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  1. One is a bona fide starter and pro bowler for his team, the other plays like 10-15 snaps and gets 3-5 touches. What is there to discuss?
  2. Rochester/Buffalo getting the afternoon Fox game is interesting. I didn't realize the networks could pick and choose if they wanted to air a 1pm or 4pm game in different markets. Obviously anything Fox puts up against the Bills game is going to be a dud, so the fight is at 4pm. Thanks for posting each week. I love looking at these maps.
  3. Thad Brown is a walking bad take. Everything he says or more puts onto Social Media is close to the dumbest thing ever. I say close to because I know he will top his own stupid take eventually.
  4. Just because those teams, Dallas, Minnesota, and San Francisco, could make it to the Super Bowl out of the NFC doesn't mean the NFC is better at the top. All of those teams, plus the Eagles would be underdogs to the Bills or Chiefs. So, no, the NFC is not better than the AFC at the top, they just have more parity.
  5. We would coach our Varsity QBs (right handed) that on our Vertical Passing Concepts to read left to right. I don't think Josh is being coached that way, because it is way to simple for the NFL, but its a thing.
  6. @gomper Why is this a Vomit for you?
  7. I listen most mornings to WGR on my way to work. Really like Jeremy and his presence on the air and with Howard transitioning out and Joe likely filling that seat, I think morning show will be strong for a while. Schoop and Bulldog are ok for me. I definitely prefer Bulldog to Schoop, but one without the other is an immediate no go for me. I would like to listen to Extra Point more often, but its tough while I am at work.
  8. What does Joe know about football? Being a reporter looking at scheme is very different than understanding the game. I am asking because I don't know his background. If he is just a guy who is a reporter than I am wary of any of these All-22 reviews from him or others in the same vein.
  9. PFT has an article up today about the Patriots and their Pat the Patriot uniforms for the 2022 season. With the new helmet rules in place for the Fall, does anyone have any information about the Bills plans for alternate or throwback uniforms?
  10. I don't think there is any way they are going to have "an increased priority on the run game." I think they want to be more productive when they choose to run, but to take the ball out of Allen's hands more often than about 12-15 plays per game is nuts. They're going to do that. Howard and Cook are here to catch passes, and also participate in the run game. Not the other way around. I think the Bills will keep 6 WRs and then 6 Special Teamers (K, P, LS, 3 Dudes). If one of those ST Dudes happens to be a "WR" then so be it.
  11. And he has like 22 kids. Ok not 22, but 7, which is a lot of kids!
  12. I was more of a Ryan Denney guy... Where has he been?
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