was painfully evident last season that Beasley was holding back McKenzie. Every snap with him on the field was a wasted snap that the better playmaker wasn’t on the field. See you later Cole and I look forward to more McKenzie in 2022.
  4. I think they did, I just don't think it's something that sets the Bills apart from any other team in the league. Do the Bills veteran players do this more/better than other teams veterans? Can you prove it? Are the Bills meaningfully different than other teams when it comes to veteran mentoring of young players? And again, none of that teaching made a hills of beans difference until Josh Allen.
  5. I agree. During The Drought the Bills constantly talked like this. Always bugging guys like Steve Johnson to show someone like T.J. Graham how to be a WR. They did the same thing with TO and James Hardy. Chris Brown would always ask those softball questions to veterans about setting an "example" and showing the rookies what it takes. Ultimately, none of that mattered until we got a Quarterback with talent.
  6. There we go Bills! I didn’t think he would make it, but enough speed, enough size, enough production. To me, this puts a face lift on the entire draft, getting two weapons for Allen. And as a whole, athletes all around.
  7. The Bills should look to add one WR, maybe a Kevin Austin Jr out of Notre Dame.
  8. Pretty much all these third round linebackers are the same sort of build - 6’0 - 6’1” 220-230 pounds. He was productive and is athletic. The run on WRs was disappointing in the 2nd, especially KC getting Sky Moore, leading us to draft a part-time RB. The WR grades are off a cliff at this point. Now get back up OLine, CB, S. The WR idea vanished before our eyes.
  9. Jamison Crowder oh come on. The Bills have tried these broken down WRs and they’re shot by the time the Playoffs come.
  10. I would be shocked if he couldn’t push Moss off the roster. With all his injuries Moss runs a 4.8 now.
  11. That’s not a real player. He’s a gadget, one trick pony player.
  12. Tells me McKenzie is going to get a large role this year. There is no one on the roster behind him.
  13. The Packers get a huge F from me. They get all this credit for being so smart, they’re terrible. Aaron Rodgers was selected in 2005. Since then they taken 13 defensive players with their first pick in the Draft and one pick was Jordan Love. One WR with their first pick in the draft - 2008 Jordy Nelson in the 2nd Round. And what do they do again this year? Two more defensive players. And with all that investment, they’ve had a pedestrian defense for years.
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