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  1. Also in-house is Rob Boras. He is a former OC and play-caller in the league and has been in Buffalo on staff as the TE Coach since 2017.
  2. Riding with my brother and his wife to the game and hoping to sit with them, but I don't have a ticket in their section. I was at a playoff game against the Dolphins in '95 I think. Shula's last game, if memory serves. I was 10. Really couldn't miss this game. Everyone has their crazy. This is mine (ours).
  3. Murphy is supposed to be a "homer." He is the Buffalo Bills radio guy.
  4. The Monday Night playoff game is the absolute worst thing ever. So stupid.
  5. Buffalo will not get a Final Four NFL Combines or NCAA bowl games. Those event have minimum requirements for things like hotel rooms within 1 hour of the stadium. Buffalo/WNY will not make that cut.
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